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Bully! America x Depressed! Reader-Never Forget p2
A/N: cussing, sad stuff dont like dont read
The next week, Alfred dragged you from your home and back to school. But, not before helping you heal yourself.
-----Flash Back------
A loud knock assulted your door.
"Good Morning _______! It's time to get up!"
You groaned. "Go home Jones!" you shouted back.
He laughed and kicked open your door and waltzed into your bedroom. He lift you up in his arms and kissed your forehead. "There is no time for that now ______! We have a big week planned before you go back to school!"
Your (e/c) snapped open. "What?! I'm not going back there!" you yelled thrashing in his arms. He was unaffected and continued.
"First and for most, I'm going to help you getting your eating habits back on track and but you some *bio oil for your scars."
You scowled and looked away. "Why are you doing this?"
Alfred smiled and kissed you softly. You watched his eyes flutter closed as he pressed his lips harder to your
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Overview: My Tutorials
This is an overview of the Photomanipulation / Photoshop Tutorials available in my Gallery. Some are a little old (still using PS7), but the principles are still valid (even though some of the really old ones may seem outdated aesthetically). Generally, the further down in each list, the newer the tutorials. Tutorials with this symbol youtube Icon  are video tutorials - the newer ones can also be found on my youtube channel.
There are now also photography and stock/resources providing guides listed below the manip ones :aww:
At the bottom, you will also find a list of possible future tutorials, a collection of ideas. If you have something I could add to this list, do feel free to comment and let me know!
If you want to get a reminder each time I update this list, please tell me in a comment - I'll create a list of people at the bottom and you
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Hetalia x Reader - The Butterfly Project
You could sense the many pairs of eyes on you as you tugged up your long sleeve, revealing dozens of cuts and scars made by the little, sharp thing hidden in your bathroom. Several people gasped, but other than that, the room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. You didn’t dare look up, even though you could feel the eyes of many others staring at you with a peculiar kind of innocent sadness. Their eyes burned holes though you, and even though that you knew that they would never in a million years blame you, guilt wracked your heart.
“What did you do to yourself?” a quiet voice asked, while a soft, calloused hand tilted your chin up. Your eyes met a pair of twin violet orbs, looking into yours with such intensity that you couldn’t bear to look away, even though your mind screamed and kicked at you to move your eyes back to the floor. Tears welled up and almost flowed over, but being as strong-willed as you were, you refused to let them slip out.
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Helping Hurting People
This is a message I'm sending out to everyone in need of help with the problems, emotional and mental pains they are having. It doesn't matter who you are, what race, what kind of person you are, either you're atheist, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, straight or what you have done. Even if you killed someone, please don't be afraid, I want to help you. If we talk I'll keep it between us, so no one else knows. You are never too far away to be saved. I won't judge you. Whether you are in pain from people, have pain on the inside, you cut yourself, or even thinking of or planning on committing suicide. It's never too late to change your mind about something. Never give up on life, even when life seems impossible. I want to help. This isn't a fake, I really do wish to help. You have a purpose, you just need to find it. If you know someone who is looking for help or needs it, tell them about me. My e-mail msn hotmail account is mentioned in the description section below.
I'm not "perf
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A razor held gently
Against her wrists
Its not accidentally
That the cold blade missed
Thrown to the floor,
her tears pour down,
She can't take anymore
Of her constant frown
His words replaying
In her head
She does things his way
Turns to music instead
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Don't Call For Blood- Self Harm Prevention Poem
Resist the urge
Resist the urge
Don't call for Blood.
Resist the urge
Resist the urge
Don't call for Blood.
I tell myself
I tell myself
Don't call for Blood.
I repeat
I repeat
Don't call for Blood.
You're better than this
You're better than this
Don't call for Blood.
You're stronger
You're stronger
Don't call for Blood.
You don't need the pain
You don't need the pain
Don't call for Blood.
It's just an addiction
It's just an addiction
Don't call for Blood.
It's not what you need
It's not what you need
Don't call for Blood.
Find a different way
Find a different way
Don't call for Blood.
Please cry out
Please cry out
Don't call for Blood.
Ask for help
Ask for help
Don't call for Blood.
Stand up and fight
Stand up and fight
Don't call for Blood.
Put it down
Put it down
Don't call for Blood.
This isn't the end
This isn't the end
Don't call for Blood.
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Death Note Boys Imagine: Cutting A (Y/n)
A/N: Psst! Hey! I know this kinda goes without saying, because it's in the title, but you cut in this! So. Yeah! I didn't want to trigger any of you beautiful people. Don't be hurting yourself, baby. I love you! :heart:
L (Lawliet):

You sighed a bit, chewing on your thumb as you blankly stared at the computer screen in front of you. Your baggy, long-sleeved, (f/c) shirt hung on your (s/c) frame, your (e/c) eyes sporting dark circles under them. Your hair was only a bit messy, considering you hadn’t slept to mess it up. You tore your attention from the security footage to look at the man beside you. L was sitting in his usual strange position, looking a lot like you did. Dark circles under his eyes, messy hair, baggy clothes. You two could pass as twins. Well, if it weren’t for his dark, emotionless eyes, you could pass as twins. You ran a hand through your (h/l), (h/c) hair, sighing again. You reached for your glass of tea next to the computer monitor. Your sleeve
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Self Harm, my story
Self harm...
Oh is so beautiful, wonderful even. You feel the bade or the flame, or whatever and you just sigh in relief. Oh how fucking awesome is this? To become addicted to seeing your own blood. To come to need the pain to feel alright. You become like a chain smoker that needs his nicotine and without it, he's just a jumpy mess.
But that is everyone else. I'm a cutter myself and the blade is so nice.
The first cut is always the shallowest and over time, you go deeper and deeper; seeing how far you can go. Then you just dig and dig, needing to see how much blood can flow.
But you can't forget the scars, that begin to appear. Over time it becomes a collection. At first you hide the scars; long sleeves for me. Then for some reason you tell someone, then some more people until you have a small group that knows. Why you tell? I don't know...
Then you start getting help. Why? I don't know.
But the scars are still there.
And eventually you start getting better.
But the scars are s
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Lesbian Love
I am a girl
And so are you
When you kiss me
I feel brand new
People might stare
They might get mad
But they can't understand
Nothing they never had
My heartbeat flutters
My brain is a mess
I love you more everyday
Not ever less
I want to protect you
I want you to smile
I want you to know
You're not a trial
Without a doubt
You're my mate and soul
And without you
I might lose control
Boys want to fix me
Girls only sigh
But when I look at you
I cannot see why
They say we're the same,
But we're nothing alike
They label us weirdo's,
Ugly, and dyke
But there's a secret
They do not know
That our romance
Is not just show
I'm in this for you,
My other half
My freaking everything
Who makes me laugh
I am a girl
And I love you
You're a girl
And you love me, too
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Hey you, yes you,
The girl in the mirror
The one who feels
She will always be inferior
I’m talking to you
The one who isn’t the right size
The right height
The one who isn’t somebody’s “prize”
I know it may seem
That your ‘Midas’s touch’ is broken
And everything you touch
Is ruined.
You are unique,
Even if it doesn’t seem true,
You are perfectly wonderful
At simply being YOU
Hey you, yes you
The one with the cuts across her arms
Playing a game called life
That you never seem to win
Hey you, yes you
The girl who never eats
Don’t worry about being perfect
It’s not possible, so why chase a false dream
I know it seems that the grass may be greener
On someone else’s yard
But the ‘water bill’ is always higher
To keep up that illusion.
The girl who cries herself to sleep
The ones who are scared of the dark
The ones who are scared to be touched
The ones who are scared to speak up
Hey you. YES YOU!
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I tried
I tried to count my scars,
But I couldn't tell
Where one began
And another ended.
So I tried to count the cuts,
But I couldn't, because
Blood smeared across my skin,
Connecting them like a thin,
Red veil of pain.
And so I cried.
I cried a single tear, because
When I need to cry,
I can't.
Finally, I sat down,
And put pen to paper,
Or fingers to keys.
And tried to write my emotions.
But I couldn't, because
I don't know how to tell the world
What I feel like,
When I have no right.
I looked from the blood stained tissues,
Across my torn body,
Into my own eyes, reflected perfectly by the mirror before me.
Another tear was pulled from my eyes by gravity.
By this invisible force that makes me
Oh, so, miserable.
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Awesomeguy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Part 1 :iconshisukoisa:shisukoisa 475 34 Paper Tales: The 7 Dwarves :iconilleander:Illeander 1,538 122 + Pill Diet + :icongurokii:Gurokii 420 115 Paper Tales: The Poison Apple :iconilleander:Illeander 467 85
It Isn't Beautiful
I used to cut myself.
Some of the marks faded,
But some stayed
And now I’m forever jaded.
People have kissed my scars,
Others have turned away
But here is what I have to say;
It isn’t beautiful.
When it hurts to walk
Because your thighs are bleeding,
When you can’t talk
About the help you’re needing;
It isn’t beautiful.
When it’s boiling outside
But you have to wear sleeves
Because of your bloody little
It isn’t beautiful.
When your friends
Are scared of you,
For you,
Of the things you do;
It isn’t beautiful.
When you feel so worthless,
So down and out,
Used up and empty,
And all you do is shout
But nobody hears,
Because you silence it
With sleeves;
It isn’t beautiful.
When they find out
And you see how much,
How deeply they care
And they hate themselves
For not being aware;
It isn’t beautiful.
When they take it away,
And monitor you
And you’re itching all over,
Desperate for it,
For one last hit
And you
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Self Harm - Part Six :iconmaryana01:maryana01 1,305 239 Zelda Breath of the Wild PAPER CUTTING :iconsnowboardleopard:Snowboardleopard 191 23 Tree on a Rock Handmade Original Papercut :icondreampapercut:DreamPapercut 133 8 Broken Glass Tutorial :iconabbeymarie:AbbeyMarie 3,100 169 Scars Are Beautiful Stamp (READ DESCRIPTION) :icontransweirdo:TransWeirdo 96 40 Self Harm Awareness :iconemotionaldisaster666:EmotionalDisaster666 432 40 paper cutting butterfly :iconmasamisato:masamisato 1,418 155 Manip T+T - Cutting Techniques :iconkuschelirmel-stock:kuschelirmel-stock 606 74 Scissor Kicks :icongirltripped:girltripped 2,450 141
'Till the Last One Dies
I remember when you gave me a bunch of wildflowers for my birthday,
& You said, "I'll love you until the last one dies."
Soon after, I tried my very best to keep each one alive for as long as I could.
                     {But nothing lives forever}
It wasn't until weeks later when I found out that one of the flowers was fake;
                                        A  beautiful mix of plastic and fabric.
                             {I smiled, because it meant you'd love me forever.}
I kept the flower tuck
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