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Tea Shopping - Ciel x Dark Skinned! Reader
~~~ Author's Note: Yes! Finally! I made a Dark Skinned Reader! I cannot tell you how long I have been meaning to write one but by golly I did! Please enjoy. Its my treat to you. #diversitymonth ~~~ 
Nails nervously picked at skin, leaving clear red marks. It was a miracle she hadn't bled yet. The girl bit her lip trying hard not to look down among the harsh stares and glares 20th century English people gave. She had desperately wished she was back in her hometown. At least there, she was familiar...wanted. Right beside {First} was her butler and maidservant. They both proudly stood behind her, following her to her destination.
'How can they look that confident? They are as dark as me but they look fine.' Sigh. 'Shoot! They are looking back at me. Smile!' 

Young {First} weakly grinned at them to which they happily reciprocated. They knew their Lady was nervous upon arriving in this strange nation. It wasn't so much because it wa
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