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How to: Make thumbs big in features?
I get this asked a lot!
Back when they introduced, I didn't really use it. Because it seemed hard to get used to. I always wrote my articles in the old way.
Then I toyed with it a little and noticed that is is something really awesome! 
Not to mention that the only way to make articles and journals is through Writer.
So I assume not so many if you know that there is a way to make thumbs big!
That is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is add big in front of a thumb code!
For example:
: thumb159252268 :
This is the "regular" size

: bigthumb159252268 :
This is the big size
Of course: without the spaces between the colon ( : )

But this is not what I wanted to show :shifty:
Fancy Features with Writer
Go to your!
After that, hit the

:icondekoradum:dekorAdum 520 193
SupernaturalCastxShort!Reader - Damn You...!
Supernatural!CastxShort!Reader - Damn you...! (One-shot)
Setting: Before Season 9's finale! And in real life
Contains: Violence and cussing. 
Important!!: You're actual name is the "actresses's" name and Amethyst (heheh) is the character you play. You are also 4'11 because that's my damn height so sucks to suck [I know it sucks doesn't it, shorty?] Oh shut it. 

-----[Fail #1]-----
"Amethyst, I know you're in there. Please, snap out of it," Sammy pleaded. Currently, Amethyst was tied to a chair in the middle of a devil's trap. If you were too look on her chest (the same area as Sam and Dean with the anti-possession circle) you could notice that it wasn't fully made. Meaning, Amethyst was possessed by a demon. Dean stood behind Sam, letting him do the work.
"Oh, Sammy boy. She isn't strong enough you know," The demon in her laughed. She blinked showing her demon eyes and blinked again. Dean quickly walked over to Amethyst and grabbed her shou
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