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Velvet Crowe cosplay by KICKAcosplay Velvet Crowe cosplay :iconkickacosplay:KICKAcosplay 473 15 Worgen Druid by StephenCrowe Worgen Druid :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 792 27 Special Haul by StephenCrowe Special Haul :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 872 57 Marauders by StephenCrowe Marauders :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 2,433 152 Worgen Death Knight by StephenCrowe Worgen Death Knight :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 1,135 62 Morning Visitor by StephenCrowe Morning Visitor :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 2,469 72 Les Miserables - Suddenly by Renny08 Les Miserables - Suddenly :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,317 247 Inghram's Approach by StephenCrowe Inghram's Approach :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 776 60 Win the Crowd, Win Your Freedom by alicexz Win the Crowd, Win Your Freedom :iconalicexz:alicexz 4,825 183 Maximus Decimus Meridius by Sheridan-J Maximus Decimus Meridius :iconsheridan-j:Sheridan-J 1,061 119 Succubus by StephenCrowe Succubus :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 369 30 Hyenas by StephenCrowe Hyenas :iconstephencrowe:StephenCrowe 629 54
Can't Go Back
"You can't go back," she said
chuckling a bit as I pushed past her.
I didn't understand.
No, it didn't make
much sense to me at all
and the green light
on the other side of the lake
seemed to creep closer
but somewhere deep down
perhaps in the murky waters below
perhaps somewhere inside my mind
or my heart or my soul
it had fallen
and I knew.
"You can't go back!" he called out
and the voice echoed for a while.
Of course I could.
Oh, I could
if I could only stay
in the saddle
on the beast
as it galloped to the top of the mountain
but somewhere below me
perhaps on the ground rushing past
perhaps from my hands clenched so tight
or my lips or my tongue
it had fallen
and I knew.
"I can't go back," I realized
and it seemed so obvious.
I have lost so much.
So, so much
and I could see it all
from the top of the ferris wheel
spread out in every direction
as it was speeding around
but somewhere down there
perhaps in the crowd looking up
perhaps having slipped from my hands
or my pockets like loo
:iconcoolcrowe:coolcrowe 283 53
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Yandere Symbiote Ch.1
Yandere Symbiote
Ch.1: Fated Visitor

It was a dark and stormy night…hehe; I've never been too good with introductions. My name
is Vincent Crowe and I am your average university student. I'm a lot of things actually,
an artist, a gamer, a comedian, a nuisance, but first and foremost, I am a dreamer. My
greatest dream was to have super powers, to be able to do something that no one else could
and have people watch in awe. That kind of wish almost makes me believe that real life
sucks, but that's just useless thinking. Another concept I've been intrigued by was
Yanderes, a special concept within the Moe fandom. They were usually teenage girls, who
loved a particular character so much that they were willing to slaughter anyone and
everyone, just to keep said character all to herself. I understood the dangers completely,
but deep down; I secretly wished I had one. It had been another full day of homework, my
bones were aching and I wanted nothing more than to hit the sack. I was
:iconvincentthecrow:VincenttheCrow 56 9
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