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As The Music Dies
It was well past sunset when the dead rose from the graveyard at Barovia’s Temple of the Morning Lord. The ghostly procession, consisting of men and women of various ages and races, marched through the dilapidated iron gates and moved down the streets of the small village.  Phantom warriors lead the way, their ghostly blades gleaming in the full-moon, while ethereal wizards chanted long-forgotten spells in the tongues of the dead. Clerics and priests of various beliefs brought up the rear, waving their haunted censers and crying prayers of mercy out to gods that could no longer hear them.  
They were the army of the damned, those who had failed in their quest to rid evil from the land, and were now cursed to walk the four corners of Ravenloft in shame for all eternity. Their deathly marched had lasted for centuries, and with each passing year that rolled by in this hellish realm, their numbers had begun to steadily increase. 
No sane man was out
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Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill - Page 4 :iconcandykappa:CandyKappa 1 0 MadamEva :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0 Curse of Strahd Movie Poster :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0 Heroic Willpower :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0 Saved by the light :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0 Werewolf by night :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0
One Page A Day - 8/30/2016 - DnD Narrative Thought
I'm physically exhausted and I'm not sure entirely why, but I refuse to fail the challenge on a penultimate day, Unfortunately, due to my fatigue, I won't be able to write a narrative short, so reverting to my current thoughts to satisfy today's quota. 
I had the great experience of watching Chris Perkins be the DM for his D&D season release Curse of Strahd, and it was interesting his style of DMing. The cliffhangers were fantastic and the moments were one of prime storytelling quality. The fandom was exceptionally supportive and drove the mood with unique idioms to the content and the session itself.
Furthermore, the excitement was driven with several famous faces, aside from Chris himself. There was Nate from NateWantsToBattle on YouTube, and Anne who is one of Twitch's staff (if I understood the bio correctly), and every one of the other players had some internet presence outside the session, demonstrating the existence of regular and celebrity-type lives outside the r
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Choke That Witch! :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0 Witch Standoff :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 1 0 RunAway!! :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0 Golem Atack!! :icondrcamaleon:DrCamaleon 0 0