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Can't sleep (Dave x Reader)
Trigger Warning: #swearing #sexual themes
N-no! Please (Y/n)! You can't leave me!! Not like this!! Please! You have to live!!
No... No!!!

I jolted awake, my eyelids flying open as I sat up from the bed, looking at my surroundings frantically. My heart was pounding loudly, my chest falling and rising in a quick manner; each breath being inhaled as full on gasps of air, almost like I wasn't breathing at all and my lungs were dying from lack of oxygen.
The room was dark and quiet, only sounds of my rapidly beating heart and my quivering breath were to be heard. I looked around the room. My alarm showed the time: 3:49 am.
"Shit..." I muttered, rubbing the back of my neck. I slid my hand next to me. The bed was cold, and the blanket was missing from the other side. Sudden realization came to me.
Where did she go?
Oh fuck no.

I threw the blanket to the side and jumped out of bed, completely forgetting about my
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Reach Out to Me: Dave x Reader
Dave Strider:
That's when somebody blocks you off with a katana. Your natural reaction is to back from it, and you almost step backwards off the rail. Before you can fall, a hand pushes against your lower back.
Once you have your footing back and the katana is gone, you turn to see who did it. It certainly surprises you to see your fellow classmate, Dave Strider.
He flips his light blonde hair out of his eyes in a very 'cool kid' way. You can't see his eyes through his shades, but you know he's looking at you. His freckles contrast against his pale skin, and his lips are placed in their usual expressionless look.
"One and only. What are you doing (y/n)?"
You aren't sure how to answer that one. You and Dave have never really been very close. Your old friends used to always talk about him. They always liked to make fun of him. You have no quarrel, so you stayed quiet. You did listen and learn things though. You're good at that. People don't notice you much, so they tend to real
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Kankri x Blind!Reader
You hate this. You hate this. Being blind sucks. Every things black. You miss colors. You can still remember them but it’s not the same. Today is not a good day. You wander the mostly empty school halls down what’s supposed to be the memorized path to your class. Dave walks with you to help you get to your classes without incident everyday as you have a tendency to get turned around but he’s is out today. He’s a good friend and your cousin. Also you lost your cane earlier so clumsy you has run in to more than a few things today. You move quickly then crash. You tried to stop but still ran into someone at their locker. You hadn’t heard them in time. Thankfully neither of you fell though you did wobble.
“I’m so sorry!”
You say and you hear the person make a small hum before replying.
“Ap9l9gy accepted I supp9se as it seems t9 have 6een an accident.”
You thought that would get to move on with your bad day until he continued.
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Insufferable Prick (Dave x Reader)
TRIGGER WARNING: #sexual themes  #slight OOC #a little swearing (not that bad though)
(Reader POV)
"Dave!" I exclaimed. He was hovering over me, his hands beside my head on both sides and his legs on either side of mine. How exactly did this happen? I'm not even sure myself.
"Ahhh finally!" I stretched my arms as Dave and I walked inside the apartment.
"I am so sick of having such boring classes. I swear, it's like teachers have it out for us. As if giving us homework every day wasn't already torture, right Dave? ... Dave?" I looked around for the blond haired boy.
"Dave I swear if you try to scare me with one of your brother's weird smuppets I'm going to do some sort of acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle." He does this anytime I'm at his place. You'd think I'd be used to it but how do you get used to so much plush rump just jutting out and..
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Smuppet Wars : Dave x Reader
"(_Last name_)."
You stare at the boy in front of you, only seeing your own reflection in his dark shades instead of his eyes.
"Entertain me," you demand as you try to keep your face as blank as his.
"Why should I?"
"Because I said so."
"So fucking uncool (_Name_)." Dave stands up and stalks out of his room, leaving you sitting on the floor as he walks away like a retarded penguin.
It only takes him a few minutes to return and when he does you find yourself being smothered by a very plush violet rump.
"UGH- Dave what was that for!"
"You said you were bored."
"Yeah well I said entertain me not smother me."
This comment earns you another face full of smuppet ass. Although this time Dave threw the plush at you before quickly absconding out the room. You snatch your two pieces of ammo up off the ground and race after him. If it's a fight he wants it's a fight he'll get.
About an hour or so later, after you lost the fight in a tragic battle
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Shooting Stars (Dave x Reader)
You always wanted to go stargazing with someone. You mostly wanted to go with your best friend and crush, Dave Strider, but he was always busy with his night job working at Club Skaia.
"Sorry (Y/n), but you know I gotta work in the night."
"R-right. Forgot about that. It's okay Dave. Maybe another time."

You remembered the sad smile you gave him after saying that. But you knew he would be busy whether or not he was working at the club. He does have a life, you know.
You sighed heavily as you sat on the rooftop of the apartment building you and Dave both live in. This was where you met him, after all.
It was a few weeks after you moved into your new place, finally getting away from your old life. You lived on the top floor of the building, as it was one of the cheapest places to get. You didn't know why until a few days after you moved in. Every now and again you would hear no
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Dave X Reader ~ School Lock-In
"Ahhhh... They're so cute! Momma, can I try to get that one? Pleaseeee?" You pointed excitedly at the fluffy stuffed bird hanging along the side of the carnival game. 
"I don't know, sweetie... That man has some creepy vibes coming off of him..."
"You an' your old vibes, Momma... But I really, REALLY want that plushie!
"Oh, fine. Quickly, though." You smiled and led your guardian towards the game. The man introduced himself as Jack and explained that it was a dart throwing game. If you managed a hit on the targets for every dart, you would get your choice of any of the prizes hanging up. You nodded and your mother exchanged some money with the man. You began to toss the darts that were given to you, landing every single one just outside of the targets. You were down to one dart and about to throw it when a boy behind you spoke. "You need to adjust your aim." You spun around towards him. He was a blond boy around a year older than you with sunglasses and a red re
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Parent!Dave x Child!Reader- b l a c k b i r d
〓 Black Bird 〓
. . .
You sat at the park together, on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Time passed by slowly.
Through his ironically cool shades he watched you pick flowers and knit them into crowns and rings and necklaces.
Arms draped over the back of the bench, he relaxed against the hard wooden back, ignoring the chipped paint that got on his wickedly cool clothes. Clothes could always be washed, and he didn't want to disturb you while you played.
Sunlight streamed through the trees and landed on your figure, hunched up and wearing a face of concentration. Your brows would knit together, just like Dave's bro's when he was having a particularly fierce sword battle. But Dave had learned through his bro's mistakes; and never allowed you near weapons.
Sure he lived a pretty sweet childhood, but he didn't want you to wake up every morning on the defense, wondering when he would appear from no where and challenge you to a fight.
Even though a peaceful life may sound boring (and
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Dave x Reader ~ Face to Face
Today was the day, [Name]. Today was the day. However, [Name] wished that today was a better day. It was absolutely below freezing on her end, and since her mom was so frugal, the heater stayed on low. So, she had to walk around her house in a nice fluffy coat and scarf, mug of hot chocolate never leaving her side. But, back on the subject of Today. The day. The day, more specifically, that she'd get to see her friend Dave for the first time, thanks to the new video-chat thing she just installed in pester-chum. Allow the "Woot Woot"'s to commence. What a day this would be.
 She stepped into her room, turning on her little portable heater to retain some form of "warm" and setting her 5th mug of hot chocolate down on her old computer desk. She set everything up, the sat down and huddled up on the computer chair, drawing her knees up to her chest. After taking a huge gulp of throat-burning chocolaty liquid, [Name] opened up pesterchum and sent a video request to the bright red,
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15 Minutes in Heaven- KarkatxReader
All right, gather round. It’s time to have some actual fucking fun at this party.” Dave said, considering it was his party after all, everyone did as instructed.
“We’re going to play seven minutes in fucking heaven. Only I’m extending it to fifteen, because the last time I played, I caught with my pants down, if you know what I mean.” Dave said, and everyone flinched, and groaned, not really needing that information. You have no idea why you were here. It wasn’t as if you were in any of their sessions.
“You’re triggering people, Dave!” Kankri complained.
“Shut up. You being a little trigger bitch makes me want to pull a fucking trigger on myself.” Karkat replied, not even looking at the guy. You sigh. Poor Kankri. Then again
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Breaking Stride (Dave x Reader)
It was dark outside, and you were sleeping, tucked soundly into your cozy bed, without a thought for the frigid world outside.
So naturally, when the rapping on your window started, it shocked you up and out of your cozy nest, where you sat upright, panting.
Dave Strider, the guy of your high-school dreams, is standing, staring through the (literally) frosted glass.
Now, there are a few things wrong with this scenario. One: Dave isn’t wearing his sunglasses, allowing the dim light of his blood-red eyes to shine vaguely through the glass. Two: He’s outside your freaking bedroom. (Uhh, major creep much?) Three: The most pleading expression you’ve ever seen is plastered on his sopping face, his blonde hair dripping with rivets of water.
You can’t hear him, but you see him mouth your name: “(y/n)!”
You jerk the covers up around your legs. You’re, uh, a little scantily clad, since you were sleeping but a few moments ago in your until-now private roo
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