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Sirius X Reader: Just Be Romantic
It was no secret that Sirius Black was a sex God. Every female and student in Hogwarts knew that. Obviously. He could get any girl he ever wanted with some charming words and a wink. After that, he had them brain-washed. You, however, were completely different. Your appearance was taken in account in his eyes, of course. Your (h/l), (h/c) hair looked so silky. Your (e/c) eyes glittered in amusement and happiness nearly every hour of every day. Your (s/c) skin. Your long legs. Your gorgeous face. You were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Plus, you were in his year and his house. A double bonus. But, when you were different, it wasn’t just your appearance. Oh no. You were more stubborn and smart. His charming words were just considered as annoying flirting to you. And he did it constantly. You wouldn’t let him in your head or in your pants. He started to think you never would, either. So, he decided to turn up the charm. More than usual, of course.
You we
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Jack Sparrow X Pirate!Reader: Captain
You gave a small sigh, leaning against the wheel of your ship. You watched the sail flutter, the waves rocking again and again. You loved being a Captain. A well-known Captain at that. Captain (y/n) (l/n). One of the finest. You were known for being a terrific sailor. Brutally honest. Cunning. Sly. Stealthy. Attractive. Any of those words came to peoples’ minds when the topic of you and your ship were brought up. As you were reminiscing about your life on the sea, you failed to notice two of your crew members approaching you, a man in shackles in their grasp. You turned at the feeling of a tap on your shoulder, your (h/c) hair fluttering in the sea breeze. You gave the two men a small smile before noticing the one in shackles. With a bag over their head, you had no clue who it was. But they seemed familiar. They had a certain vibe. A vibe that you really wanted to hate, but almost couldn’t. Without a word, you tore away the bag. To be met with a nervous smirk. Jack. That da
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Remus X Reader: Just Stop Trying
Remus and Sirius sat in their dorm. It was Christmas time, and the entire castle was nearly empty, save for a few students. And you. Sirius stared at Remus as he went on and on about you.
“I mean, she’s perfect, Padfoot. Everything about her. Her (h/c) hair. Her (e/c) eyes. Merlin, her eyes are gorgeous. Her (s/c) skin. She has nice skin…”
Sirius snickered a bit, watching as his friend stared up at the ceiling.
“And you’re still too big of a coward to talk to her, Moony.”
Remus blushed a bit, sitting up in his bed.
“What would I even say? ‘Hi (y/n), I’m Remus. You have nice skin and I really want to go out with you.’ That would be awful, Padfoot!”
Sirius shrugged a bit, playing around with his wand.
“It works for me. Besides, some girls like straight-forward. Just go for it. And, if she says no, oh well. What’s the worst that could happen?”
Oh, Remus didn’t
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Phil X Reader: Livestream Kisses
You sat by Phil’s bed, watching as he set up the camera. He was doing a livestream to answer fan’s questions, and, since you lived with him and Dan, a handful were to and about you. Once he got the camera set up, he sat next to you. You stuck your tongue out at him, him doing the same before he turned to the camera and started the stream.
“Hi guys!”
You waved at the camera, smiling cutely.
“It’s me and Phil! Yay!”
You both did a little happy dance, you playfully trying to push him out of shot.
“I’m taking over this stream. It’s mine now.”
You both laughed, Phil hugging your arm and refusing to let go. You just smiled, watching as he used his free hand to pull out his phone.
“So, we have questions from Tumblr and Twitter and all that. Are you ready?”
You looked back at the camera, giving a thumbs up with your free hand.
“I have never been so ready in my life.”
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Harry X Reader: Super-Glue
You sat in the Great Hall next to Neville. Fred, George, Ron, and Harry sat in front of you two. Ron was trying to fix his wand as Fred and George playing with some items for the prank shop they were going to open. Harry simply sat with his head in his hand, staring at a book he had picked out from the library, and Neville was playing with a plant. It was Christmas time, and the entire castle was practically empty. The Great Hall only held you six. However, you didn’t even notice as you stared at Ron. Your hands were together, and you had them resting against your lips. Staring at the ginger, you set them on the table.
“Ron. I’ve super-glued my hands together.”
Ron didn’t even notice, giving a simply ‘uh-huh’ as you sighed. You tried to pick up a cup, sending it shattering to the floor.
“I can’t even- Would you look?”
Ron simply gave another ‘uh-huh’, causing you to growl in frustration. You turned
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Neville X Reader: Protecting My Friend
You were one of the few well-known Hufflepuffs in Hogwarts. While the others were nice and calm, you were just a bit different. You were weird. In every sense of the word. Your voice was almost far-out, but it was soft and sweet all at once. You loved to smile, and make others smile, and did it often. You were ultimately friends with everyone. Even a few Slytherins. But, what really made you stand out: You were never put down. You didn’t care if every single student in the school hated you, you would still smile. You were sarcastic at times and gave the best witty comments. But, at the same time, you were kind and sweet about it. It often took people a moment to realize what you actually said. They just figured with your smile and sweet tone, they were being complimented. The exact opposite, actually. You knew how to stand up for yourself. You knew how to stand up for others, too. Like Neville Longbottom. Neville wasn’t exactly Mr. Friendly. Nor Mr. Popular. Everyone picked
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Ron X Reader: Love Potion
You were sitting in the Gryffindor common room. Everyone else was either asleep or in their dorms, so it was just you and Ron. As you read a book in one of the comfy chairs by the fire, the ginger was sitting by the window. Beams of moonlight lit up his features, and he had the stupidest smile on his lips. You just decided to ignore him. God knows what George or Fred did to him. Because you just assumed it was them. You had no idea, honestly. As you turned the page of your book, you heard him sigh dreamily.
“You’re so pretty…”
You suddenly stopped reading, more than confused. You stared at the book before you slowly looked up at him. He was still staring at the moon.
Ron sighed dreamily once again before he looked at you over his shoulder, that stupid smile on his lips.
“You. You’re so pretty.”
You stared at him in confusion. You two were decent friends, yes, but he never complimented you. You though
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