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Paint your Wings - Lineart by DestinyBlue Paint your Wings - Lineart :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 4,656 311 Mary Jane Cosplay by MishiroMirage Mary Jane Cosplay :iconmishiromirage:MishiroMirage 429 20 Mary Jane by MishiroMirage Mary Jane :iconmishiromirage:MishiroMirage 472 17 What are we staring at?? by Basistka What are we staring at?? :iconbasistka:Basistka 1,929 559 Mary Jane Watson Cosplay by MishiroMirage Mary Jane Watson Cosplay :iconmishiromirage:MishiroMirage 321 9 Post Apocalyptic Character Design by DanilLovesFood Post Apocalyptic Character Design :icondanillovesfood:DanilLovesFood 444 44 Mindy in AE by CrystalCurtisArt Mindy in AE :iconcrystalcurtisart:CrystalCurtisArt 398 51 White Past by vincenthachen White Past :iconvincenthachen:vincenthachen 3,325 741 Mary Jane Watson by MishiroMirage Mary Jane Watson :iconmishiromirage:MishiroMirage 223 10 Jin x Gabriella :: Tatouages multicolores by sinath Jin x Gabriella :: Tatouages multicolores :iconsinath:sinath 2,793 241 :..CHAOS..: by Sayda :..CHAOS..: :iconsayda:Sayda 808 169 Angel by Alexiel99 Angel :iconalexiel99:Alexiel99 1,814 144 Cora - Commission by Mookyvet Cora - Commission :iconmookyvet:Mookyvet 360 7 World of Warcraft TCG III by nachomolina World of Warcraft TCG III :iconnachomolina:nachomolina 1,050 50 ..:Clair de Lune:.. by Sayda ..:Clair de Lune:.. :iconsayda:Sayda 1,121 312 Nightblade on the Rooftop by Spacegryphon Nightblade on the Rooftop :iconspacegryphon:Spacegryphon 121 68 Little Devil by BloodlineV Little Devil :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 859 73 little red riding hood by Wehatearts little red riding hood :iconwehatearts:Wehatearts 151 15 Collabwith Memelsteak 2 by nervo86 Collabwith Memelsteak 2 :iconnervo86:nervo86 209 25 Head Sketches by Zatransis Head Sketches :iconzatransis:Zatransis 801 41 What? You are already dead? Rize, Tokyo ghoul by Chou-kou What? You are already dead? Rize, Tokyo ghoul :iconchou-kou:Chou-kou 184 17 Peace Base by TattooBunny Peace Base :icontattoobunny:TattooBunny 1,597 52 Frozen - Elsa is afraid by LordBlackTiger666 Frozen - Elsa is afraid :iconlordblacktiger666:LordBlackTiger666 171 16 Who Needs The Minstrel? by Saimain Who Needs The Minstrel? :iconsaimain:Saimain 513 47 Zombie chick by liransz Zombie chick :iconliransz:liransz 376 67 Mrs. Hendrix by Mooonjo Mrs. Hendrix :iconmooonjo:Mooonjo 764 28 HowRude by Mooonjo HowRude :iconmooonjo:Mooonjo 616 50 Furry Girl by JachymKuikka Furry Girl :iconjachymkuikka:JachymKuikka 598 95
Detention -Prose-
"Alright class, turn to page 28 of your books..." Ken started to nod off during Mr. James' lesson, "...We're going... ...Question 12..." The teacher's voice began to fade out into the background, " ...neth... ...KENNETH!!!" The teacher's voice startled Ken out of his half-sleep, "Huh, wha?" He said drowsily, "Mr. Bradley, school isn't a place to sleep," Replied Mr. James, "Detention, after school hours."
"Dude, I saw what happened... that was so unfair." Ken brushed his friend's sympathy off and kept eating his lunch, "Whatever." He mumbled. "Don't worry bro, I made sure Mr. James gets it." Replied his friend, "Hehe, I put Gas Powder in his lunch while he wasn't looking." Ken kept eating his lunch unimpressed, "Dude, check it out! It's Mr. James!" exclaimed Ken's friend, pointing out the lunch hall window. True to words, the teacher had just set his lunch down on a stone table outside. "He's gonna do it..." said Ken's friend And against his better judgment, Ken looked outside
:iconleshawk:leshawk 96 18
Fathom by pant Fathom :iconpant:pant 1,545 67 Meee by mujersith Meee :iconmujersith:mujersith 876 222 Golden Girl Commission II by hahahayuus Golden Girl Commission II :iconhahahayuus:hahahayuus 374 14 FAIRY TAIL - Juvia Edoras by adsontaicho FAIRY TAIL - Juvia Edoras :iconadsontaicho:adsontaicho 742 42 Guenuche - Summer 2016 by dannygoedicke Guenuche - Summer 2016 :icondannygoedicke:dannygoedicke 197 11 Cube Girl by lolipop1997 Cube Girl :iconlolipop1997:lolipop1997 584 7 Venus giftart for Blackusanagi by Jebriodo Venus giftart for Blackusanagi :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 387 38 Posing Without Purpose by Coltography Posing Without Purpose :iconcoltography:Coltography 378 25 Naru-chan by Elentori Naru-chan :iconelentori:Elentori 646 77 Centaur by CrystalCurtisArt Centaur :iconcrystalcurtisart:CrystalCurtisArt 469 66 Brightest of Colours by SullenEclipse Brightest of Colours :iconsulleneclipse:SullenEclipse 319 40 Jokette by KNKL Jokette :iconknkl:KNKL 563 93 Somewhere at Blue by anikakinka Somewhere at Blue :iconanikakinka:anikakinka 583 40 FREEZING WHISPER by gartier FREEZING WHISPER :icongartier:gartier 171 17 heart breaker by blob-1992 heart breaker :iconblob-1992:blob-1992 260 33 Don't Screw With Tina 02 by Severflame Don't Screw With Tina 02 :iconseverflame:Severflame 197 19 Little Toes by UntaintedSoul Little Toes :iconuntaintedsoul:UntaintedSoul 151 99 Bae Gon Give It To Ya by Kaigetsudo Bae Gon Give It To Ya :iconkaigetsudo:Kaigetsudo 334 16 PARTING THE SEA OF ASS by GeniusFetus PARTING THE SEA OF ASS :icongeniusfetus:GeniusFetus 246 47 Mary Jane from Spiderman by MishiroMirage Mary Jane from Spiderman :iconmishiromirage:MishiroMirage 108 6