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Parent!2p!Italy x Child!Reader: I'll try
“This can’t be happening” Luciano scoffed and rubbed his temples as Lutz held a small child in his arms. A little girl with (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair, who couldn’t be more than two.
“She’s my daughter apparently” Luciano confirmed
“Congratulations” Kuro murmured as he peered down at (y/n). She fiddled with a toy rattle and looked at her father
“I’ll have to ask my fratello since he’s caring for Spain’s brat” Luciano muttered
“So you became a papa too?” Flavio smiled as his brother sipped a glass of wine and turned his attention to his child. (y/n) played with her rattle and giggled as Kuro kept her amused by handing her a stuffed bear.
“I had no choice, her mother dumped her on me without explanation. I don’t even know if she’s legitimately mine” Luciano explained
“Oh she is, I can tell” Flavio gestured as he turned to see his daughter rip the head off the
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MLP:FiM - Family is Forever
It was a sunny and warm day of summer, like any other. Or, it could have been, if it hadn't been the day when Scootaloo learned the terrible truth.
It was also the day of the grand annual reunion of the Weather Pegasi family. A long awaited moment for the related winged ponies who got together, from all over Equestria, to share news and see friendly faces for the first time in a year. Everyone looked forward to the party, but Scootaloo was an exception.
Each year, at those reunions, she couldn't help but always have this awkward feeling of being 'out of place', as each time some members of the family would look at her, then whisper strange things between themselves about 'how sad it was' and 'how a shame it was that they couldn't be there' and then moved away, to continue their conversation in private. It didn't help that she was pretty much the only pegasus of her color, as almost every other were white, black or grey, different shades of blue and green and even one pink, that
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Giantess Cousin
"Oh great" you think as your mom tells you that you have to babysit your cousin. "she's 15 mom, she's old enough to stay by herself". No matter what you say she keeps pushing it on you. You cave in and begin to drive over, all the way there you are thinking how obnoxious and juvenile she is going to act. Mary was 15, but acted as if she was 5.
You pull up to the house and wave goodbye to the aunt and uncle, leaving for a dinner, and leaving you to babysit Mary. You open the door and there she is, the person to aggravate you for hours and hours. "Hey Mary.." you say in disgust of what you have to do. "Hiii Adammm". she said excited and weirdly high pitched. "so, umm. I'm going to watch TV so do whatever and don't get hurt. I don't want to drive to the hospital tonight..". "Hehe..alright Adam" she said as she smiled and walked into the kitchen.
You think "Geez that was weird, but.. she's weird so whatever". A little after you start watching some music videos, Mary pops her head around th
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Giantess Cousin II
  After about an hour of Mary walking around the house, you are still stuck in between her toes, choking on the salt watery sweat you are being forced into digesting. The chaos stops as you feel your body become almost weightless in the air, as Mary lifts her leg up and takes off the painful shoe around your body.
  "Hehe. How was the ride Adam?" she smiles asking you as if she didn't know the answer. Your body was too tired to answer her and just sat lifeless in between her toes letting out deep sighs and long breathes. This fresh air was a gift, compared to the musty smell of Mary's foot after an hour.
  "Hmm. What should we do now.." She plucks your body up between her thumb and index finger and puts you close to her face, looking at you. While thinking she sometimes runs her other hand's finger across your tiny wet body, playing with your penis and tickling your sides. After a few minutes of fondling your cock, she gets an idea.
  Without not
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Giantess Cousin IV
    After a few minutes of hardening to the soft sheets, encased by a barrier of his cousin's cum, Adam thought about the possibilities of his last task.  He thought long and hard, thinking about the situation, his size, and how he will react after he returns to his normal height.
    Mary leaned up and the bed, still dripping with cum from her vagina, searching the area for a small little toy. She looked under pillows, surrounding sheets, and near areas on the carpeted floor. She lost him she thought frantically, trying to calm down and focus on her search.
    She took her mind off of finding Adam, and noticed the mess of cum still laying on her sheets. "I guess I should clean that up, Adam will have to wait to grow back..." Mary said, much to the disappointment of Adam. Adam tried to scream and get her attention but the dried wall of cum covered his mouth and muffled his screams.
    Mary got u
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The Giant Adventure
  It seemed to be an average day at Cardinal high school for Jack Lannon, an average junior. It happened on a boring Wednesday around third period. Jack asked to leave the class for a trip to the bathroom, little did he know that going to the bathroom that day, in that exact stall, changed his whole life.
  Jack was a nervous boy. He would always walk into the bathroom and peer under the stalls and look around for where people were. He hated making too much noise in the bathroom so he would pick the furthest stall in the bathroom to use. He got into the stall, locked the cheap metal lock over and proceeded to de-robe.
  Around midway of his bathroom break, a student bursts into the bathroom stumbling while going through the door. It was a chemistry student, carrying a test tube full of a mixture, spilling out onto the floor and making the room have a haze. The gas clouds made Jack cough and choke, he began to get very dizzy and with a final inhale, his hea
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This actually happened to me!
This actually happened to me!
So I was babysitting cousin one time (don't know if I would call it babysitting as she was only a couple years younger than me but whatever). My cousin and my aunt would come over and stay at my house for a couple days once or twice a year. One year my mom and my aunt left the house for a couple hours and I had to watch my younger cousin. She and I got along well and we had no problem finding things to talk about. She was barefoot and wearing short shorts and a t-shirt. I was wearing low-cut socks, jeans and a t-shirt. As the day went on we eventually we started playing cops and robbers. I was the cop and she was the robber. Since it was just the two of us, we made it more of a "hide and seek tag" type game but when the cop caught the robber the robber would be the cop's prisoner for five minutes.
We started playing the game and soon enough I caught her. I took her back to my room and commanded her to sit on a chair. She reluctantly sat on the chair. I mad
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A cousin toe tickle story
I didn't notice my  22 year old cousin tiptoeing behind me as I read, until she jumped on me, hugging me tightly. "Gotcha!" said my cousin as she pinned me and pulled me to the floor.
"What.. hey!" I laughed as I fell backwards, as her fingers dug into my tummy making me laugh. "Tickle time!" she said as my other cousins came in both 19 years of age. She pulled me down on my back and quickly stood up.
She stood on my hands with her bare feet, exposing my armpits. "Hurry, tickle him hard!" "What hey no fair! No tickling right now!"
My other cousins laughed. "Yes tickle time now! We're bored!"
My cousins giggled and tickled my armpits like crazy. I squirmed but my older cousin stood on my hands firmly, even using her toes to tickle my wrists. "Kootchie koo!" My younger cousins tickled my until I couldn't breathe, then stopped and let me catch my breath. One of them whispered in the others ear and they laughed and went and got chairs.
They came back putting a chair in either side of
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Bury the Flag
Shovel all the dirt,
Till we get done
Here's a shovel for your hand,
Let's bury them one by one...
It's cold and it's raining,
On the 25th of May,
There are 57 people,
Gathered by the grave...
It was just 4 months ago,
That he left home,
Never did they think,
He'd come back alone...
He said he was signing up,
To protect the flag,
But for some strange reason,
They sent him to Iraq...
The preacher says the words,
They are old as time,
And everyone has heard them,
They've got them memorized...
The service is over,
And a man folds the cloth,
Gives it to momma,
To have and to hold...
She looks him in the eye,
And says "Take it back,
You buried my son,
Now bury the flag!"
"You buried my husband,
Buried my brother,
You buried my father,
Susie will never be a mother!
You've buried all my secrets,
Buried all my dreams,
So tell me why,
Can't you bury my screams?
Every single day,
Is like a heart attack
You've buried my family,
Now bury the flag..."
Shovel in your hand,
Here's another for you,
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Cousin Of Death
Cousin of death, take me in
Let me rest, forgive this sin
I haven't lost it all, but I show pain
And soon I guess, I will walk in the rain
Oh cold winter, don't remind me
Of how, I couldn't see
Oh cold winters day, you're as cold as my heart
Remind me of the days, when it was warm
Cousin of death, comfort me
Make me believe, this isn't the best of me
Cousin of death, invite your friends
Cause agony and suffering, is better in the end
Death, I have been alive way to long
Your cousin, makes me wish that I was wrong
Cause I don't wanna wake up
So please, take me in your warm blankets
And don't let me open my eyes
Ever again
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Meet Me At The Park
    Bradley was waiting in the elevator going to the third floor. He was making a visit to his girlfriend Cindy at her apartment. When the elevator reached the floor the doors opened and he stepped out into the hall. On his way to the door Bradley passed by several unfamiliar people but didn’t stop to greet them, he just kept walking. When he arrived at her door he reached out to knock but stopped. There was a note on her door addressed to him:
    Bradley, Meet me at the park. ~Cindy
    It was a little odd, but Bradley shrugged it off and turned to leave. He paused for a moment, he thought he smelled something.  It was a faint sinister smell, like smoke. One of the residents of the apartment building must be a smoker, he thought to himself. He disregarded it and walked back to the elevator.
                        *   *   *
    Bradley arrived at the park. He got
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Giant Issues - Why Hello There
She began to reach down for me. I was starting to panic. I couldn't run, it'd look like an insect, ready for her to kill. I played dead, luckily I wasn't. I became stiff, my body like a metal, unbreakable. She wrapped her whole hand around me, her fingers gently twisting body parts, nothing hurting. He brought me up to her face, examining me closely. I just shut my eyes; clenching my teeth, almost grinding. He spoke, "who's toy is this?" I was shocked. Her voice so gentle, like nothing that could ever hurt me.
With that thought in my mind, she threw me on the floor. I must have been wrong. I opened my eyes, examining myself. Besides the thought of betrayal by such a gentle giant, I was fine. But, not anymore. A student had just walked by, dragging his shoes on the floor, knocking me across the floor, back to my betraying giant. I now got a closer look to her outfit. skinny jeans, a pair of flats, no socks, what looked to be a fancy white blouse, and an expensive looking necklace.
I bec
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Giantess Cousin VI
At the base of the washing machine, Adam's day continued to go downhill. He had already been subjected to horrid things his cousin has but him through, and is still shrunken, helpless, and scared. As Mary turned to leave to fetch some more clothes before starting laundry, Adam tried to escape the clutches of the hardened cum that imprisoned him in the confines of the sheet. He knew that if he didn't escape, he would drown in the washing machine, and his tiny frame would go forever undiscovered within the machines internal compartment.
Adam used all the might he could. The last remaining bits of his strength to try and free himself. Life is exhausting at such a miniature size, and if he didn't do something about it, he would continue to live a very small, very sad life. He tried to pry his tired arms free. No use. Next his legs. He pushed and tried to unglue his legs from the sheet. Still no use. His body was too attached to the sheet. "This is it.." he said to himself in a defeated voi
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Ben Giga Booster
Summer vacation was still going strong, a welcome relief to Ben Tennyson as he continued his cross country alien butt kicking adventures with his Grandpa and cousin. Currently, the Rust Bucket was making its way across Nevada, heading for the Rocky Mountains, its occupants each doing what they normally did on these long drives. Grandpa Max was concentrating on the road, tuning out the occasional squabbling outburst from Ben and Gwen as they normally silenced themselves after a momentary struggle. Gwen was doing something or other on her laptop. Whatever it was, it looked dead boring to Ben who had been stealing glances over her shoulder as he made trips to the refrigerator for soda, carefully avoiding anything that his grandfather may have made personally. While he wasn’t on these liquid excursions, he was staring out the window, sitting across from Gwen, trying to find a way to occupy his time. He fidgeted quite a bit, making an annoying rubbery screeching sound on the seat whene
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Snow melting :iconsukieblackmore:sukieblackmore 497 84