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20 ways to annoy Davy Jones
                20 ways to annoy Davy Jones
1)Tell his crew hes gay
2) make the crew think its true
3)Tell him that Norrington has taken his heart out of pure love
4)poke him and run away saying Bill did it
5)Tell him about the slashes with him and Bill or Jack
6)Play with his tentacles
7)brade his tentacles
8)slap his arm every few minutes saying there was a bug on it
9) Make him listen to the song "its raining men" over and over agian
10) Call him 'Hot stuff' or 'Sexy Man' instead of Captin
11) Tell him that it was Jack who wrote slashes about him
12)Poke him in the back
13) Tell him what type of people sould be allowed on the ship
14)Steal his key and start running around with it
15) if he catches you, stick it down the nearest persons pants
16)On a special day throw him a My little Pony themed party
17) Keep saying he needs to spend more time with the Kraken and play fetch
18) Buy him a hot pink Speedo
19)Make the whole crew wear dresses that say "pretty pirate"
20)See how many tim
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Eden's Angel
I knew the old stories. The first man and woman had disobeyed, and so they had been driven out of paradise. An angel had been placed in paradise to guard the tree.
I never heard any stories saying he left the garden.
I went to find the tree, to see if it really was worth getting kicked out of paradise. I’d seen the Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, and the Holy Grail. This was the next big thing. It was the edge of the Earth and beyond. It was further than Davy Jones’ Locker. It was paradise.
Some people told me the Holy Grail and the Fountain of Youth were the same thing. If you drank from the Holy Grail, you wouldn’t die. If you drank from the Fountain of Youth, you wouldn’t die. But I’ve seen them before. The Holy Grail is an ugly brown wooden cup. The Fountain of Youth isn’t more than a pool of stale water in the middle of a cave in South America. Atlantis was less of a disappointment, but it wanted to remain hidden. So I ventured out for the Garden o
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