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Luna's Reply
How my deeds pain me as time stretches long
How could I have hurt them this way?
So rest easy now, my punishment’s mine
The weight of my crimes are my own
But into that stillness you brought me your song
With your voice my company kept
For your tired eyes and sweet lullabies
In exile I pay you my debt
Once did a pony who gleamed like the moon
Look out on her kingdom and sigh
Dejected she cried, “Surely there is no pony
“Who loves me, or finds any love in my night.”
So great was her pain, she rose in rebellion
Against those who cared for her most
She let the Nightmare fall on those she ruled
And threatened to grip them in permanent cold
Lullay, dear Tia, good night sister mine
Rest now in starlight’s embrace
May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams
And ease you your passage of days
May my apologies find you this night
And may my sorrow in kind
Tia, you loved me much more than I knew
Forgive me for being so blind
Soon did her sister do what was demanded
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Crime and Punishment - English Translyrics
Translyrics by JoyDreamer
My Cover:
Hey you, if you had the ears that I have, then I would
Sing you a song from my heart but I just wonder if you'd hear me?
Hey you, if you had the heart that I have, then I would
Flood you with all of my love but I wonder if you'd feel me?
Hey, if you'll hate me at some point, I might as well just
Kill myself and save me from this misery 'cause
If I cannot earn your love, you don't need me at all, at all, at all
Hey you, "If only you had", it won't get me moving
But I would not move ahead even if I just could
"Do it slow" + "How do we?" + "Ready go" = And I'm gone
I would not play with a knife, but there's no choice, it's my life
'Cause if I were to decline, I'd really not be worth a thing
In your eyes, not a thing, demise
Hey, if I'll hate you at some point, you might just love the me
But it no longer cares about your feelings
She that needs you now is gone, she is forever gone, s
:iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 92 36
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