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Hyperventilation Hysterics
The lace of a too-crisp lilac gown clutched within the quivering grasp of hysterical hands.  Puffy eyes secrete dripping puddles of salt-water while muscle-spasms curl the spine in a most uncomfortable fashion.  Ribs collapse against gasping lungs, tainting every inhale with a smothered ache.  
Watch the ivory moonlight spool across her throat in sterling stitches.  Wait for the metallic shrieks that escape from the confines of her deranged esophagus.  Listen as the anxiety splatters over teeth and erupts beneath bleeding gums.  Fireworks of needle-point pain carving torment into taste-buds.
Thickening screams; throat gagging on white noise.
If her velvet echo caresses your eardrum, expect champagne ribbons streaking between the sound waves.
Sip bubbly from a crystal to stifle the screams.  
Pray for a drunken stupor to numb nostalgia.
Memories amongst dry-ice graveyards.  That precise echo, scalpel-edged c
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 34 4
I have a lot of fears.
You know the cliché,
Afraid of being alone,
Afraid of being forgotten,
But I’m already alone
And they can’t help but not forget you-
But this,
And that,
And everything in-between.
I feel like this doesn’t make sense.
But I’m afraid my paranoia,
Will seep through my eyelids,
As bands of streaking colors—
Every color that refuses to mix well.
Turquoise, brown green,
Burnt orange and lilac pink.
I’m afraid I’m in too deep
Of the waters of another human—
Not afraid of intimacy,
But the thought of being so open,
That honestly worries me.
And I’m afraid I’ll spiral out of control
And way too into love.
Just to be pushed out.
And I’m afraid I’m too paranoid
About being too paranoid.
So caught up with not being so,
I am too much.
I’m so afraid of a back stabbing,
That I’m worried about being shot
From the front. I’m afraid of being afraid,
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...He Eats Babies... :iconnotanotherzerofan:NotAnotherZeroFan 166 417 You die beautifully :icontheshadowedgrim:TheShadowedGrim 238 27 . The deranged one . :iconkalmanhukka:KalmanHukka 404 89
My Play On Words
          My Play On Words
If you've never lived,
Then you've probably died,
If you've ever laughed,
You've probably cried,
And if you've smiled,
You've most likely frowned,
If you've ever been lost,
Then maybe you've been found.
Or not.
If you've started the beginning,
I guarantee you'll meet your end,
If you gain an enemy,
I can almost promise you'll lose a friend,
If you've ever had a heart,
Maybe it's been broken,
If you were given a mouth,
Then maybe you've spoken.
But results may vary.
You'll dread tomorrow,
If you hated today,
You'll know you got the last word,
If there's nothing left to say,
You'll say you remember,
Even if you forgot,
You'll go in pretending things are better,
Even if it's obvious they're not.
But then again, what do I know?
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Juvenile Elvis :iconinnocentium:Innocentium 250 88
In The Asylum, I Live A Lie
Brought up in this place
ever since I was nine
years that have passed are eight
yet they still keep me confined
Lies flow within
drifting through the wind;
dismantling our wings
freedom we can only dream...

They feed from us
saying "No one you can trust"
Stupid medications & treatments
they know won't do crap
yet they persuade us to take them
"So your mind won't relapse"
Blasphemy is what's spoken
keeping our minds in torment
our souls were already broken
now they'll take you in person

We're bounded for life here
and that grows our deepest fears
Straight-jackets to "calm you down"
they should know makes us pissed;
I must punch with force so profound
or fetch my pocketknife to begin to slit
They tell us we're insane
to quit playing mind games;
...well I don't feel ashamed
'cause it's them who are deranged

Judged constantly we are
never to see, the world outside bars
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demented girl [creepypasta]
-Hey Carlie, wanna play with me?
Mommy don't like when I playing with knifes. She hide them all.
-Maybe hide and seek? Go hide, I'll count
Mommy said my friends don't exist. Why? I see them. They are with me.
I took one knife. Mommy left it. Now I have new toy
-I found you Carlie.....
Games are funny. Sadly my friends don't want play with others. But today I will take my knife with me.
They closed me. I don't like them. Why mommy and daddy let them do this?
-Sweetie, how you feel-  beautiful woman hugs her little daughter
-....-girlie looked on her with eyes full of tears
-I think she needs some rest- man takes her and put on bed- goodnight sweetie
In night mr. and ms.
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Those nights without you
expand into the sounds
of the clock ticking on the
wall and the dripping of the
I'm surprised I haven't been driven
insane yet.
But my sanity is only around
because of the thoughts of those
nights when you were here singing
dreams inside my head.
Even with coffee in the afternoon
I was always able to fall asleep,
in your arms at least.
Is that too corny?
I guess that's why you left me.
Insomnia isn't the only gift
you left behind though.
(you're so thoughtful)
The need to feel your touch
still bristles my nerves
and causes the tiniest twitch
in my hand.
But don't worry, I just tell
everyone I was diagnosed with
The look on their faces reminds
me that my need to lie also
comes from you.
Seems you only left your
bad habits behind and took
all my good ones.
I guess I should feel angry
that you stole my humane
side, but I'm too insane to even
care anymore.
So I'll continue to listen to the drips
and the ticks all night long while
you si
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