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Biblical: Angel and Demon TF
Angel and Demoness TF

“You aren’t holding your flashlight steady,” Mary muttered.
“You aren’t moving yours around enough,” Amy shot back playfully.  “How do you expect to find anything?”
“How do you expect to not fall over?  You must be poorly balanced already, with those implants.”
How dare you?!  These are all natural!  You’re just jealous.”
“Prude!”  Anybody who knew archaeologists Mary Cain and Amy Belle would say they looked like twins.  They had the same dark, straight hair, the same heart-shaped face and high cheekbones, the same small nose and knowing smile.  Mary and Amy themselves only acknowledged that they fought like siblings.
Mary prided herself on being just as good as any male archaeologist, and always dressed conservatively, determined to make her way through life on skill and
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Succubus TF
"Damn it's so hot" Samantha says to Michelle as they walk to the club.
It was around 11pm in July in Miami but it was still as hot as if the sun was up. They were on their way to one of their favorite clubs in the city and Sam wanted to get there as soon as possible.
"Hold up" Michelle replies as Sam begins to almost jog down the street. Michelle was by far the hotter of the two. She had a pretty face with long red hair, and a body to die for. She had nice D cup breasts, a slim waist and a tight ass.
Sam had envied her since she was 15 years old. They grew up in the same small Florida town and had come out to Miami for a summer of partying after they graduated from high school.
Sam was by no means ugly; she just wasn't as...gifted. She had an equally nice face with short black hair. Her breasts were high B cups, her waist was so-so, and her ass was almost nonexistent. She was wearing some tight fitting jeans and a tank top with a sweatshirt over top just in case it did get cold, which
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