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Bizarre Conversations [L Lawliet x Reader]
“Ryuzaki...Ryuga...Ryuzaki...L....Um, Hideki Ryuga....Whatever the hell you call yourself? Coil? Uhh, Sherlock? His royal genius?”
No response came from him as L buried his eyes into the words imprinted on the computer screen. You crossed your arms and tapped your foot.
“Ryuzaki,” you said for the seemingly millionth time. “Ryuzaki. Ryuuuzaaaaaaaaakiiiiiii?” Now, you were practically singing it.
Before you could even inhale to say it again, his black eyes turned to meet yours.
“Why aren’t you home, [Name]?” he asked, dropping a piece of chocolate in his mouth. “You know I gave everyone this time to sort things out with their families. You don’t have to be here.”
“Yeah, I know,” you grabbed the seat next to him and placed your feet against the edge of the table. “But, my parents are used to me being gone. Besides, I told them I was at a hotel. They think I’m spending time with my boyfriend.
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L x Reader- Rape Whistle
"Here," L looked curiously to his side. There you were, your hand held out to him, with a little red whistle in the palm of your hand. L observed the whistle, coming to the quick conclusion that you intended for him to take it, and did so.
"What is this?" he asked. Clearly he knew what it was, but he was asking what it was for.
"It's a whistle," you hadn't picked up on that fact.
Light, who was observing the situation from the seat next to L, perked up, "Ryuzaki meant 'what is it for,' (Name)?"
"Oh. Well it's a rape whistle."
Light's eyes widened with shock as L's brows rose in confusion. Picking up on the fact that they were waiting for your explanation, you smirked.
"I don't want pervy Light coming onto you in your handcuffed state," you felt your smirk widen as Light sputtered out refusals. Before leaving the boys you added, "Plus, I'm the only one allowed to violate you, Ryuzaki~"
As you left you heard Light grumble, "I don't know what you see in her Ryuzaki."
"She keeps things
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Today [Yandere!Rin Okumura]
Rin Okumura was not a happy half-demon.
Don’t get him wrong, though. He was usually a bright and cheerful boy, and rarely one would find him anything other than positive. In fact, he had often been told he had one of the brightest smiles in the entirety of True Cross Academy.
However, today was an abnormality.
He was currently sulking in the corner of the camp he and his fellow exorcists-in-training had only moments ago set-up, deep blue eyes set upon his group of ‘friends’ in a deep scowl. His brother had assigned the cram school’s students to journey to the forest nearby the school, with the task of defeating a set number of demons as a surprise quiz.
Now, it wasn’t that the boy disliked the prospect of getting out of the classroom. In fact, he couldn’t be more relieved that Yukio had finally decided to assign them field work. No, the reason he was angrily swishing his tail behind him as he glared down his classmates was much simpler than that. At
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Pirate! Spain x Child! Reader - Running Away
A/N: Some swearing and abuse don't like don't read!
Pirate! Spain x Child! Reader - Running away
"Help me!" You cried out as you ran from your home.
"Get back here you fucking brat!" snarled your drunken father as he chased after you.
After drowning himself in whisky, you father would normally yell at you or hit you. Being at the young age of 4, you didn't know how to fight back, or even protect yourself. And you were certainly confused as to why he was hurting you.
For tonight as an example. You were merely playing with a toy your mother had given you before she passed, when your father burst through the door. He swayed towards you. You could smell the alcohol off him. It was disgusting. He grabbed you by your hair and threw you to the ground, causing your head to begin bleeding and you seeing spots. He then let go you and screamed at you. Calling you worthless and a wench. You got up and ran. He followed after you.
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