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'The GOP and Lesbian Porn'
"The GOP and Lesbian Porn"
by Jay Richard
There was an Election Party at the Campus Center during the 2004 Presidential Election. It started at 8:00 PM and went on until God only knows when. At the time I was in my dorm and talking to people online while following CNN and Yahoo! News. Unfortunately, everyone I knew was either busy, somewhere else, or online and about to leave.
The election was going depressingly well for Bush. I had expected that fear and ignorance would do that sort of thing. I tried not to act too depressed -- there was still California, Florida, and Ohio. I got my scarf and coat and decided to take a ten minute walk to the Campus Center for lack of anything better to do.
There were only two Atkins-friendly soda cans left by the time I arrived. It was all business majors sitting around drinking soda and talking about stuff not relating to the elections, any of the elections, in the damnedest. CNN was on the TVs there, for all the good that did. Two people seemed to a
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Fake Democracy
I can't live in a world
Where dreams grow old
And memories are sold
I don't care what they say
I don't care what I'm told
This place you call America is a joke
A lie thicker than smoke
It gets so thick I can't breath
I choke.
Don't tell me that I'm wrong
Because I really don't care
Everywhere I look
Two names, Two parties
And you try to tell me
That our elections are free and fair?
It seems I can't look anywhere
Tax breaks for the wealthy
Soldiers for the war
Scandal on the news
Money, money, more
What ever happened to the Great Society?
Help for the poor?
When did this become the homeless man's fight?
Since when was the working class a blight?
Welcome to America
Land of the Gross
Home of the faithless
In the end, I suppose
I'm just one of the lost
A moth to the flame
Someone to blame
A man with no name
You sicken me.
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A New Conservative Party
Given the remaining candidates out of the initial crop of crazy; and the nature of the Republican Party in the last three years alone (not counting their actions under the Bush administration); isn't it time we wrote them off and called for a new Conservative Party? Lets face it; short of a Constitutional Amendment establishing Instant Runoff voting; this is the best option we have right now.
Its important to note that this is how politics has worked in America since the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans; every time one party fell out of touch with the interests of the public, they found themselves being replaced by someone more appropriate. The Federalists were replaced by the Whigs, Democrat-Republicans were replaced by the Democrats, the Whigs were replaced by the Republicans. With the current GOP swap of Congressional and Presidential candidates all championing platforms that are either antiquated, xenophobic, or ineffective at actually addressing this country's problems;
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An Essay on Republican Capitalist Philosophy
I wrote this essay because Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is the most ill-conceived and potentially counterproductive economical plan I have heard in recent history.  Not only that, it seems to embody everything that is wrong with the republican way of thinking.  I'm going to explain my objections to this plan, and also touch on the broader issues of republican capitalist ideals.
For those of you who are unfamiliar, Cain's 9-9-9 plan is to limit income tax 9%, but introducing a 9% business transactions tax and a 9% federal sales tax.  There's one crucial problem I immediately noticed, and to make it easier to see, I'll illustrate it with extreme examples from opposite ends of the spectrum.
Consider a poor person who barely makes enough to get by.  He has to spend nearly 100% of his income because of his living expenses alone.  Now consider a very wealthy person making $10,000,000 per year.  He could be very frivolous and still
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Politically Incorrect :iconkamden:Kamden 323 157 Obama 07' :iconricardoestrada:RicardoEstrada 359 120 Just Say Nobama :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 176 447 Obatman, the Dark Knight :iconisrallona:IsraLlona 1,308 668
Robin Williams - 10 Quotes
1. George Bush - His reign of Error is over.
2. Sarah Palin - Did Reagan and Posh Spice have a kid I don't know about?
3. John McCain - By the 3rd debate, he was like that uncle that's trying a new drug and hasn't got the dosage right.
4. Arnold Schwarzenegger - He's a moderate Republican, which is like a Volvo with a gun rack, you don't see a lot of them!
5. Jack Nicholson - He'd be a great president, no drug scandals, he's the only guy to whom Keith Richards would go "I have to go home now, Jack."
6. George Bush - He could do stand-up comedy, he's got 8 years of amazing material!
7. 2008 Debates - After 8 years of Bush people were debating in full sentences and I went 'Thank you god!"
8. 2008 Election - America is finally out of Rehab!
9. George Bush - He's a gift to comedy, a comedy pinata, im gonna miss him!
10. George Bush - What's he gonna do now that's he's left office? Now, he CANNOT go on a speaking tour, that's a given!
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America - What We've Become
     When the colonists set out to the New World, they sought freedom - the freedom to worship their god(s), the freedom to speak their minds, the freedom to live.  The Founding Fathers defined these freedoms in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and led the great war against the oppressive British crown.  Many died so  that the great country and the freedoms we now take for granted could develop and grow into a prosperous nation.  Today, we spit on the graves of those who gave birth to America, twist the poetic text of the Constitution and stretch the Bill of Rights to the darkest limits so that we may be happy.
     We are given the right to free speech, but now such a thing has been given a price.  Likewise, we are given the freedom to protest, but we take this freedom and we twist it.  We live in a country where if one speaks his mind about something he finds immoral,
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Maybe Something Else Sucks :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 190 73 Conservative, not Republican :iconatheosemanon:AtheosEmanon 54 87 Election 2016 - Before and After :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 856 751 GWAR: Electile Dysfunction :iconmilestsang:milestsang 239 46 Maybe next time, Mittens. :icondrezx:DreZX 288 54 IDW: Obama and McCain :iconshirozora:Shirozora 145 36 American Carlin :iconsaintiscariot:SaintIscariot 58 10 2016: What Should Have Been. :iconynot1989:YNot1989 44 185 Romney and Ryan on Taxes :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 184 167 American Dream commission :icongb2k:gb2k 1,175 98 Cobra Dom Sarah Palin comm :icongb2k:gb2k 737 152 Pudgeyena Politics :iconcaramitten:caramitten 177 45 2012 Election Scenarios :iconynot1989:YNot1989 25 59 InVain Magazine Covering :iconsaintiscariot:SaintIscariot 35 9 Obama the Builder :iconsayer:sayer 197 46
Jesus Christ - God of No Fun
     In the early days, Christianity played a big role in society.  Families went to church together and priests were one of the most trusted people in the community.  Now the priest is stereotyped to be a pedophile, the Church is considered the whore of Babylon and the pope the anti-Christ.  And this all came about because of our unwillingness to practice the good morals that we have cast aside.
     Given that I am defending christianity, you may think that I will accuse Darwin and Atheism for this corruption, but I will do no such thing.  Darwin only tried to scientifically discover how man may have become the bipedal, upright being that he is today, and Atheism itself doesn't destroy morals, but some of the people who practice it do.  How can this be, you ask?
     Well, if one wishes to discover the answer, simply look up Atheist youtubers.  The My
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Realities of Climate Change
Climate Change is a Reality. This cannot be questioned. It has been going on ever since the Earth's atmosphere formed, and it will be going on quite a long time after the Human race vanishes from the face of the Earth. It is going on now; it was changing during the Little Ice Age. The Midieval Warm Period. The Dark Ages cooling. The Roman Warm Period. The Minoan Warm period....
Skeptics- the ones who matter- do not deny climate change, or global warming. That science is Sound. But when the representation of science becomes politicized- as with the Unproven theory of 'man-made' global warming- then we begin to run into problems.
When the media, most politicians, or even people on this site, claim that 'denialists' are nothing but dogged, ranting right-wing bloggers or AM radio hosts, 'creationists,' in the pay of 'Big Oil,' they are at the very least being Specious. Claims that the Bible has anything to do with the situation, are not even worth considering. In fact the entire pur
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