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The Rosalia Virus
The purpose of this "essay" is to provide further analysis of an important and key element in the plot of Trauma Team, the Rosalia virus. Out of the 3 (perhaps four) strains that have appeared in the Trauma Center series so far (GUILT, Stigma, Rosalia and perhaps Neo-GUILT), I find Rosalia the most interesting out of them. This is in fact, because it's based on something that exists in our world and shows that not only "toxins" like GUILT are scary. In this world, there are a lot of scary and incredibly interesting diseases. I'll try to keep this as entertaining and lighthearted as possible, keeping down with scientifical ridiculous words that can make us go "LOLWUT". After all, what I want is that is to help provide another look at Rosalia, which may change a bit your view of the game, for something better. Also, while I won't be completely addressing the whole plot and the ending, I advise you to have finished it first, as there may be serious spoilers mentioned around this.
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Father Like You
When I was younger, there was a time when I came across an old picture of 'him'. I had been playing in the attic without my mom knowing, and I found this really huge chest full of stuff! I knew it was him because he was holding me, and mom was next to us and we all looked really happy.
I was so excited I ran out of the attic to show mom what I had found! But... she only got really angry at me, and tried to take the picture from me and it tore in half, leaving me only the bottom half to keep and hide away while mom put me on time-out.
And over the years, while try as I might, without the other part of the picture I ended up forgetting his face. His smile...
but that didn't stop me from imagining him.
I made up my own father, decided how he must look, how he must act, what he was like! And he was really neat. One time I decided he had to be a superhero, which explained why he was always gone; he had to be busy beating up bad guys and saving the world! And one day, he was going to come ba
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