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Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network by xeternalflamebryx Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,330 606 TRON Data: GHOST by Krossan TRON Data: GHOST :iconkrossan:Krossan 2,628 430
Hide and Seek - Yandere!Danny Phantom x Reader
“[Your Name], where are you?” You heard Danny asked as you tightly held your hands over your mouth. Your eyes wide as you stared down at the concrete floor of the abandon factory you were hiding in. Of course you choose the most “wonderful” and “perfect” place to hide while being pursued by a love obsessed ghost that was your best friend. The best way to describe it was that you were stuck in a sick and twisted game of hide and seek. Your shoulders tensed as you heard movement close to your hiding spot.
“Well I guess since you’re not in here I’ll just have to check somewhere else” you heard him say as it soon went quiet. Quietly you peeked out from your hiding place and looked around the empty building before sighing as you moved back into your hiding place and leaned back against the stack of boxed. You close your eyes and took in slow deep breaths to calm your fast beating heart. “Found you” you snapped your eyes
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 171 17
[Bob] 20 Styles Challenge by Glamist [Bob] 20 Styles Challenge :iconglamist:Glamist 1,719 139 DP: LD pg.123 by Krossan DP: LD pg.123 :iconkrossan:Krossan 891 345 DP: LD pg.79 by Krossan DP: LD pg.79 :iconkrossan:Krossan 847 405 Good Manners by Krossan Good Manners :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,474 253 Red light Green light by demitasse-lover Red light Green light :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 3,826 386 DP: LD pg.103 by Krossan DP: LD pg.103 :iconkrossan:Krossan 709 323 Annoying Danny by Krossan Annoying Danny :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,971 601 #206 Danny Phantom by Picolo-kun #206 Danny Phantom :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,206 259 Just Another Halloween by xeternalflamebryx Just Another Halloween :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,597 446 Blood Blossoms by demitasse-lover Blood Blossoms :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 3,054 101
Danny Phantom x Reader: A Dance and a Confession
*Reader's POV*
 "Sorry, I can't do anything this afternoon, maybe some other day?" I tell Danny, Sam and Tucker. I readjust the sports bag on my shoulder, not wanting to be late.
 "Okay then, some other time." Sam says.
 "Wait, (y/n), before you go, what are you doing?" Danny asks me, curiously.
 "Well, some of the girls at school were invited to join the new dance club, and we are practising for the show next month." I explain, before saying goodbye to the trio.
*Time skip one month and Danny's POV*
 "Tucker, what's next?" I whisper to my best friend.
 "And how many more dances are there?" Sam adds.
 "Oh, this is good! Well, the next dance is to the song 'Hey Porsche' and it's the grand finale," Tucker answers, grinning. "Everyone in the show is dancing to this song."
 That meant all the most popular girls at school. Paulina, Star, Valerie, (y/n) and some others. The realisation hit me hard and suddenly. (Y/n) would be dancing to the song 'Hey P
:icontheaylanextdoor:TheAylaNextDoor 247 21
Jealous by Amethyst-Ocean Jealous :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 1,052 82 He Luvs Hugs by Krossan He Luvs Hugs :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,140 215 Sam Manson Teaser XD by Simca-Swallow41 Sam Manson Teaser XD :iconsimca-swallow41:Simca-Swallow41 358 66 Ghost Child by Sora-na Ghost Child :iconsora-na:Sora-na 1,787 244 Oh hey, Jazzie-pants, by demitasse-lover Oh hey, Jazzie-pants, :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 2,774 347 Let's go home. by demitasse-lover Let's go home. :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 1,176 53 Tree by demitasse-lover Tree :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 3,435 83 It's So... Entertaining... by Krossan It's So... Entertaining... :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,483 172 DP artdump by demitasse-lover DP artdump :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 3,136 115 DP: LD pg.113 by Krossan DP: LD pg.113 :iconkrossan:Krossan 633 145 DP: LD pg.104 by Krossan DP: LD pg.104 :iconkrossan:Krossan 598 321 DP: LD pg.121 by Krossan DP: LD pg.121 :iconkrossan:Krossan 707 112 Family Base by BaconRainbow Family Base :iconbaconrainbow:BaconRainbow 2,950 554 DP: LD pg.107 by Krossan DP: LD pg.107 :iconkrossan:Krossan 531 230 DP-Summer Campfire by Kat-Phantom DP-Summer Campfire :iconkat-phantom:Kat-Phantom 1,236 406 ''I Will Keep You Safe and Sound'' by Krossan ''I Will Keep You Safe and Sound'' :iconkrossan:Krossan 969 180 Teen Danielle Phantom by JaviDLuffy Teen Danielle Phantom :iconjavidluffy:JaviDLuffy 2,085 156 Danny Phantom Revolution manga by slifertheskydragon Danny Phantom Revolution manga :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 9,930 1,135 Day 2.3 by demitasse-lover Day 2.3 :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 746 55 DP: LD pg.135 by Krossan DP: LD pg.135 :iconkrossan:Krossan 502 129 What You've Become by Krossan What You've Become :iconkrossan:Krossan 994 75 Sam Outfits Part 1 by Amethyst-Ocean Sam Outfits Part 1 :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 966 74 PLOT TWIST by TriggerhappyFemale PLOT TWIST :icontriggerhappyfemale:TriggerhappyFemale 1,523 260 The Birth of Phantom by Nhaar The Birth of Phantom :iconnhaar:Nhaar 4,249 341 Pokemon Sprites by CherushiMetsumari Pokemon Sprites :iconcherushimetsumari:CherushiMetsumari 710 252 DP: LD pg.1 REDO by Krossan DP: LD pg.1 REDO :iconkrossan:Krossan 513 62 DP: LD pg.144 by Krossan DP: LD pg.144 :iconkrossan:Krossan 554 105 Hero Force Roster by Zimonini Hero Force Roster :iconzimonini:Zimonini 1,227 263 BEWARE Of The FLEA by Krossan BEWARE Of The FLEA :iconkrossan:Krossan 955 248 Fade Away by Krossan Fade Away :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,305 210 This Is New... by Kitty-Cat-Angel This Is New... :iconkitty-cat-angel:Kitty-Cat-Angel 1,956 478 DP: LD pg.102 by Krossan DP: LD pg.102 :iconkrossan:Krossan 510 198 DP: LD Chapter 1 by Krossan DP: LD Chapter 1 :iconkrossan:Krossan 556 76 Gun Dog: A bit of ref by Turtle-Arts Gun Dog: A bit of ref :iconturtle-arts:Turtle-Arts 1,040 201 Teen Team Animated by Doodley Teen Team Animated :icondoodley:Doodley 1,379 175