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Mea Culpa by Iardacil Mea Culpa :iconiardacil:Iardacil 2,013 554 Relax by werol Relax :iconwerol:werol 261 38 why do I sear by werol why do I sear :iconwerol:werol 314 31 Mea Culpa by azurylipfe Mea Culpa :iconazurylipfe:azurylipfe 172 62 Sonic - Forget The past-Cap.2 by SilverAlchemist09 Sonic - Forget The past-Cap.2 :iconsilveralchemist09:SilverAlchemist09 317 84 III - Mea Culpa by Sieskja III - Mea Culpa :iconsieskja:Sieskja 226 17 Mea Culpa-details by Iardacil Mea Culpa-details :iconiardacil:Iardacil 226 37 Je ne dors plus by kachicache Je ne dors plus :iconkachicache:kachicache 141 145 Mea Maxima Culpa by JoJo-Seames Mea Maxima Culpa :iconjojo-seames:JoJo-Seames 126 59 Guilty by EltonFernandes Guilty :iconeltonfernandes:EltonFernandes 60 23 Mea Culpa by Henda Mea Culpa :iconhenda:Henda 40 17 We lost this war by SpacePhoenix We lost this war :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 37 9 Seven by SpacePhoenix Seven :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 28 6 Happy New Year 2014 by SpacePhoenix Happy New Year 2014 :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 26 15 Est Tua Culpa, Domine. by silent-scream-throe Est Tua Culpa, Domine. :iconsilent-scream-throe:silent-scream-throe 38 24 Culpa mediteranea - 1984 by andresbestardmaggio Culpa mediteranea - 1984 :iconandresbestardmaggio:andresbestardmaggio 87 6
Sonic - Forget The past-Chap.1
Sonic - Forget The Past
Music Theme: Xion Theme - KH :
Chapter 1: Guilt ...
House of Miles Prower "Tails".
It was late at night, and I had not realized it was dark.
I was sitting on the roof of my house.
I'm mad at myself, why? ... They wondered, for the truth, I admit being weak and dependent on others whenever there are battles.
Everything happened so rá; ask that I could do nothing, and only by believing he could handle it, just for the sake of showing that I was not a useless, and finish by confirming that I was just ... just a burden on the , and those damn reason, my friend, my companion, my brother Sonic is in a coma.
Sonic has been in coma for 2 weeks, doctors can not say if he ever woke up, I feel so guilty, so I hate. Simply seeing him in that bed and being helped to breathe by means of machines connected to your body I breaks my heart.
As happened?, Well I'll tell you.
About 2 weeks ago, a single day had just da
:iconsilveralchemist09:SilverAlchemist09 72 24
Sonic-Forget The past-Chap.7
Chapter 07: Home of Change II - Sonic ....
After "Tails" was gone, spent a few days.
It was almost dusk and about to fall the darkness of the night.
And in a hospital room, lying "Sonic" in his bed, his dream was quiet.
The machines connected to the body, constantly watching him vital signs.
But spending a few seconds, the machines began to make some noise bit unusual, and when those sounds and have become more repetitive and strong ... Sonic's hand began to show signs of movement.
- Tai ... ls ... Sonic said weak tone ....
After speaking, Sonic began to get in fist its savannas, but slowly let go ...
And the machines around him began to show signs no.
Then an alarm alerted the nurses and doctors.
At that very moment they entered the hospital: Sally, Amy and Nuckles.
They noted that the medical staff began to run into the room where he was currently our fallen hero.
Sally gave a bouquet of flowers that were with her and followed at a r
:iconsilveralchemist09:SilverAlchemist09 65 14
mea culpa mea culpa by Zieberich mea culpa mea culpa :iconzieberich:Zieberich 148 21 Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath by SpacePhoenix Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 20 11 Mea Culpa by AnimaEterna Mea Culpa :iconanimaeterna:AnimaEterna 59 26
Sonic - Forget The past-Chap.2
Sonic - Forget The past
Chapter 02: Bloody hands
The noise of weapons being fired was deafening, but I felt pain, I opened my eyes to find my worst nightmare.
It was Sonic, he was in front of me protectively.
- Okay, Ta .. ils? - Said almost inaudibly.
I realized then that robots had fired and every bullet was, alone, alone ... to protect me.
Watch in horror as his body damaged by bullets, never thought to see it.
Sonic said something:
- Quiet Tails ... ... help is on the road.
- Sonic ...?
Sonic coughed up blood and fell down before me.
- SONIC!, SONIC!, Shout with all my strength.
The tears began to come out of my eyes uncontrollably.
The robots were prepared for another attack again, but before the shoot, went out.
Eggman shouted angry
- What's up, I said FIRE!, FIRE ...
But no robot obeyed his orders.
Then my bracelets were opened by releasing.
Alze eyes to notice that Sally and Nicolle had arrived.
:iconsilveralchemist09:SilverAlchemist09 39 25
Mea Culpa by MarinStefan Mea Culpa :iconmarinstefan:MarinStefan 46 9 Les enfants des temps colour by SpacePhoenix Les enfants des temps colour :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 21 9 Mea Culpa by Scorchyz Mea Culpa :iconscorchyz:Scorchyz 34 17 Mea Culpa by LonelyPierot Mea Culpa :iconlonelypierot:LonelyPierot 819 68 Seven Deadly Sins - Lust by SpacePhoenix Seven Deadly Sins - Lust :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 17 7 Mea Culpa by toeachhisownmask Mea Culpa :icontoeachhisownmask:toeachhisownmask 53 19 Mea Culpa by konekonoarashi Mea Culpa :iconkonekonoarashi:konekonoarashi 22 4 Felix Culpa by Piktus Felix Culpa :iconpiktus:Piktus 21 25 We Come From Nowhere by Flusswind We Come From Nowhere :iconflusswind:Flusswind 24 8 Tua Culpa by Skoryx Tua Culpa :iconskoryx:Skoryx 44 8 Time by SpacePhoenix Time :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 15 8 Seven Deadly Sins - Vanity by SpacePhoenix Seven Deadly Sins - Vanity :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 15 11
New Contest: Mea Culpa
Mea culpa - the fault is mine. Throughout the history of humankind, we have defined our morality of the day with help from many sources, both extraneous and internal, experiencially and symbolically.  Some use religious text.  Some use the example and teachings of their parents.  Some find heroes in history or in their lives to emulate.  Some will determine what is wrong (and right) from what has been criminalized. And still others will find new means, isolated from traditional sources, in a vacuum of their own personal intellect and empathy. It has been postulated that the backbone of societal behavior is guilt, i.e. having a conscience and being influenced by it. And this guilt should keep us in line, keep us good, lest we suffer from our own self-disgrace in the eyes of our internal and external juries.  But, does this work?  As most everyone would agree, we are not perfect beings.  Throughout the centuries, we have displayed every conceivable erro
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Blast by SpacePhoenix Blast :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 17 15 June by SpacePhoenix June :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 14 10 Latin Lesson by Chrissyissypoo19 Latin Lesson :iconchrissyissypoo19:Chrissyissypoo19 30 48
Sonic - Forget The past-Chap.3
Chapter 03 Dead in life ...
To spend many hours, stop mourn, and decided to go to the hospital, I got up and flew in their direction.
When you arrive, nobody wanted to see me in the face, Dr. Nammeles I just spoke and said:
- Sorry Tails, Sonic ... ... is in a coma.
- In co .. co ... ma?
- If Tails, in a coma, we do not know if I ever going to wake up or maybe never will.
- No, NOO scream and cry again.
The doctor took my hand and said:
- Want to see?
He shook his head yes and followed him.
As I go to Dr. Note several looks at me, were cold and resentment.
When at last we reached the room the door opened and Dr allowed me to enter.
- Let them alone.
- ...
Dr. Nammeles closed the door slowly and saw him on, his body was covered in bandages and had tubes in his mouth to help him breathe, and could not do on their own.
That image I tear the soul.
I approached slowly to his bed, he looked pale.
- Lo ... temple ... to ... I said hoarsely.
I fell to my knees in front of his bed and f
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mea culpa by mrs-pinkeyes mea culpa :iconmrs-pinkeyes:mrs-pinkeyes 25 16 Mea Culpa by NefertariLuna Mea Culpa :iconnefertariluna:NefertariLuna 23 37 Little Hans by DiabolicLily Little Hans :icondiaboliclily:DiabolicLily 20 2 Guilt by CaymArtworks Guilt :iconcaymartworks:CaymArtworks 9 5 Seven Deadly Sins Envy by SpacePhoenix Seven Deadly Sins Envy :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 13 11 I ll return to darkness by SpacePhoenix I ll return to darkness :iconspacephoenix:SpacePhoenix 13 13 All of this is my fault... by Yamineftis All of this is my fault... :iconyamineftis:Yamineftis 22 13 Por mi culpa, por mi culpa by ixchell Por mi culpa, por mi culpa :iconixchell:ixchell 14 6
Por culpa de los pajaros
No es ni un día común ni uno distinto. Es simple y llanamente raro.
No se sentía nada fuera de lugar, las personas a mi alrededor viviendo, mis amigos charlando y riendo.
Me siento en una burbuja. Pero no una de agua o de jabón, sino una de aire húmedo... si es que el aire puede estar mojado sin ser vapor.
Tengo un libro sobre la mesada al lado mio y una taza vacía en frente.
Pero a pesar de que el día no fue distinto, siento que hay algo que no está bien. Me pregunto si tiene algo que ver con los pájaros.
Pienso en ir afuera y en cantar, pero tengo tantas palabras en mi mente que tan solo quiero escribir. O hablar.
Me parece que voy a hacer lo primero.
¿Estará bien quedarse quieto y ver que pasa?
¿Y que tal si dejo de respirar? No, no, eso no. Sino me agarraría sueño y no tengo ganas de dormir.
Pero tampoco tengo ganas de pensar. Seguro el día es por culpa de los pájaros.
Hoy la mañana a
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Forgive Me by CaymArtworks Forgive Me :iconcaymartworks:CaymArtworks 19 7