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If At First You Don't Succeed - Prologue
Date started: 2/12/2012
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairings: Reid/ OC character
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds or any of its characters. This is purely fan fiction and I do not make money off of it. It is for amusement only.
WARNINGS: Mentions of murder, sexual abuse, and other nasty stuff like that. Also if homosexuality offends you, don't read this fanfic! You have been warned!!!
Author's Note: Please give feedback!!
"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Tom yelled as he was forced into a small basement room lined with shelves of cleaning supplies.  He staggered and fell against one of the shelves, unable to catch himself with his hands bound behind him.
"I thought for sure this time it would work out," groaned the man who had kidnapped Tom.
Tom watched him with both irritation and worry. "Let me go you son of a bitch!" After what had transpired in the other room he had no idea what this freak job was going to do next.
"I'll just have to try again," his
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The Villain in the Family :iconrothmansmoker:Rothmansmoker 161 42
Damaged Intensity
Broke my heart
And now,
Now that all the pieces are back together
They don't fit together
Quite the same.
Such is the way
Of a man's first love
Can see through
And anything
But your eyes like stardust hold something
Something like magic 
A damaged Intensity
Trapped in pale blue
Fills my life
My heart
Chasing after monsters waving red flags
At my eyes
Pawns in a twisted game
A game of life
Or death
Filled with fire
Fire and brimstone
I have no choice
But to chase
Chase and follow
I trust you
But have to protect you 
In case this cup shatters
In pieces on the floor
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What I Learned at SRU -123- (Part 2)
What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 123 - Breathe
(Part 2)

" do...wi...r..."
"...nno, b...ot you..."
Muffled voices. Korra was beginning to come to, and she could hear June talking with some stranger. Everything was dark. Her breath was hot against her own face, some kind of bag stuffed over her head. As she was regaining consciousness, she tried to move, only to realize her hands were tied behind her back, and her ankles were strapped together, as well.
Fucking shit, June hadn't been lying. This a pretty legit kidnapping. Korra's heart raced a little as she struggled out of instinct, wondering if she'd been double-crossed, or...-
She was jarred by the sound of the trunk door opening, and then a few footsteps on gravel.
"See?" came June's voice.
"You're sure it's her?" asked her associate.
"Pretty fucking sure," June stiffly replied. "Take a look for yourself, if you don't believe me. Dick."
"Calm yo tits, woman. Goddamn." A pause. Kor
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Catch a Killer, Chapter 1
Chapter 1
There was a dead body in the water and it wasn't my fault.
It hadn't been my idea to go to the swimming pool late at night in spite of the fact that breaking and entering was generally very much my forte. My best friend and often co-conspirator was the instigator of the trouble this time; he insisted that this was his last chance to go swimming before either the police or his wanderlust caught up with him and so I went with him. Likely out of pure nostalgia or a combination of that and pity, but I went. It was laughably easy to break inside of the community pool; the locks on it were meant to keep out teenage vandals, not two people who had been breaking in and out of government facilities and museums since the tender age of sixteen.
My friend hit the water first and the resounding splash made me shake my head and chuckle a little. I slid in after him and contemplated the dark shadows of the water rippling across an only half lit ceiling. There was something decidedly freeing
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