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Winter Wallpaper :iconsvenmueller:SvenMueller 2,567 373 Berlin - Golden Gallery :iconpingallery:pingallery 301 77 Reichsbund 1956 -alternate Europe- :iconarminius1871:Arminius1871 192 217 Flash Game ~ Training with Germany :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 1,000 562 APH Deutschland :iconvirus-ac:Virus-AC 5,609 737 Forest :iconvukar:Vukar 1,008 74 Flash Game ~ A trip through Germany with Prussia :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 1,038 687 Castle Neuschwanstein III :iconpingallery:pingallery 1,527 279
Germany x Reader - Just A Thought
I sighed, looking up from my laptop to stare at my husband working on his laptop. Ludwig and I were working across from each other on our bed. I was leaning against the foot board and he was against the head board. I temporarily stopped my work to really take a look at him. His blond hair was slicked back as usual, though he sometimes leaves his messy bed head, only on occasions of course. He should let it go more. It’ll make it seem as if he doesn’t work all the time. My eyes now focused on his own.
They were icy blue and cold. Most people would cringe under his gaze, but I like to stare right back into them. His eyes were pretty hypnotizing once you got close enough, if he ever allowed you to be close enough.  He was wearing his favorite black rimmed glasses today. He would never admit that they were his favorite.
My eyes were soon drawn to my husband’s lips. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve kissed those lips. One would think that Ludwig wa
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Dresden Zwinger I :iconpingallery:pingallery 416 108 e l e v a t o r :icongehoersturz:Gehoersturz 1,241 295
*Let Her Go* Nazi!Germany X Reader
(( Comment please! This is a songfic. Also it's better if you listen to the song during or (if you can't listen and read) before you read. Let Her Go by Passenger if you don't already know.))
Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go

"You're so blind Ludwig! People are DYING!" (Name) yelled at her husband for the hundredth time. What happened to him? To THEM? He had been so kind, so loving. Now he was a monster. Proudly showing off the red piece of death fabric tied around his bicep. They were the perfect couple. Walking their dogs in the park, sharing ice cream, now they did nothing but fight. " For a better tomorrow! Don't you understand woman!? You're the blind one! Don't you see how wonderful this could be for us!? For the world! Who cares if a f
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Bad Wiessee :iconsigfodr:Sigfodr 989 64 Axis Powers Hetalia - Prussia :iconshel-yang:shel-yang 7,872 237 Germany - Schwerin Castle :iconpingallery:pingallery 2,253 473 Old Town of Heidelberg I :iconpingallery:pingallery 611 69 Behemoth :iconjoshdykgraaf:JoshDykgraaf 1,859 191 Berlin - Castle Charlottenburg Interior I :iconpingallery:pingallery 716 122 APH: West Germany vs East Germany :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 2,786 386 Warehouse District Hamburg :iconpingallery:pingallery 263 79 Castle Neuschwanstein I :iconpingallery:pingallery 1,490 331 Frozen in Time :icondanielheydecke:DanielHeydecke 479 37 Nekotalia: Germany shimeji :iconuncut-adventure:uncut-adventure 947 140 APH - German Meme :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 1,517 177 guten tag FIFA World Cup :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 3,214 590 Apple Strudel - Miniature 1:12 :iconjeyam-pclay:Jeyam-PClay 846 208 APH - Italy and Germany :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 4,638 374 Unknown Germany pt. CCXXIV :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 433 23 APH Cosplay - world lawl :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 3,398 477 New Year in Freiburg :iconorestart:orestART 1,042 106 Watzmann :iconsigfodr:Sigfodr 312 16 Dresden - Neumarkt :iconpingallery:pingallery 220 70 GermanyItaly cosplay :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 840 96
German History Deutsche Geschichte
Die Geschichte der Deutschen - The history of the Germans
5000-4000 BC: Coming from the Caucasus mountains or South Russia, the Indogermanics conquer Europe. Later on they will split up in different tribes: Germanics, Celts, Slavs, Romanics, Greeks, Illyrians, Thracians, Baltics and some more in the middle east. The so called Aryans (old indogermanic for "noble") are also an indogermanic tribe and they conquered the middle east and most of India.
2000 BC: Germanics, Slavs and Celts have still a rather similar culture, they have nearly the same gods, languages and symbols. But soon they will develope own cultures.
1000 BC: The Germanics are now an own ethnicity, they live in South Scandinavia and North Germany. Greek and Roman writers will form the word "Germanen", which was actually the name of a rather small tribe. Ger = spear, Mann = man, the Men with spears.
They have a natural religion and believe in Gods like Odin, Thor, Freia, Baldur, Loki and in mytho
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Morning in Rothenburg ob der Tauber III :iconmannromann:mannromann 1,517 186 one way out :iconphoelixde:phoelixde 445 35 A Taste Of Freedom :icondiggedy:diggedy 609 59 Alpsee :iconpingallery:pingallery 649 175 Dolomites :iconaljoschathielen:AljoschaThielen 1,984 182 Uaah :icongehoersturz:Gehoersturz 2,012 366 Muenchen - Stachusbrunnen :iconpingallery:pingallery 262 59 Castle Linderhof- Venusgrotte :iconpingallery:pingallery 164 37 Eosander chapel at Charlottenburg Palace I :iconpingallery:pingallery 559 77 Countryball german stereotypes :iconarminius1871:Arminius1871 205 331 Madmans castle :iconsigfodr:Sigfodr 245 34 Alter Elbtunnel II :icondanielheydecke:DanielHeydecke 396 15 Explore :iconsigurd-quast:Sigurd-Quast 3,251 242 Alpen Glory :iconmibreit:mibreit 2,129 113