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Homicidal!Liu x Suicidal!Reader
The following fan-fic includes mature language and strong suicidal content. Under no circumstance is this written as an influence to host a depression phase or attempt to self harm. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.

Embrace the pain.
Enjoy the sweet lingering pain.
The thoughts were cluttering into your mind as another slit appeared on your wrist. Releasing the shard of glass, a shivering smile crept in the corner of your mouth as you held the various cuts on your wrist. The blood seeped out of the multiple slices rapidly as you just stared at the crimson colored fluid.
Pain wasn't something you were exactly scared of, it was something you took interest in. It made you feel, well... Alive. "Damn, at it again are we?"
You looked up to see the drowsy eyes of none other than Kimmy. The two of you were crooked street walkers, sharing one cigarette occasionally and sharing pennies to keep your fragile souls alive. "Of shut the hell up, you're no better you big douch
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Free Me (BEN Drowned x Reader) Part 1
That damned music...
It made you want to scream. You kept running, but every time you stopped, it would be there. You could only see its eyes, piercing into your very soul. 
Red like fire.
You wanted to die. 
You wanted your brother, 
But he would never come...
He was gone...
"Stay away from me!" 
You would cry, but the unseen creature still pursued you with an undying persistence.
You couldn't move...
You felt a burning pain all over...
Like you were on fire....
Laughter. Discusting, sickening laughter. Screeching noises.
Reaching into your bag you pull out an ocarina.
It was a gift from him... your brother.
He taught you small tunes as a child and convinced your young mind that the songs had magical abilities. You believed him.
Play the song... Play the song!
A simple tune, five notes, first three repeated twice, then the first two once, then the last two once, finaly the last note once.
The Song of Healing.
You struggled to blow a puff of air into
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Masky X Reader - No Sweets For You

A/N: Hey guys~! Well I meant to have this up on Halloween but didn't even get to start it, so it's late. :I But oh well, I'm writing it anyway. And this is my first CreepyPasta X Reader~! Yays~! :3 Now I would suggest you guys listen to 'It Went' by S3RL before reading this, and just so you guys know I put Shiloh in here and I paired her up with Lost Silver cause I ship them together. I'll give explanations for that sometime but for now enjoy this Masky X Reader~!
Knock! Knock! Knock!
. . . . . . . . .
Knock! Knock! Knock!
. . . . . . . . .
You sighed before stomping your foot once in a little tantrum.
"Guys! Let me in!" You yelled at the door to the CP base. After a second you heard rustling like someone fell off the couch and then the many locks being un-locked. The door opened to show you the white and black mask of Masky.
"Oh! S-Sorry _____. We didn't think you'd be back
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Good Doctor Locklear
There was nothing but groggy swirls of illusionistic euphoria. The drugs they had administered to him were too powerful for anything else. His senses were obstructed, and he was alone with the cackling voices inside his head. They grew louder and louder until he could no longer bear it. He tried desperately to claw at his face, to do anything to hush the dull roar. But it was in vain, as his arms were strapped securely to his chest by the straight jacket that subdued him.
He collapsed onto the doughy floor beneath him. He had been in this miserable cell for who knows how many days now? Perhaps even weeks or months, God forbid, years. He had long since lost track of time, yet he did not care.
Those damn fools. Who the hell did they think they were? Locking him up. HIM. A man of science. A bringer of societal advances, and hero to mankind. They would regret this. All of them. If they would not have him as their savior, they would have him as their end maker.
His brow twitched for a momen
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(Request) Love Me?~Hoodie x Reader
You picked up your pen and looked at the last pink card that was set before you and smiled. 'Best for last!' You thought to yourself and took a small amount of time to think out some sort of cheesy quote until you thought of one and began to jot down in cursive;
    If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
 ~A.A. Milne

Smiling, you dropped the pen and leaned back to read it from afar. You gave it an approval nod and tucked the letter into the envelope, shutting it with a small heart sticker you found with the rest on the valentines crap from the storage room. 
You knew precisely who would get this specific one. Hoodie. You knew you bo
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