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France X Reader~ When Im Gone.

~This has a little bit of bad language but not too awful. Presenting Cheater!France. My first songfic. Anna Kendrick- When Im Gone (cups).~
    You've had enough. This was the last time.
    You could barely hold back your hurt-filled tears from running down your face as you looked through the front window of the home you shared with your boyfriend. Through the glass you could clearly see your boyfriend Francis on the couch with another woman, again. After the first time you had tried to leave, your anger leading you to rampage throughout the house with the French blond following closely behind, but he had somehow, somehow convinced you with sweet words and gentle touches that it meant nothing. Convinced you he loved you and only you. Only you knew that he didn't have to try hard to convince, you wanted to believe him. You wanted to believe th
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