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Bliss :iconlumen-a:lumen-a 376 118
Death - BMWW
When Diana of Themyscira came to Man's World, she had many things to learn. She started from the basics then, as if she's just been born.
First of all, she learned about men, and that they weren't as evil and cruel as she'd been told on her island. In fact, there were many honourable and charming males and she admitted that they intrigued her. Especially the one, who always hid in the darkness.
With time she learned how to live between people and how to communicate with them, or at least try to do so. She was studying people's habits and traditions. She looked at the humanity with curious eyes.
She learned that Earth needed its heroes, needed her. She realised why it did and as time went by she got attached to Man's World.
She was learning fast, using that magnificent mind of hers. She wanted to understand everything she was seeing and discovering and it came to her easily. Until one point.
As the Princess of the Amazons, Diana was blessed by her gods. She had Amazonian p
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Nightwing and Batgirl :iconlinart:LinART 271 21 Elsword x OC - The Chaser and the Huntress :iconchibisallina:ChibiSalLina 379 205 valentines contest entry :iconsuperhoneybear:superhoneybear 145 41
Confession - BMWW
First time he says it, she's poisoned and fighting for her life. There is no chance she can hear him. She's laying in fever and doesn't move even one finger. And he, on the other hand, is scared out of his mind, suddenly realising that there is no way for him to go on without her. Just after the others leave and he is alone at her bed, he leans to her ear. His fingers brush the jet-black hair on a side and he whispers to her; the words so quiet that he's not sure he's actually said them.
"I love you."
When few hours later she's awake, he does not repeat his confession. Instead he gives her a lecture how recklessly and unprofessionally she behaved, letting their enemies catch her in a trap.
First time she says it, she's standing at his grave, clasping a shred of his cape in her clenched fist. Tears are strolling down her cheeks and harsh wind is hitting her face. She is tired and broken. She never thought something can hurt that much. She kneels on the ground and to
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happy late birthday tim drake :iconsuperhoneybear:superhoneybear 77 9 DC Couple - Waiting for the heir :iconwebmegami:Webmegami 128 28 Morning Lullabies :iconsuperhoneybear:superhoneybear 102 11 Love Me Do :iconsuperhoneybear:superhoneybear 77 7 Deadpool and Harley Quinn :iconmariya14:Mariya14 42 1 At the edge of the end of the world... :iconsuperpael:Superpael 36 21 I'm Popeye the Sailor Bat-Man :iconciro1984:Ciro1984 34 6 kara + tim :iconsuperhoneybear:superhoneybear 69 5 Eight Days a Week :iconsuperhoneybear:superhoneybear 40 7 BBRae Hallow'een Party :icontammyv:TammyV 86 9 Typical :iconamandaelise:AmandaElise 84 11
Totally Drama and Romance pt4
  ‘BEEP BEEP BEEP’ sounded from Courtney’s alarm clock. She rolled over and hit the button to make it go off then rolled back over to get comfortable again. She didn’t feel very good this morning, not with what she had heard happened last night. She felt sick, very sick. About fifteen minutes pasted with her just laying there in her bed but then she heard a knock on the door.
  “Courtney?” Slate called from behind the door.
  “Come in.” She called tiredly.
  “Hey, why aren’t you up?” He asked and came to sit on her bed.
  “I feel horrible.” She moaned.
  “Well, um, mom told me to come and make sure you were okay since you usually don’t take this long, so, I’ll go tell her you don’t feel good.” Slate put his hand to Courtney’s forehead. “Wow. You’re hot.”
  “Argh.” Sounded Courtney.
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Across the Universe :iconsuperhoneybear:superhoneybear 108 12 Rachel/Gar pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 30 1 PC - Raydawggie :icontinysoder:tinysoder 69 15 JxH - Explosive Love :iconxxcute-kittyxx:XxCute-KittyxX 116 24 Conner/Cassie pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 23 3 Kitten/Fang pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 13 1 Spoiler and Robin :iconpaigeinwonderland:PaigeinWonderland 18 0 Sarah/Victor pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 14 5 Roy/Donna pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 10 0 Red Star and Pantha :iconteq-uila:Teq-Uila 14 10 Linda/Wally pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 10 2 Tim/Steph pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 11 0 Bonus for Valentine Days: Robin (Dick) and Batgirl :iconcamilosama:CamiloSama 12 2 01: Clark and Lois :iconcamilosama:CamiloSama 12 5 Winter :iconmiwakosato92:MiwakoSato92 9 5 FanArt 100: Stardust :iconseraphinagrayson:seraphinagrayson 26 4 Bonus for Valentine Days: Robin and Starfire :iconcamilosama:CamiloSama 9 0 Music Meister and Black Canary :iconrockleebabe96:rockleebabe96 6 4 Yes, we are baby :icondangermushroom:DangerMushroom 4 3 Even Nerds Can Find Love :iconammotc:ammotc 4 8 Valentine's Day 2011 - Hero :iconghostbusterlover:Ghostbusterlover 4 21 Harley and Joker genderbend :iconsun711:sun711 2 0 Riot and Nick :iconbladegunsniper:BladeGunSniper 1 2 Querl/Kara pic from my top 10 pairings meme :iconmmmciag:mmmciaG 15 2 Silhouette :iconuygartuna:uygartuna 0 0 WallyxArtemis :iconlove-strawberries:love-Strawberries 15 1 Reach. :iconhuntermills101:huntermills101 1 0 Walk With Me :iconthestarsgleam:TheStarsGleam 0 0
Technologic Petals
A naked daisy
Lies in the Empire
Of the Brightside,
Pouring down petals.
I don’t know how to begin
Call on me,
Before the petals fall again.
These processed beats,
My best dress,
It’s believing
We’re back in black.
I don’t know how to begin
Call on me,
Before the petals fall again.
Technologic sunshine
Aluminates the blue orbs
Sometime around midnight
A recurring recollection.
I don’t know how to begin
Call on me,
Before the petals fall again.
:iconarwen-midge:Arwen-Midge 0 6