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Details in the fabric. :iconapplesrevenge:applesrevenge 205 37
DP - Details in the Fabric
Details in the Fabric
Ring -
Danny picked up his phone after hearing the first two pangs disturb his quiet.
"Hello?" He droned, not particularly wanting to talk on the phone at the moment.
"Danny, it's Sam." A voice which posessed an undertone of panic came through the phone speaker.
"Sam!" Immediately his disinterest in talking on the phone faded. "Are you alright? You sound-"
"Yes, Danny, I'm fine. I just, uh, I wanted to hear your voice, that's all."
"Well, I'm here. And I love you. So much." Danny smiled, a foggy look entering his eyes a he thought about the love he had for his girlfriend.
"I love you too Danny." A moment of silence hung in the air. "...Danny, can I tell you something?"
"Anything, my love." He said, lying down on his bed & placing the phone next to his face.
"My dad..."
"He's being a jerk again? Want me to come get you?"
"No. Yes. Er, Danny, just listen, okay? So I got home and my dad starts yelling cause he's just found out that my mom was having an af
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Real Genius
There's no fear in the place
I'm going to be in a few years,
In the time it takes to tune a piano,
In the decades of a dog's wagging tail.
There's nothing scary there.
When I'm as many years older
As there are seconds in a lightyear,
Or sound waves in wallpaper,
I'll still be cock-a-doodle-doing perfectly
Dandy in a yellow-spotted bouncy way.
When I've said and written as many
Words as there are to say on an afternoon,
And when my heart's as old and big
As orange and gold, as great as
A slide whistle going up, up, up, then,
I'll see what I saw when I was
The size of a bright laugh:
That all the world, in its infantile grace,
(Even the places nearly shaded from sight)
Is bursting with unexplainable light.
:iconanameroma:Anameroma 1 0
Details in the fabric. :iconblackdrawing:BlackDrawing 2 4 -Bio-Hazards- :iconstarwide:starwide 1 10 Details in the fabric. :icontrentecinqmillimetre:trentecinqmillimetre 1 2 Details in the Fabric :iconghostwriter503:GhostWriter503 0 0 Everything will be fine :icontriplefurs:TripleFurs 0 0 The details in the fabric. :iconamberjanee:amberjanee 0 0 Details in the Fabric :iconjoyeeyim:joyeeyim 2 3 Details in the Fabric. :iconlennj:LennJ 0 0 1: :iconyesterdayx:yesterdayx 16 2 hearts will hold :iconyesterdayx:yesterdayx 12 1 Details in the fabric :iconenfantine2:Enfantine2 6 0