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Jason Momoa ~ Wolves :iconastoko:AStoKo 1,963 208 Programming is MAGIC :iconboffinbrain:BoffinbraiN 85 77 Strangequotesofgoku :iconwooti-eat-babies:WootI-EAT-BABIES 270 69 I just wanted to tell you :iconwooti-eat-babies:WootI-EAT-BABIES 216 22 Miku Vocaloid FULL HD :iconsl4ifer:Sl4ifer 70 6 Imashou~ :iconwooti-eat-babies:WootI-EAT-BABIES 67 29 Debug Mode :iconallicali:AlliCali 77 24 Yellow soul is real tired of your sh** Flowey. :iconmoracalle:Moracalle 41 15 justa stress reliever :iconwooti-eat-babies:WootI-EAT-BABIES 27 31 It's Been Three Long Years :iconcapnpea:CapnPea 92 43 Pokemon Fire Red - BattleDebug :iconturbocharge0:Turbocharge0 55 171 Seven Drunken Ticks :icongaradrobe:garadrobe 90 26 DEBUG line up :icongaradrobe:garadrobe 18 16 I BROKE UNDERTALE (Undertale Debug Screenshot) :iconthe-heraldic-sword:The-Heraldic-Sword 23 12 Guardian Prototype :iconazuroru:Azuroru 30 6 ~ O S A N A N A J I M I ~ :iconlcat4ever:LCat4Ever 16 0 RE::V [WATERMELON COLOURS] :iconwaterloks:waterloks 26 2 Shadows v2 -editor, collision :iconsupa-monky:Supa-Monky 14 27 Virus power-lineart :iconheilos:Heilos 23 16 BB Demotivational Poster :iconlolpictureinc:LOLpictureINC 13 7
Counter Point (part 4)
Sans scanned the streets, trying to find any traces of the dog’s residual magic. He eventually picked up on a small amount of it near a fire hydrant, then gestured towards it for Flowey. Flowey nodded, and Sans teleported them ahead, scanning for another point. They went about this for a few blocks until they finally found the dog sleeping behind a garbage dumpster.
“How did you learn to do that?” Flowey hissed, referring to San’s tracking abilities.
“The training you skipped last week,” Sans whispered, teleporting right next to the dog.

Asriel, do NOT wake up that dog!

Flowey tugged on San’s jacket, shaking his head urgently. The skeleton backed away from the dog a few steps, glancing back at the flower with a look of confusion. Flowey held a leaf to his mouth to signal for the skeleton to say silent.

I was able to get him asleep for a minute or two, but my magic is very weak. The locket is on the other side of the alley way under
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REV: [booth] DART DOME :iconwaterloks:waterloks 29 10 RE--V || DEBUG FIELD :iconwaterloks:waterloks 21 0 untitled :iconwooti-eat-babies:WootI-EAT-BABIES 21 22 SSBM- Zelda and tiny Link 4 :iconhokimo:hokimo 21 0 Rena - STOP :iconxyxtlin:xyxtlin 91 92 Miyu RPG Maker XP :iconsergiroth:Sergiroth 23 12 Tales of Symphonia Misc Stuff :icong--u--y:G--u--y 11 2 Moon Gold - Beta Debug 011410 :iconraucais:Raucais 11 18 Cliffton's request :iconjcrg:JCRG 16 46 mynewID :iconwooti-eat-babies:WootI-EAT-BABIES 13 4 MOTHER SAVIOR - Demo Ver. 1 :iconnessstar3000:NessStar3000 8 51 Debugging Kitten Trio :iconcyjon:Cyjon 15 0 Snake Prototype :iconbirvan:Birvan 25 67 Clean Code Logo Template :iconblinvarfi:BlinVarfi 10 0 SSBM- Zelda and tiny Link 6 :iconhokimo:hokimo 15 4 rE:V Bingo Card :icon46kibahime:46Kibahime 15 30 1000+ icons in Windows 8 (Metro) style for free :iconvisualpharm:visualpharm 8 3 SSBM- Zelda and tiny Link 5 :iconhokimo:hokimo 13 0 SSBM- Zelda and tiny Link 3 :iconhokimo:hokimo 12 0
Wreck-It Ralph: Debug - 3. Troubleshooting 1/2
Worrying about the girl being pestered by the two adolescent boys from earlier, Quinn informed Mr. Litwak of their actions and he would keep a closer eye on the two in the future. The girl however had opted to stick around Quinn, who appreciated the company as it allowed her to run troubleshooting on machines that where unoccupied with the girls' assistance. But Quinn wasn't as stupid as the boys liked to think, she could see them giving her dirty looks out of the corner of her eye when they think she can't see them.
"So, you used to do what I'm helping you with all the time when you where my age?" The Girl asked, looking at Quinn curiously from her place in front of the Dig Dug machine which had reported that the joystick was less than responsive than usual on her clipboard of games to look at.
She had a theory that the microcircuits that drove the controls needed to have the connections reseated in the Jamma PCB, though she also considered the fact that the joystick in question had n
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chess particles :iconossman11:ossman11 9 5
Wreck-It Ralph: Debug - 5: Troubleshooting 2/2
Quinn had woken up early that morning, instead of driving all the way back home she rented a room in a hotel near Litwak's Family Fun Centre for the weekend. Sorting through the bag with the things she'd need today for a moment before seeming satisfied that everything she'd need was there.
Lugging the bag over her shoulder as she headed out, locking the hotel room door before heading to her truck, doing a check around the exterior. It wasn't an impressive truck but she couldn't help but check anyway... Climbing into the cab, taking a moment to put the bag in the passenger seat and belting up before driving towards Litwak's.
In comparison to the hour it took to get there yesterday, the drive only took twenty minutes. Pulling up on the opposite side of what she had correctly guessed was Mr. Litwak's car the day before. Picking up the bag from the passenger side and exiting the truck as Mr. Litwak stood outside, he seemed rather concerned about something.
"Good morning Mr. Litwak sir." Qu
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Lets Meet Up! :iconwooti-eat-babies:WootI-EAT-BABIES 21 16 rE:V HA: Night Life :icon46kibahime:46Kibahime 10 4 Feel my Wrath :icongaradrobe:garadrobe 9 7 Debug :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 8 6 SSBM- Zelda and tiny Link 1 :iconhokimo:hokimo 10 2 SSBM- Zelda and tiny link 2 :iconhokimo:hokimo 9 1