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TMNT - In the dark of the night :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,241 326 MLP- Fathers 2 :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 2,015 141 TMNT - Father perspective :iconmyrling:Myrling 553 96 Turtle Tots React - Thunder :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,466 517 SW - Leia...would you give me that thing... :iconrenny08:Renny08 5,279 964 Stoick the Vast :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 6,921 869 Wanna Go to Space :iconinonibird:Inonibird 1,685 220 Apple parents-Into that wild blue yonder :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 1,702 105 Turtle Tots React - Bath time :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,598 616 SW - Homework :iconrenny08:Renny08 3,265 410 YJ: DaddyBats :icondreamadove93:DreamaDove93 2,517 397 Ed, Edd n Eddy's parents :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 2,045 204
Peter Parker x Reader ~ DAD!
You were sitting on the couch, with your precious boyfriend, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, or Spidey. You were sure you loved him, and he loved you more than his own life. Though he didn't want to rush things so you have never... you know what. Bees and birds... to the point! You were sitting with him, on the couch, trying to focus on your book, as much as he was trying to focus on his. But you both were distracting each other just by existing. Finally he sighed heavily and put the book down, as you grinned with victory on your face.
"I won." You smirked and closed the book. "What would I get as a reward?" You purred silently looking at him closely. He smiled and opened his arms.
"C'mere (Nickname)." You willingly cuddled up to him, burying your face in his chest. God he was warm and so comfortable. "Happy?"
"You have no idea." You hummed hugging him tightly. "God you're a wonderful bed Peter. I'm gonna keep you." He chuckled slightly as you groaned. "Don't you dare move! I just got com
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SW - Happy -belated- Easter :D :iconrenny08:Renny08 2,840 337 Naruto Oc-Uchiha Kamiko :iconcuine:Cuine 2,145 322 Plumber bummer :iconnintendrawer:Nintendrawer 1,452 408 SW - :iconrenny08:Renny08 3,070 449 Just try and keep up! :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 1,587 88
Daddy!PrussiaXDaughter!Reader: Dad is Dead
“Papa? Papa!! PAPA!!!! PAAAAAAAAPAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” (Name) screamed and ran from the bathroom to her room as fast as she could.  
No answer came.
(Name) groaned and whipped out her cell phone. Her thumbs flew all over the keyboard. Once she was satisfied with her message to her father, the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt, she pressed send.
‘Papa, there is a huge moth in the bathroom! Please kill it. ~(Initials)’
(Name) curled up on her bed, lifting her feet up off the floor so nothing under her bed could grab her ankle and yank her under. She heard an odd creaking sound and out of instinct she squeaked and threw her comforter over her head and tried to control her rapid breathing.
She heard a ping come from her cellular device. She snatched it up quickly and opened the most recent text message. It was from her Papa.
She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing he was probably texting her to tell her he killed the moth. But that is not what she read.
‘Papa is dead.
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Turtle Tots React - Bedtime stories :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,097 396 MLP - Equestria girls - Flutter Brutter :iconconikiblasu-fan:CoNiKiBlaSu-fan 537 74 Bath time. :iconcoltsteelstallion:Coltsteelstallion 2,912 697 Nuzlocke White: 019 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,568 632 +SHELTER+ :iconlarienne:larienne 4,761 197 Homecoming. :iconcoltsteelstallion:Coltsteelstallion 1,946 428
Edward Elric X Reader
“___________!” Glancing up you saw Edward, your only friend. “Hey…” you mumbled as you dug deeper into your jacket. Sadly you were trying to hide the scars your mother had made. “Come on, I want to show you something!” he said happily taking your hand and dragging you to his house. “Oh hello ___________” Said Ed’s mom as you walked through the door. “Hello Mrs. Elric” You greeted politely. Then Ed took your hand, once more and brought you to the basement, where you saw Alphonse. “Hi Alphonse” you said in a whisper. He greeted you then Ed told you to stand by the wall, so you did. He and Al bent down by some circle thing; they called it a transmutation circle, in the center of the room. Moments later it started to glow then a doll lay in the center. Ed grabbed it and walked over to you “Here!” he said with a smile. Unsure what to do, you poked it. It seemed safe at least. Then you decided to
:iconwrittenwordoflove:writtenwordoflove 618 492
TF2: Be nice to dad :iconhumon:humon 4,620 820 A present for Twilight. :iconcoltsteelstallion:Coltsteelstallion 2,077 409 Precious Moment in Time :iconmarkgalbreath:MarkGalbreath 6,172 571 100! :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 2,683 479 Uchiha and Senju moms :iconfireeaglespirit:FireEagleSpirit 979 150 Rainbow Dad's Average Morning :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 1,702 591 TF2: Glad we had this talk :iconhumon:humon 2,436 529 Thranduil/Lee Pace (The Hobbit) :iconpush-pulse:push-pulse 1,095 113 They're Watching Over :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 1,289 124 Surprise, Scootaloo :iconthat1andonly:THAT1ANDONLY 1,960 987
Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader Part 3
You went to the UN meetings very often and started to get closer to the other countries. They all loved it when you came. Italy and Romano were still very uneasy about you coming though.
Today was another world meeting. You all had gotten up bright and early to eat breakfast and head out. You sat at the table with Romano while Italy cooked you guys pasta.
Suddenly, you felt a incredible pain in your chest. Your eyes watered as it spread throughout your body.
Germany burst through the front door and shouted "Venice is under attack!" You fell to the floor crying in pain. Your brothers rushed over to you and tried to calm you down. By now you were screaming in pain.
"What do we do?!" shouted italy, trying to cradle your suffering form.
"I believe ve have to wait it out," said Germany. "zhe enemy is still attacking. My men are already zhere so it vill be over soon."
You still sat there. Sweating and panting from the pain. It felt as though your insides were being ripped out.
"Fratello! Mak
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Father!Levi x Daughter!Reader: Hi hungry, I'm dad
Opening the fridge, taking a moment to scan the contents, groaning when you couldn't find anything that was interesting. ''Hey dad, I'm hungry''
''Hi hungry, I'm dad'' 
Your head whipped around to face the stoic faced man, who was casually sipping from his tea cup in his usually odd style acting as if he hadn't said a word. ''Dad, I'm serious''
''I thought your name was hungry''  
''Are you kidding me?'' Without even missing a beat he turns to face you looking directly into your eyes, ''No, I'm dad...''
You didn't know whenever or not you wanted to scream, cry, laugh or cringe. Your father was none other than the famous Levi Ackerman a man that could strike the fear into any man, a icy glare that could cause the sun to freeze and a overall asshole; A man that barely even cracks a smile was sat, drinking tea and making dad jokes. It had been like this for days now, he would choose the perfect moment and execute his jokes perfectly no matter if it was a text, verbal and even ov
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Turtle Tots React - Having their picture taken :iconmyrling:Myrling 889 391 Tamarin Daddy Daycare :iconhumon:humon 9,429 933 Teen years of Billy and Mandy :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,400 207 Amurican Dad :iconvivzmind:VivzMind 1,557 85 Good Old Wolverine :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 1,239 114 Happy Wheels - I don't care :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,416 195 Edd doesn't have long hair :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,258 163 Life of Ry - Asian Parents :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 4,095 420 Comish - This Game :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 153 7 .:Between.Heaven.and.Earth:. :iconliliacee:liliacee 2,553 673