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Five nights at Freddy's Free For the true... :iconmobox87:mobox87 303 83 Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Mini Juegos Pag.4 :iconmobox87:mobox87 79 18 Five Nights at Freddy's: Night of Misfits :iconecn13000:ECN13000 102 24 Calm the Children :iconamerican-oddysey:American-Oddysey 74 3 Give Cake (Comic Link Available) :icondzkribblerluiz:DZkribblerLuiz 46 19 fnaf Golden Freddy :iconmichael-v:Michael-V 44 12 Evolution of Freddy Fazbear Wallpaper 1920x1080 :iconthedarkrinnegan:TheDarkRinnegan 20 1 Comic - Give Cake (Humor) :icondzkribblerluiz:DZkribblerLuiz 125 76 Purple man-fnaf :iconmichael-v:Michael-V 35 6 [FNAF] Give Gifts, Give Life :iconsandorav:SandoraV 83 15 FNAF - PurpleCar :iconbluewolfavenger:BlueWolfAvenger 60 32 Take Cake to the Children! Freddy Fazbear :iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 29 3 Follow me :iconla-yiyi:La-Yiyi 17 13 FNaF Theory: Fredbear's? :iconlord-samson:Lord-Samson 11 10 [Animated] Stop him PREVIEW :iconlaorejafan1990:laorejafan1990 11 1 FNAF - Happy Birthday BLUE-WOLF-AVENGER!!! :iconbluewolfavenger:BlueWolfAvenger 10 6 Spring Freddy Designs :iconfreddlefrooby:FreddleFrooby 9 1 [Animated] Defend your friend - Cookie Minigame :iconlaorejafan1990:laorejafan1990 9 3 Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Layout :iconruschman:Ruschman 7 2 Has anyone already seen this? :iconxlightning-dash3rx:XLightning-Dash3rX 7 14 FNAF OC - Cookie (Death Minigame) :iconlaorejafan1990:laorejafan1990 8 6 .:S-A-V-E T-H-E-M:. :iconspythedragon:Spythedragon 5 2 Fredbear the 1st :iconspringbonnie-asshole:springbonnie-asshole 4 4 Old fan made FNaF sprites :iconshadowlavender:ShadowLavender 3 10 Slightly More Detailed FNAF Minigame Sprites :iconjamesthesillywither:JamestheSillyWither 2 0
Murder Mystery Theory [FNAF 2]
This is my theory on the Purple Man in the FNAF Death Minigames.
So far, we know that there is a purple man that looks very creepy (in my opinion) with that smug black smile across his face and a purple body for his sprite in the minigames. We also know that he kill one of the children outside in "Give Cake to Children" minigame (or whatever it's called) and you are forced to give cake as your movement speed decreases and you are forced to watch all the kids get angry and watch as the kid outside dies as Freddy Fazbear 1.0. There is also a rare occasion where in the "SAVETHEM" minigame, the purple man will appear on the near end of the minigame and attack you, then force crashing your game, which chills the eff out of me thinking, talking or typing this out, literally!!!
My friends and I have been talking about this, purple figure that is only seen in the minigames after death. We know that these minigames are tied with the animatronics attacking the player no matter what, and the anim
:iconassassins-creed-ac:Assassins-Creed-AC 2 1
Will She Know That Im Gone :iconbutterghast:butterghast 0 0 Springtrap/Foxy :iconemicyr:EmiCyr 2 1 Bonnie/Chica :iconemicyr:EmiCyr 1 0 MOVE BITCH :iconclaurart:Claurart 1 0
You Can't
A Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction. Note: There is some blood and impliedviolence, so be prepared.
"Foxy. It's time. The kids are waiting for you."
He stirred, his motors softly purring to life. Eyelids opened, mechanical lens adjusting slowly as his systems booted. He focused on the figure in the backroom with him. It was not the one who normally told him when he was to go on. Instead it was the man he knew as the night guard. This registered as odd. Checking his internal clock, he found it was after closing.
"Ahoy there, Mr. Guard!" he greeted the man, raising a right arm that ended in a blunt metal hook. His synthetic voice was moderately deep, and mimicked the gruff accent of a stereotypical pirate. "Isn't it a mite late fer kids to be in the pizzeria?"
"It's a special occasion." There was a small smile on the man's lips. "Now go on."
"All right then." The animatronic gave the man an answering smile -- not difficult, as it was about the only expression his face allowed. He
:iconflammifleure:Flammifleure 0 12
Give Life Unfinished Sketch :iconspookydj:SpookyDJ 4 10
SAVE HIM minigame theories
So, my first five nights at Freddy's theory is about what happens in Take Cake to the Children (or SAVE HIM) death minigame.
In this minigame we see Freddy taking cake to six children sat at party tables who get progressively angrier until cake is served to them. Outside, behind the closed door of the restaurant, is a crying child. After some time passes a purple car rolls up and a purple man gets out. The child briefly stops crying then begins to cry harder and harder, eyes widening and tears streaming down his/her face, only to abruptly turn grey. The purple man gets back into his car and drives away, leaving the seeminly dead child outside on the pavement. This is then followed by the Puppet's jumpscare and you are taken back to the menu. All the time this is happening, Freddy moves slower and slower and the letters S A V E H I M are called out in a distorted robotic voice.
Creepy, huh? Well, let's look at what it might mean. I think the day is just like any other with another birth
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It's Me :iconvex97:Vex97 1 4 Delivery Boy :iconmr-m-horror-action:Mr-M-horror-action 1 0 FNAF Foxy Death Minigame Emote/Icon :iconwornskateboard:WornSkateboard 3 0
It's Me
The footsteps echoed throughout the corridors, but they were hardly audible around the crackling thunder overturning the sky outside. It was dark in the hallway, with only the flashlight he’d grabbed from the glovebox compartment in his car to guide him, yet it almost seemed unnecessary when compared to his knowledge of the layout of the abandoned building. He knew this place like the back of his hand, from the entrance, to the party room, to the arcade, and most of all, to the back room where customers weren’t allowed.
The squeaking of rats and rodent scampering connected every hallway with the dilapidated ruin of the abandoned building. It hadn’t been touched in a long time. People had started running the other way, mostly out of fear, others out of sorrow or disgust. While the lightning in the sky flashed through the windows drizzling with rain, brightening the man’s path through the long hallways that once held home to laughter and joy, he guided himself pas
:iconkairivenomus:KairiVenomus 5 4
My FNAF OC Meme :iconscpbronydude:SCPBronydude 1 0 Main Attraction :icontesseron-c:Tesseron-C 3 2 Five Nights at Blaze's: the Orange Man (UPDATED) :iconserious-sam-64-64:serious-sam-64-64 1 0 The Puppet's soul :icontoybonniel0ver:toybonniel0ver 0 0