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Russia x Deaf!Reader
Silence. Silence was attached to you like a thick layer of skin. You were the country of (c/n) and the only deaf nation. You had been deaf for as long as you could remember. Other countries didn’t bother to try communicating with you or bother acknowledging you.
At World meetings, someone had to write what America or Germany was saying so you could follow along. You only had a few friendly countries who still tried to socialize with you. You would look around the room curiously to see the other nations. A pair of purple orbs always seemed to meet yours. You often found Russia stealing glances at you.
“Uh, (y/n) you ok?” America asked as he noticed you spacing out
“You git, she can’t hear you, she’s deaf!” England hissed
“Huh?” America became confused
“It means she can’t hear you. She can’t hear anything” Germany muttered
“Dude that’s awful!” Alfred gasped
“Good lord” Arthur rolle
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Punk!Levi x Deaf!Reader: Sign to me
Levi turned up the music to full volume and reclined in his seat one hand resting on the steering wheel the other was intertwined with yours, he revved the engine of the car, pushing its speed way past the speed limit it was an open road and not another car was in sight. He saw you roll your (E/C) eyes a little at the stunt he was pulling, even though you was acting a little irritated at him, he knew how much you liked it when you both drove around like this with the windows down, the breeze ruffling your clothes and hair and making you both feel like you were absolutely free.
Levi kept his eyes on the road until he heard a small giggle from you, he turned his head slightly towards you when you removed your hand from his. ''Guns N' roses?'' you sighed earning a smirk from the raven haired man who slowed the car down to a move friendly pace, Levi was always amazed at your ability to pick up what song he was listening too, “How do you know?” He signed
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Melancholia by Z-Pico Melancholia :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 1,631 147
Deaf!Orphan!Child!Reader x Hetalia - INTRO
3rd POV:
______ sighed, looking out the window of the orphanage she was currently residing in. She absolutely hated it there, much like the other kids. Though, they didn't get ignored like she did. Why, you may ask? Well, that's easy.
______ is deaf.
Most people thought different of her the second they find out she's deaf. ______ didn't really understand why. She was just like the other kids. She played like them. She liked to tell jokes. She learnt at the same speed. She could run, dance, communicate, everything! Just... not hearing.
Her heart shattered every time she saw the other kids laugh at her. Was she really THAT different?
Of course not.
_______ has always thought that, because she can't hear, no one would ever want to adopt her.
Well, up until now.
A woman who interpreted for her stood in front of her. 'There's someone here who wants to adopt a child. The Head Mistress wants you to go meet them.'
_______ tilted her head to the side, curiosity sprinkled in her playful, (e
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Deaf!Orphan!Reader x Axis
3rd POV:
The rest of the children looked up immediately as the door opened, the wood scraping across the floor. Three men walked in, sitting across from them. In all, there was four children. Two female, two male. The interpreter smiled at _____, to which she smiled back. The interpreter, who was the only one who knew sign language in the whole place besides her, was ______'s best and only friend.
"Vee~ Ciao, children!" a bubbly man started. "You're all so cute!" he pinched their cheeks. ______ jumped and swatted his hand away. He tilted his head. "Hold on, bella, I think there's something in your hair..." he mumbled, feeling around her ear until he got a hold of _____'s hearing aid. She shook her head profusely, not wanting him to remove it. She didn't want him to know just yet... Nor did she want him to point it out in front of the other children.
But, her struggles were pointless. The man removed her hearing aid, much to her disapproval. Her small bit useless hearing faded immediate
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Music of Woe + .PSD by PSHoudini Music of Woe + .PSD :iconpshoudini:PSHoudini 2,479 754
Deaf!Orphan!Child!Reader x Nordics
3rd POV:
Well, not really ONE person. There were six, including a boy who looked about twice _______'s age. This one interested ______, and she hoped they could be friends.
"Hello! My name is Tino! Aww, you're all just so cute!" One of the shortest of the five gushed over them, smiling brightly. The other children thanked him. ______ pretended to speak like a 'normal' child, though no sound came out, since she never attended speech therapy. 
"So, what are your names?" The same man asked. As soon as the interpreter signed this form behind him, ______ bit her lip.
"I'm Mary!" a small girl at the end with long, black hair grinned. Mary was one of the kids who liked to torment poor ______. She was very popular, and had many friends. In all honesty, _______ was jealous of her. Though, she'd never admit it, Mary wished she could be more like _____ as well.
"My name's Nick." She the boy who sat next to _______. He had short brown hair and brown eyes to match. He was the shortest of the f
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Deafness by Nelleke Deafness :iconnelleke:Nelleke 1,156 45 A Song for the Deaf by JoeyJazz A Song for the Deaf :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 310 31 White Noise by chabruphotography White Noise :iconchabruphotography:chabruphotography 552 203
Deaf! Canada x Reader: You'll be in my Heart
He stood there trembling, he had been walking his way back home, but now as he stood on a sad desolate corner on the edge of town. He decided it was time to end it. He was just given a hand gun to go with his new handgun license. He removed the revolver from his book bag he carried. It was enough now he'd had enough. His best friend had killed himself just a few weeks previous and Matthew was quite distraught losing the only other person who shared what he saw as a disability. He was the only other one who he knew that was deaf, losing him was hard...
He knew now that he had nothing to live for. He truly didn't. Today, his life would change, to escape the abuse Matthew decided that killing himself was the only way out, his get out of jail free card. For a moment he wondered how his older brother Alfred would feel, he'd probably lose it too... He was too full of himself to do what Matthew was plotting.
"Matthew?" you asked behind him, though you knew it was probably useless knowing he w
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Soul Eater ::19 by Cvy Soul Eater ::19 :iconcvy:Cvy 524 112 I'm only a cat by ibjennyjenny I'm only a cat :iconibjennyjenny:ibjennyjenny 714 110 He Always Knows by ibjennyjenny He Always Knows :iconibjennyjenny:ibjennyjenny 2,726 281 Hello Dori by Nekoshiba Hello Dori :iconnekoshiba:Nekoshiba 681 59 Mother's Day by ibjennyjenny Mother's Day :iconibjennyjenny:ibjennyjenny 501 193
Japan x Deaf!Reader: Bad Translations
“Ve~ Hiyah (y/n)!” Italy smiled as he signed (y/n) a greeting while the (h/c) colored female smiled and watched. She signed him back a greeting as he laughed
“What is Italy doing with (c/n)?” Germany asked Japan
“He is moving his hands to communicate with (y/n)-chan known as sign language. (y/n)-chan is deaf” Japan explained
“I almost vonder vhy” Ludwig sighed as he watched Feliciano
“I heard she was naturally born deaf” Kiku nodded as (y/n) waved at the two other axis members.
“We should start zhe meeting” Ludwig grunted and the three axis and the female nation walked into the conference room to discuss the world’s status with the rest of the planet’s countries.
“Guys, watch this!” America flashed a thumbs-up to other countries as they watched him creep up behind an unsuspecting (y/n). Kiku’s eyes narrowed at the American as he feverishly grabbed (y/n)’s sides. (y/n) shrieked lo
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Soul Eater ::21 by Cvy Soul Eater ::21 :iconcvy:Cvy 593 274 Soul Eater ::18 by Cvy Soul Eater ::18 :iconcvy:Cvy 1,035 291 Happy 7th Birthday Mikey by ibjennyjenny Happy 7th Birthday Mikey :iconibjennyjenny:ibjennyjenny 579 91
They call me stupid…
They call me dumb…
I am neither, I am deaf.
I can never hear a sound.
I talk with my hands.
I am neither stupid nor dumb, I am just ME!
They call me weird…
They call me dumb…
They call me worthless…
I am neither, I am blind.
I never get to see the world.
I read with my fingers, not my eyes.
I am neither weird nor dumb nor worthless, I am just ME!
They call me a problem…
They call me an idiot…
They call me dangerous…
They call me a troublemaker…
I am neither, I have autism.
I have a handicap.
I see things and people differently.
I am neither a problem nor an idiot, I am not dangerous or a troublemaker, I am just ME!
They call me stupid…
They call me weird…
They call me a problem…
They call me dangerous…
They call me lazy…
I am neither, I have ADHD.
I have a handicap.
I see the world in a different light.
I am neither stupid, weird, a problem, dangerous or lazy I am just ME!
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I was one of those deaf-mutes,
a shy flame,
a candle left on a park bench
lit and melting
drops of wax between
the wooden seams.
White water from a stone fountain
slides past shooting-star coins
leaving little bubbles in the grooves.
A child bites her mother on the grass,
and I thought she'd bleed caramel
and I thought about animals
(wishing on a drowned out star).
I'm forming quiet,
oil-scented puddles on the ground;
this fountain holds a shimmering
metallic cover beneath the water.
Natural art museum,
a shy flame getting pinched
by licked fingers,
smothered in conversation.
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Peepin TomCat by ibjennyjenny Peepin TomCat :iconibjennyjenny:ibjennyjenny 1,172 120 A Billy Mays Tribute by CrystalKaleidescope A Billy Mays Tribute :iconcrystalkaleidescope:CrystalKaleidescope 382 254
deaf girl dancing
she cannot hear the music, only see it
and her body sways in waves,riding
the crest of the movement,
she can feel the music in the rhythm
of other people's bodies, jostling and turning,
spinning and swirling, glimmering and burning,
she can read the movement,
tell what the music she cannot hear means
just by the language
of two dozen bodies rocking themselves
into an orchestra of movement.
she cannot hear the music, but
she can feel it, in the way
her body twirls, the way her supple limbs
chase trails of sound that are beyond her grasp,
in the beat of her heart echoing in her ribcage
and her feet, moving to something beyond her
a voice that she will never hear that still calls her.
she responds to silence with her body,
defying limits, refusing to be a stony-eyed silence.
in her life, music is movement, is
joints creaking and hips speaking and
strange breathing, because
she was raised to take the things she could reach
instead of stubbing her toes
by trying to grasp what she couldn't.
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EvenIfYouSaid you were dying one would hear you.
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