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The Idol
I once saw a man on the television who was so afraid of fruits that when presented with a bowl of them, he fled the stage, knocking over the host and several other guests.  Though I openly pitied the man for his obvious malady of the mind, inside, the small bit of sadism buried within all humans laughed at his bizarre affliction.  How can one not find cruel amusement in the cowering of a grown man who has been confronted by nothing more than a bowl of peaches?  But now I understand fear like no other.  I now no longer find amusement in the terror of others, no matter how illogical.
Now, let me tell you the story of why the sound of wind whistling through the trees in Autumn strikes me with a fear so immense that I can do little more than shake uncontrollably.
A good friend of mine, a young and upcoming anthropologist by the name of Henry Byrne, contacted me eight weeks ago.  Though he refused to go into details, he excitedly explained t
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