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Sister's Visit Pt.1
“Truth or dare?” Cora asked her younger 17 year old sister, Brea. Brea was on spring break for 2 weeks and decided to visit the 23 year old in her new apartment, since she missed her sister so much after she left to live on her own;  they had a really strong bond, and distance didn't break it.
“Dare!” Brea replied excitedly.
“I dare you to let me hypnotize you,” Cora said quickly, trying to hide her sly smile.
“Pfft, yea sure, whatever! You don't know how to do that,” Brea rolled her eyes.
“Alright, then you wouldn't mind focusing on this pendant as I swing it in front of you?” Cora asked, swinging the pendant and quickly grabbing Brea’s attention as she focused with all her might on the swinging object in front of her.
“Go to sleep,” Cora ordered after some time of softly speaking to Brea and swinging the pendant, making her sister close her eyes and slump. “Only focus on my voice, Brea. Whenever
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Sister's Visit Pt.2
“Hey there, baby girl! Where’s your mommy?” he teased, Brea ignored him and rolled her eyes. “Poor child, you’re too young to speak, aren’t you? Did you pee your diapee? Or even worse, poop it! I bet you have!” he laughed, and quickly the poor girl began to wet and mess her diaper to her dismay. Her eyes began to water so she quickly hid her face in her hands and turned away, only for the boy to lift her dress and take a quick sniff.
“Damn, I don’t know if you wet yourself, but there’s definitely a whole lot of poop inside this diaper!” He exclaimed, causing her to mess herself even more. Brea helplessly started to cry, but that didn’t gain her any sympathy from the boy. “Aww! Did you poop your diaper again? Or did you pee this time? It’s okay, you’ll get potty trained some day!” he smirked, then started laughing loudly. Soon, the door was open to reveal Cora, that seemed to forget about her
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Sister's Visit Pt.3
Brea tried to carry her sister, but she couldn’t since she was so much smaller than her.
“Oh well, I guess you’ll have to crawl,” Brea shrugged, putting her ‘baby’ sister down and patting her butt. Cora crawled only to suddenly stop and sit in the middle of the living room. Brea tried to budge but she wouldn’t move, she decided she was too tired to move, although she didn’t crawl a great distance.
“Too twired, mommy! Cawwy me pwease!” she begged, hiding her smirk behind her pacifier. She might’ve become the baby now, but she wasn’t going to give her sister an easy time.
“Cora, if you don’t crawl to the nursery, you’re getting punished!” Brea scolded, but her ‘baby’ wouldn’t take any of it, so she dragged her to the corner of the room then lied her on her back and started spanking her as hard as she can. The spankings didn’t hurt Cora, but feeling the poop get squished
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Warning: This story contains AB/DL content!
Jessie yawned for what seemed like the hundredth time as she continued to memorize her notes. Her final exams were coming up, and she was studying her butt off to make sure she'd get the grades she needed. After hours of studying, she felt like she was making no progress at all which was understandable since she was too sleepy and tired to process any more of the information in her books. But nonetheless, Jessie was too anxious to rest, and felt like sleeping would waste too much of her time.
Her girlfriend, Gabriella, softly knocked on her bedroom door and walked in to see her girlfriend in distress; crumbled pieces of paper and wrappers of chocolate and candy were littering the floor, many cups of coffee all over the place, books were scattered everywhere and the room reeked of a horrible smell. Carefully, Gabi approached the nervous girl and softly tapped her shoulder.
"Jess?" she said quietly.
"Ahhh! Gabi! You scared me,"
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Cancelled Pt.1
Caution: This story contains AB/DL content.
Awoken by a loud noise, Luke groaned and looked around to find the source; his phone ringing. He picked it up with half-open eyes and checked the caller ID to find out it was his girlfriend of 2 years, Riley. Feeling butterflies in his stomach he quickly sat up in his bed and answered the phone call.
“Good morning, princess,” Luke greeted with a raspy voice, unaware that it made his girlfriend's heart swell.
“Good morning,” Riley managed to squeak, blushing at the nickname and the tone of his voice. “I can’t wait to see you today, I’ve missed you so much!” she said after she contained herself, impatient to see him again even though she’s gone out with him the previous day.
“I’ve missed you, too,” Luke chuckled, slowly getting out of bed until he suddenly stiffened. “B-but I can’t see you today,” he said quickly.
“Why not?” his girlfr
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Cancelled Pt.3
"Okie dokie, princess! Let's get you in a cute little diaper before you have any accidents!" Luke cheered after getting himself dressed; he changed into black jeans and a shirt, and of course decided to wear "big boy pants" also known as "boxers" since he was now playing the role of his girlfriend's "daddy". Riley looked at him as he began setting up all the tools he needed to "transform" his girlfriend into a cute little baby from the bed with worried eyes, debating whether she should play along with this or just tell her boyfriend she changed her mind. Would he be upset if she did tell him she no longer wanted this? Probably not, after all, she was the one who asked to be babied. Why did she ask for that to start with? She didn't know. This was all so weird to her, not that she didn't like Luke pretending to be a baby (she didn't mind, and she also thought he looked quite adorable in a diaper), but this was all so new to her, so abnormal. 
"Doing th
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Diaper Change
Caution: This writing contains ABDL themes.
“Come back here, you little stinker!” Michael called out for his diapered girlfriend, Hope. She giggled and ran away after sticking her tongue out, taunting her daddy. Hope dropped a little ‘surprise’ in her diaper, and although she didn’t like dirty diapers, she didn’t like diaper changes either because the wipes felt cold on her bottom.
“NO!” she laughed as she ran down the stairs and hid in the living room. Michael would usually humour the little girl and let her run away for a while until her diaper would annoy her enough for her to surrender, but he was too tired today for her little games.
“Sweetheart, I’m going to give you a time out if you don’t come out now,” Hope’s daddy sighed as he went down the stairs; Hope replied with a loud “NO!”. “And I’m putting Herbert in the wash,” he continued; Herbert was a white polar bear
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Cancelled Pt.2
Warning: This story contains AB/DL content!
“What’s going on?” Riley finally managed to choke out after the long silence.
“Darling, I am deeply sorry. I promise I’ll stop doing this! It just helps me be...relaxed, but I’ll stop for you, you mean everything to me!” Luke ranted, hoping to ease things up.
Riley stood there staring at the love of her life for what seemed like forever, debating on what to do. Luke gave her her time, of course, he could imagine how shocking this might be for her. Finally, Riley pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed deeply, then smiled at her boyfriend sincerely.
“Baby…” she began, “you’re such a messy eater! Come here,” she continued before taking his hand and leading him to the kitchen, took a few tissues and wiped Luke’s face clean. “There! All better!” Riley cooed at the adult baby before her and pinched his cheek, then lead him back to the living ro
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An Accident
Warning: This contains ABDL content!
Stella was reading a new novel her friend gave her as a present for her birthday that was a few weeks ago, and she didn't have the chance to give it a read until she had set Samuel down for a nap. She was enjoying herself, glad for the quiet she got to enjoy, until she suddenly heard screaming from the second floor; it was Samuel. Afraid for her boyfriend, she threw the book away and ran as fast as she can to the source of the noise. Oddly, it wasn't from the nursery where her boyfriend was supposed to be; it was from her office. She opened to the door to find Samuel crying in front of her favorite vase that was now shattered on the floor; that vase was her grandma's. She glared at the diapered man as he tried to stop crying whilst blowing his nose with his shirt.
"What on earth happened here, Samuel?" She scolded.
"I-I was scwared, mommy, I h-h-had a nightmawe. I wanted you," he began, "but I knew you were weading
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Morning Routine
“Wake up, sweetheart,” Michael cheered, shaking his baby girl, Hope, lightly from her slumber. Hope looked up at her daddy and smiled from behind her pacifier.
“A goo goo gaa,” she mumbled quietly, still feeling sleepy.
“Oh really? Interesting. Tell me more!” her daddy laughed, carrying her towards the changing table. The adult baby kept babbling about god knows what while her messy diaper was being changed, earning a few replies from her daddy.
“All done, stinky butt!” Michael announced, blowing raspberries on his baby girl’s tummy, making her shriek in excitement. Hope was then carried to the kitchen and into the highchair. Michael made sure to strap that troublemaker securely; Hope tended to escape from anywhere if she had the chance, she pouted sadly when she discovered that there was no way out of that highchair until her daddy chose to take her out of there.
Michael presented Hope with three baby food jars and a bottle; his ba
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ME3: Kai Leng's a Cheater :iconpadzi:Padzi 194 93
ABDL Olympics [Contest Entry]
Warning: This story contains ABDL content!
Conrad hummed happily but quietly to himself as he drove the busy streets towards the "ABDL Olympics"; it's a huge event where hundreds of adult babies compete in a variety of competitions. It took place once every two years, and many people from the ABDL community waited eagerly for it, both participants and watchers. Not everyone can participate; it was only for those who can prove to the Olympics committee that they were professionals in what they were competing in, that was mostly done by taking part in many local or international events and showing great skill. It wasn't very easy to please the committee enough to be able to participate in the Olympics, which made it quite surprising that both of Conrad's kids, Linda and Thomas, were given the approval to participate this year. Thomas was participating in Toy Tug of War, whereas Linda was participating in Diaper Messing.
Conrad checked on his adult ba
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