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The Walking Derp :iconchrissytor:Chrissytor 2,393 235
Daryl Dixion x Reader
Sometimes you wondered if it was a good idea to join with this group of survivors. Some of the people had their moments of insanity that just made you wonder, was this normal moments of stress insanity or was this the signs of true insanity that hid behind normal faces. Shane Walsh and Andrea were two that gave you major pause; mainly it was Shane that gave you the willies out of the two. Andrea had lost her sister so it was understandable that she go a little crazy, you had been close to the same way when you lost your family as well. You didn’t judge her for that, but she was going to Shane for training. Sure he was one of the best shots, but sense the group had come to the farm and a little before, he seems to be losing more of his sanity and his humanity it seemed to you. And Shane just all his actions sense he came back from the town getting the things to save Carl, made you wonder what had really happened to Otis.
Though one guy that kept you questioning if he was insane wa
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For What It's Worth [Daryl x Reader] Ch.6
Your muscles clenched; your heart froze mid-heartbeat; and your breath choked in your airway as the deafening sound of a gunshot exploded into your ears. Your brain only had enough time to process the scream of a Walker before it went completely blank with shock; your ears were only able to register that sound at a muffled, almost unintelligible volume before they lost the ability to hear anything but a painful ring. Your eyes went wide, wider than fear had pried them before, but the blindfold rendered them as useless as your ears. You were deaf and blind...
But you were alive.
You were alive.
And that could be fixed. Easily.
With nothing but sheer panic at that realization to drive you and nothing but a nature cultivated to survival to guide you, your body shot into motion before your mind abandoned its shock. You weren't thinking about whether or not the men would see you. You weren't thinking about whether or not your actions were futile. You weren't thinking at all. Your bod
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Mischief Managed (Daryl Dixon x Reader)
Chatter filled the room as you walked in, your little cousin Ben trailing behind you. He was nine years old and had no problems at all adjusting to the new group, unlike you. It had been already half a month since you’d moved to the prison, being a resident of Woodbury beforehand. Still it felt strange sharing a roof with the former enemy, but of course you knew they had been right about the governor. You sat down next to Carol, who you’d taken an instant liking to, despite the age difference. Maybe it was because she reminded you of your mother. You smiled at her and thanked her for the cereal she was handing you and Ben.
When you started to eat you suddenly felt someone watching you, and when you looked up you noticed a certain hunter staring at you from across the table. Oh shit. Daryl was the unofficial leader of the group; He was the one who made sure you had enough to eat; who went on every single run, no matter if it was for supplies or for protection. He was like a
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