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Bella and Edward's Honeymoon
I opened my eyes warily as the warm sunshine came in through the open window of the small cottage that Edward and I had been staying in since that night. Carlisle had reserved it for us so that we could stay here for two weeks. It was raised on a hill with a sweeping beach towards the end. We were on a peaceful lake, where we were the only ones. I looked up to the window and Edward was standing there looking out over the lake that our bedroom faced. A gentle breeze blew in, blowing his copper hair back.
He looked over when he heard me yawn and smiled my favourite crooked smile "You're up. How were your dreams?" I could tell that it still bothered him that he couldn't hear my thoughts. This comforted me though.
"Peaceful. They were all about you." I smiled and got out of the bed. The floor was cold surprisingly, considering the warm sunshine pooling there. I walked to his side and rest my head against him. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close.
"No Jacob?" he asked.
"No Jacob
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Writing Fiction 101 :iconichikowindgryphon:IchikoWindGryphon 37 52
someday someone will kiss my sleepdeprived eyes - blackened from too many nightmares and too few dreams - and tell me my soul is made of fireflies and starlight.
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Woman of Dark Desires :iconrockfield:Rockfield 420 162 Ancient Ways :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 1,053 83 Infeasible Desires :iconthereexistsonex:thereexistsonex 168 40
Newfound Desires
Every night. Every day. Every minute. Every moment.
It kept spreading. How? How did it keep spreading? These insane thoughts....Why did what was such a small curruption continue to grow until it was almost an obsession?
At first, it was only just an occasional fluttering thought. A blink of a daydream.....He passed it off as memories. It was a rather eventful day in his life. But...But every time he thought.....The longer he thought....The more feelings he felt....
Were they feelings of fear? Betrayal? No.....No, quite the opposite....It didn't make any sense....Why would he find such feelings of pleasure......No....No, he was just imagining....
It was like a dream that spread like a nightmare; No matter how long or how much he tried to ignore it, it just came back, stronger and stronger.
It was hard to tell if their friendship had grown or weakened that day. The boys just continued their days like normal, visiting eachother as usual, playing games, laughing, just general hanging out.
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Undisclosed Desires { Aoba x Clear } :iconlunablasphemy:LunaBlasphemy 239 27 Releasing Reality :iconblackspiraldancer1:BlackSpiralDancer1 142 11 Resonance :iconshinigamiwyvern:Shinigamiwyvern 362 34 3 6. G R O W N from desires :iconandreeaarsene:AndreeaArsene 328 89
I reached for the stars,
Longing for the strength and brilliance they held.
But my hand came back with shards of glass, streaked with blood.
Jagged pieces dug into my palm, broken fragments of a dream.
For stars are not meant to claimed or owned,
But acknowledged and gazed at from a distance.
Their world is not the same as yours,
And they do not wish to be confined and limited,
By your personal desires.
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Becoming Hatred
I believe that monsters are real...
I know they are,
Because I know more than one.
So hostile over such trivial little things,
Talking at me instead of to me,
So afraid to do someone else wrong,
Not seeing the pain that you inflict on me...
They get in your head,
They make you wonder...
If you're really the bad person,
And maybe the only reason
You see yourself as the good guy,
Is because you're seeing it from
Your own perspective...
They make you hate;
Wanting to lash out
At everyone and everything.
If you want me to become
Hatred incarnate,
If that is what you mold me into,
That is what I will become...
I am the monster.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 33 14
Sam Discovers
Nina didn't come home one night. 
The next morning, as I sat down to eat breakfast, she walked through the door looking a mess, belly bulging further than usual, powdered sugar around her mouth, her hair tangled, holding on to half a dozen donuts and the tattered remains of the red dress I bought her about twenty pounds ago, destroyed from the inside out.
"What happened last night?" I asked, hoping not to seem pushy, "No call, no text, you seriously had me worried!"
She blushed, "Oh! Sorry, I went out with a bunch of girls from work, and we went to a movie, so I had to turn my phone off. Then we got a little drunk, so none of us could drive back." She walked towards me with an angelic smile, raising a suggestive eyebrow and cradling her heavy, bulging stomach, "I made sure we ordered some pizza, got some ice cream, and I may have..." she pulled me closer, pressing her bulging belly against my chest, groaning at the sudden pressure, "Woomph, I think I ate just a little too m
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Sinless Desires of Flesh3.. :iconoguzza:OguzzA 263 44
Dreamers often have it hard,
or so that's what I've been told,
for to survive the grasp of a dream,
one must be brightened and bold -
Torch in hand, hand on heart
to flicker a flaring flame
and allow desires to manifest
until they can be proclaimed.
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Free Mamizou Icon :iconthe-fry-bat:The-Fry-Bat 260 33 Spring has come :iconarmenci:armenci 545 83
And if I found your heart
And if I found your lost heart
That escaped and flew away
Safe from every piercing shard
That has left and went astray
Would that make you love me?
And if I found your young love
That was kept hidden for all
As innocent as a dove
That is new-born and small
Would that make you want me?
And if I found your desire
That has been asleep so long
When other needs were higher
That wants to make you strong
Would that make you dream again?
And If I found your dreams
That slept a winters' sleep
Not awoken by my screams
That were once thoughtful and deep
Would that make you heal yourself?
And if you loved me
And if you wanted me
And if you dreamed me
And if you healed yourself
Would there still be anything
You wanted to do redo?
(I love you)
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summit of one's desires :iconlimkis:LimKis 239 68 Infected Pain :iconpaintausea:paintausea 217 29
Inhuman Desires
My Tongue Begs For Your Taste
My Heart Wishes To Beat With Yours
My Body Craves Yours On Mine
My Sanity Begs To Feel Your Touch
My Soul Churns To Collide With Yours
My Eyes Beg To See Yours
My Mind Is Restless With Thoughts Of You
My Hands Search Frantically For Yours
Every Nerve Screams To Be Touched By You
In Any Way Possible
Endlessly Unsaturated Cravings
As My Heart Begs For Your Love
Screaming Silently
Inhuman Desires?
Or Simply What
They Call
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Garden of Dark Desires IV :iconkereska:Kereska 186 11 Mamimamimamizou :iconshiupika:Shiupika 1,618 45 Girls Are Pondering... :iconmiwol:miwol 389 37
Painful Desires

Taunt me.
Tease me.
Kick me.

You don't know how it makes me feel.
My heart is bleeding
yet screaming for more.
A devilish curse has been placed upon my soul.
Abuse me
As I am gasping for another breath
wishing for nothing
but a suicidal death.
I feel so
but its all in my head.
The pain you are putting me through
seems to be my only cure.
I am worthless..
I am useless..
I am nothing..
..without you.
Save me.
as I fall further and further
away from the world.
Want me.
Take a needle
pin my heart
on to your chest.
Lying in my bed, I dream of you I die tonight.
All I want from you
Kick me.
Tease me.
Taunt me.
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Deadly Desires :iconrenaishashin:RenaiShashin 193 33 Dark Desires :iconleafbreeze7:Leafbreeze7 124 26 Forbidden desires :iconpbaldini:pbaldini 264 24
Conflicting Desires - Kaneki Ken x Reader

~~Warning contains sexual themes. I don't want to get a note from DA saying I made preteens horny. xD
Author's Note: What the- what have I just written?! I wrote a lime. A freaking LIME!  Oh no... my love for the Uke Kaneki is so strong ^^; Anyway, hope you like or whatever~~


It was your forever constant. Never once was it satisfied; except of course when you were feeding. Thus it continually gnawed against your insides greedily crying out for more flesh. However, it always seemed to be multiplied ten fold whenever you were around a human. Those tasty walking pieces of flesh...breathing....screaming...
It wasn't your fault. You hadn't known any better. You hadn't been born ghoul.
You were created.
Some sick doctor decided to experiment on your unfortunate body and ta-da! Here you were, a half-ghoul half-human with absolutely no place in the world. You had no one to turn to. Because if you contacted somebody you most likely would have eaten them. Ther
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 293 73
Undisclosed Desires [Eridan Ampora]
U n d i s c l o s e d D e s i r e s
Dealing with a troll was tough, even tougher if it so happened to be a certain royal-blooded asshole. You had been told multiple times: “[Name] I don’t know how you deal with him.” The truth was you didn’t. In-fact you strongly believed that no one could deal with Eridan Ampora. He was so self-centered; it was almost sad, maybe that’s why you felt pity for him. Surviving this long without going insane deserved a trophy.
Whoever said people changed were oh so wrong. It was the same routine; Eridan would go out and try to work his way into a romantic life, get rejected, and come crying over to you: the only one who dared to even remotely listen to his whining. At this point you had learned to tune out the mess of useless words and focused more on the obvious point. Then, after consoling him; he would go out and yet again the cycle would repeat itself. It was actually kind of sad that you were the only one who knew him well
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chaos of lustfulness :icon6l33:6l33 181 4
Masked Desires Chapter 1.
*This is another legend of the She-Mask.  It takes place in the quaint city of New Janssen City.  In which a young woman discovers that an old wooden mask fueled with mischief can not only change her, but her entire life as well…
        Nia Smith was absolutely bored out of her mind.  All she did everyday was sit at an old, crumbling, wooden desk in the back of the local library for ten hours straight.  She wanted to live like those famous stars, with thousands of dollars at her fingertips and have those celebrity bodies.  But with the job she had, that dream was about as realistic as walking on the sun.
        “Uh, another day gone by,” she said at the end of the day.  Another thing that upset her was that she had to walk by Joan Wilson at the front desk.  Joan was always making rude and obnoxious comments about how Nia looked.  But as offensive as they were, they were true.  Nia
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BEN Drowned :iconsunshinemoonlight:SunShineMoonLight 289 167 Desire :iconexquisitedistraction:ExquisiteDistraction 185 85
                                My sexual desires,
:iconpostmorteum:Postmorteum 20 37
Giving In to Love
I would willingly let you kidnap me,
Tame my heart to love.
Locked away for only you to touch,
Strangling desires to hold.
If that's what it takes me to realize just how much I love you,
Then I would willingly do it,
Before it's too late to hold onto the truth.
:iconlatul1pe:LaTul1pe 19 27