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Friends With Benefits - Deadpool x Reader
      You had just settled in for the night, and were beginning to fall asleep, when you felt the mattress sink behind you and a brief, cold breeze as the covers were lifted up before being let back down again. There was no movement for a few moments, then your hair was gently brushed away from your neck and you felt the faint tickle of breath as soft kisses were placed against the back of it. Tired as you were, you couldn't help giggling. "Wade...that tickles..."
      A chuckle. "So?" The kisses continued. You squirmed.
      "I have work tomorrow," you protested quietly. You felt him pause, then open his mouth to offer a solution, but you knew exactly what he was going to say. Turning back slightly, you gave him a stern, but still gently reprimanding, look and pointed your forefinger and thumb at him like a gun, something he always found adorable, your index finger touching the underside of his chin. "You are not doing anything to my boss
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JapanxReader: Cuddling
  It was dark in your bedroom, and you had surrounded yourself with warm blankets and pillows like a mini-fortress in your own bed. It was quiet, save the sound of the ceiling fan spinning quickly above your head, making a small buzzing noise. You had your arms wrapped around a pillow as you tried to fall asleep.
  Your husband, Kiku Honda, was finishing up a bath, since he had a long day at work and needed to unwind. Being alone in the bedroom wasn't that different from when Kiku was with you because he liked to stay up in the corner against the wall, making it seem like he wasn't even there. In fact, you wouldn't even know he was there if it wasn't for the rhythmic sound of his breathing that often lulled you to sleep.
  The sound of the bathroom door opening caused you to turn your head back slightly to look at your husband. He turned off the light quickly, but you saw he was already in his sleepwear. He walked slowly to the bed, not turning on a light i
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::Kageyama Tobio X Reader:: Underwear [ 2 ]
The couple laid in their bed, the female's face tucked in to the boy's neck. Sweet breaths escaped both of them, chests heaving in unison.
They were both in their undergarments from last night, and [Y/N] slept on her boyfriend's chest. Both of them were asleep, and fingers seemed to intertwine with each others.
Nuzzling her nose into Kageyama's neck further, the raven haired male stirred, slender arms wrapping around her waist to tug her closer to his body, preserving the heat they shared. She hummed, navy blue eyes opened slowly, and he blinked repeatedly to clear himself of blurry vision.
A mess of [H/C] hair was in his line of sight, and he sighed, dragging two fingers up her bare back, stroking the skin soothingly. She moved, their legs tangled together as he continued to gently touch her.
Then she lifted her head, looking down at Tobio with half-lidded eyes. He released the hold he had on her hand, and raised it to her cheek, cupping it before pressing a soft morning kiss to her l
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Male!Jane/Reader - Learning in the Wild
Male♂Jane/Reader - Learning in the Wild
(Jane Porter ☞ John Porter) (Tarzan ☞ Tarzana) (The Professor/Jane's father ☞ Now a female)
"Oh dear, I'm not so sure about this, (Y/n)." John bites his lip as he gazes off of the tall thick jungle tree you both had climbed up after Tarzana had done so with complete expertise. You stand beside your uneasy best friend named John Porter who was very hesitant about partaking in crazy stunts like swinging vines. The two of you grew up together back in England and if you knew John well enough. He wasn't exactly a risk-taker but you always had a little way of giving him encouragement to push him a little to go out on a limb once in awhile. You both grew up accustomed to your posh lifestyle back home and this new jungle life that you were both ignorant too and experiencing together. It was brillian
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