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Charge by JonasDeRo Charge :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 11,517 663
And in this dark harvest of season
My life has completely lost reason,
For which or against to decide.
All lost in a savage and endless, bleak tide
In sadness and in kindness
In light and in darkness.
In a boat made of hope
I shall sail to tomorrow,
In a winding hurricane
Made of treachery and sorrow.
There's a spear, endless, and colossal spear...
Piercing, slashing though my head.
Starting somewhere in heaven,
Ending somewhere in hell.
Fighting, burning, crying, crashing.
Are the armies within.
In my head they are all thrashing.
On the heaven's and hell's whim.
To be light or to be darkness.
A perpetual array.
It's not merely my choice,
But the choice of the way.
It's an option of the voice,
It's a thin line of gray.
Is it a choice forced by fate,
Is it a pre-set time and date?
Or a choice to which I myself sway?
But here's our story anyway….
"Nothing that I do will matter.
As all things will merely shatter!"
All my hopes thus darkness scatter,
As it shoves me a decree.
As it si
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The World's Major Cities... Destroyed

What would the world's cities look like after the apocalypse? Belgian digital artist Jonas De Ro paints his vision of the end of the world.

Tokyo, Japan


Toronto, Canada

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New York City, New York, United States

Hong Kong, China

Shanghai, China

Moscow, Russia

Taipei Ruins by JonasDeRo

Taipei, Taiwan

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