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Not So Innocent {Norway x Reader}
“Women love when we do this, don’t they?”
Warning: ‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
“I’m telling you; I’m the awesomest!”
“And I’m telling you… there’s no way you’re better than the hero!”
“You’re both such fools—neither of you could be as great as me. I’m the King!”
You giggled quietly. Much to your amusement, you were hanging out with the ‘Awesome Trio’, which consisted of Prussia, America, and Denmark.
The four of you were currently at an evening festival to celebrate the opening of Japan’s newest capital. You weren’t even sure how you wound up hanging with them—but here you were, and their silly, self-centered arguing was undeniably funny.
“What are you giggling about over there, _____?” Prussia smirked, turni
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Bad Touch {Famous!Spain x Fan!Reader}
“Why can’t you just pick me?”
Warning:‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
You looked up at the poster. It was still a little crooked, but it would have to do.
You’d just finished putting up your newest poster of your favorite band, Bad Touch. It had all three members on it—Prussia, France, and Spain, looking as great as they always did.
They were currently your obsession. But not just you; they had fangirls all over the world. They were a national phenomenon. Starting out in Europe, they quickly became the world’s most famous boy band.
Lately, Bad Touch was all you ever thought about. Usually you didn’t obsess over boy bands, but this was an exception.
Since your family didn’t have a lot of money, you couldn’t afford to go to concerts or even buy much of their merchandise. But you did spend all of your allowance on magazines. Mostly just to rip out the Bad Touch posters and put them up on y
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Stubborn Love {Romano x Reader}
“Okay, so I love you. Deal with it… idiota ragazza.”
You’d never been more worried in your entire life.
You continued to sit in that uncomfortable hospital chair, simply watching him, for hours. Though no matter how long you waited, he still wouldn’t wake up.
You had no tears left, your knees weren’t shaking anymore, and your heartbeat wasn’t thumping erratically. Not like it had been during the time of the accident, of course.
You sighed, and continued to watch his sleeping face. He looked so cute and innocent that way. The nurses had cleaned him up pretty well; so his body wasn’t covered in blood and dirt anymore.
The beeping of the heart monitor was what kept you from going insane. You feared for his life, yes, but that monitor kept your hopes up. It had maintained a healthy, steady beat, just as the doctors had told you it would.
It wasn’t too serious of an accident- in fact the doctors assured you he would
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LovinoxReader: Morning Distractions
Lovino groaned groggily as he buried his face into the warm and velvety crook of his companion's neck. He could feel the warm golden rays of sunshine hitting his bare torso, signaling it was morning and time to get up, yet he had no desire to do so whatsoever.
His arms tightened their hold on the woman curled up before him, your smaller frame molding perfectly against his. Cracking his eyes open slowly, his gaze roamed over your smooth skin that glowed in the morning light, and he smiled as he felt your deep and rhythmic breathing.
Sitting up slowly, he propped himself up on his elbow, resting the side of his face in his hand as a gentle smile graced his lips as he watched you sleep. His fingers ran lightly against your cheek carefully before he brushed some hair from your face, causing a small crease to form between your brows. He couldn't help but grin at the sight, continuing to stare at your slumbering form as he ran his fingertips over your shoulder and down your arm. When you shi
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Luna Land Episode 0.5 :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 750 151
The Matchmaker {Canada x Reader}
“All this time, I… only wanted you. Just… you.”
You sighed, and glanced over at him with pity. He was invisible to them again.
Russia was sitting on him, as usual. Why did it seem like you were the only one who could see poor Canada?
The only time the rest of the Allies noticed him was when they were looking for America. His brother. Never did anyone see him otherwise.
You felt bad for the little guy. A loud, crazy, somewhat obnoxious guy like America was bound to overshadow his own quiet, shy brother like that. You were pretty sure Canada had spent his whole life getting stuck in his brother’s problems, only because people confused them.
Once in a while, you would catch a sad expression on the Canadian’s normally sweet face. You could never imagine what it would be like to be in his position.
Is he invisible because… they ignore him? You wondered sometimes.
America ended the meeting, and everyone began to leave.
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Make me laugh ::EnglandxReader::
“Uuuugh man this bites…” America slumped onto the couch
He quickly jumped off landing on his bum
“Haha! Sorry about that Canada!”
“Eh, it’s okay…” He whispered quietly.
America took the seat next to the Canadian with the same expression plastered on his face since he came in;
Guilty and frustrated.
“Eh…what’s wrong America?” Canada asked the depressed American.
“Uh, well, England seems to be down again today and won’t watch any horror movies with me!” He crosses his arms making fishy lips
“Eh, what do you mean he’s down?” Canada, seemingly got into the subject, bothered on
America turns to him with a sad face,
“I don’t know! When I do something he doesn’t like he doesn’t even yell at me! He just stares off into space with that same frown he’s had since a few days ago!”
He lets out a frustrated sigh before grabbing
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That Sexy Stalker! {Greece x Reader}
“I want to throw you on my bed, strip you down, and make love to you while you leave scratches on my back and scream my name. If… that’s okay with you, of course.”
Warning: ‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
You’re a girl with a problem.
If he wasn’t in your life, then things would practically be perfect. But the fact was, he is in your life, whether you want him there or not.
You’ve got yourself a seemingly emotionless, creepy, perverted stalker who loves cats and has a habit of talking dirty. In other words; it’s Greece.
He loves you, or so he claims… but lately it seems more like he’s just borderline obsessed. Which is goddamn creepy, because he’s always got that expressionless face and slow-monotone voice.
You usually try to avoid him, because he makes you feel uncomfortable. All he does is stare. You once even caught him trying to take a picture of you.
“No phot
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Super Smash Bros. Omega :icontoxicisland:ToxicIsland 1,147 1,463
England X Reader: Not That Drunk
England X Reader
Not That Drunk

"Stupid Arthur…" you grumbled to yourself, taking another swig of your drink, effectively finishing your 4th beer. "…And that stupid, freakin' police force, I tell ya *hic* now, they've stolen my best friend!"
Sighing, you crossed your arms on the bar and nestled your head in comfortably. When you felt someone gently tap you on the shoulder you looked up to see Mathias, a regular at the pub, grinning down at you.
"Hey _____," he said, cheerfully running a hand through his sexy gelled up blonde hair. "Where's Sergeant Bushy-Brows?"
You scoffed at the mention of Arthur and straightened up on your stool, so as to face Mathias properly. "That *hic* bloody git," you growled, mocking the Brit's speech. "has ditched me… for the fuzz. The fuzz, Mathias." And with that, you jumped off of your stool, threw your arms in the air and bellowed "THE FUUUUUZZZZZZ!!"
Well, that was when all hell broke loose.
A shady Dutch man in the back of the pub
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Morning in Carpathians :iconsergey-ryzhkov:Sergey-Ryzhkov 264 12
Spain x Reader (Foreign Exchange Student)
"Oh my gosh. ____! Look there!"
(Insert colour) eyes wandered to the direction your friend, Belle, was pointing to. You stopped dead in your tracks at the scene that held out before you.
There stood your ten-month long boyfriend, Antonio Carriedo, who was also the new foreign exchange student. He wasn't alone, yet not accompanied by his two friends, Gilbert and Francis. Instead, he was trapped in between five giggling girls, begging him for his attention. It wasn't that much of a surprise though; he was new, gorgeous, had a delicious Spanish accent and to top it off, possessed a contagiously cheerful personality.
However a major flaw in that wonderful personality of his was his obliviousness. He didn't even notice how these 'friendly' girls were getting a bit too intimate, which bothered you gravely. One was located at his left, playfully hitting his shoulder and toned back, laughing in a high-pitch tone while drawing her body closer and closer to his. The other on his right was flirti
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Russia x Reader - Russia's Illness
You entered the meeting room, where the Allies were having a get-together. You were hoping to see Ivan, whom you had grown very close to over a short period of time. But, to your horror, he wasn't there ... and the other Allies seemed to be rather happy
"Dude, I am so glad he's not here ..." Alfred sighed
"He is rather ungentlemanly at times, America" Arthur said, taking a sip of tea
"He scares me ..." Yao mumbled, full of anxiety
"Well Russia isn't here ... so stop worrying" Francis growled, folding his arms
"What's going on?" You asked, a little worried
"Russia's not here. His sister called saying he was sick, or dying ... or whatever" Alfred said, smirking
"Wh-what?! Russia is sick?" You asked, horrified
"Yeah, he must have caught something" He said, shrugging
"H-haven't you checked on him at all?" You asked, a little appalled
"No we haven't, why?" Arthur asked, eyebrows raised
"Ivan!" You breathed, running out of the room
The other Allies called after you as you ran off, but you ig
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Japan x Reader (Affection)
You clenched your fists at the hem of your shirt, biting your lip as you resisted the urge. 'The urge to what?' some might ask. Well, the itch to wrap your arms around Japan's body and squeeze him until he turned blue from his lungs being crushed.
Everything about him was adorable; his blank coal eyes, his cute bowl-like haircut, his rather small statue, his over-the-top politeness, his calm and shy personality, the frantic way he reacted to 'inappropriate' things, and the list goes on. Sadly, hugging was one of the things Japan deemed as 'inappropriate', and to make matters worse for you, you were an affectionate person. There was no denying that you had a crush on the Japanese man, and so in order to try winning his feelings, you tried to give him his personal space, and it was HARD.
You were currently visiting Japan under your boss' orders to strengthen the bond between Japan and (your country). Since the conservative nation has grown rather fond of you, he kindly offered to
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Spin The Bottle (America x reader)
"I'm bored" someone moaned, you paid no attention, you were too busy concentrating on not making a fool of yourself while sitting next to your crush, Alfred.
Alfred was first, with everything, you had known him since grade school. He was first to friend zone you too.
You were at Gilbert’s latest party and the gang was running out of games to play. You had played Charades, Truth or Dare, even Checkers.
Thankfully, you were making some new friends; mostly other girls because you knew all the guys.
“I know!” Francis said “let’s play spin the bottle.”
“What’s that?” You asked, Gilbert and Francis exchanged amused glances.
“This is going to be like explaining the Pocky game,” Gilbert said with a naughty grin.
“The what?” you asked another amused glance.
“Ok, everyone stands in a circle alternating between male and female” Francis ordered, everyone did so.
Gilbert set an empty soda bottle in the center.
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2P Country Hetaloid x Reader
(Reader POV)
It was new start for me in (City) as I started to finish unpacking the last of my belongings. I just moved out of my home to live closer to my new college, which apparently was too far for me from where I was. So I packed my stuff, said good bye to my friends and family and left to (City). There’s soo many things that are knew to me and one of them was being alone. Don’t get me wrong being alone is awesome since I can do almost anything I want and not get scolded, but it feels too quiet. “Well I’m done for today” I said to myself as I but the last book on the shelf and looked at the time to see it was dinner time.
“Damn it’s that late already? Good thing I packed some food before from back home” I said as I went into the kitchen and took out (favorite food) from the fridge and heated it in the microwave. Once it was heated I went to the living room and sat down on the sofa to eat “Let’s see what’s on”
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Hetalia x Reader I want the new country!
"A new country?" China asked. "Ja, it says here a country was found in the Atlantic Ocean." Germany glanced down at the sheets of paper sat on the desk before him.
"I call dibs!" America shouted standing up. "America, you git! You can't just call 'dibs' on a country! That's not how it works!" England said standing up as well. "If anything, I should 'ave ze new country!" France smirked.
"Awww" France pouted and looked around. "Maybe Canada should 'ave ze country?" America scanned the room for a 'Canada.' "Dude, what's a Canada?" In the corner of the room a shy country shook his head. "Forgotten again, eh?"
Italy then gasped. "Ve! I should-a have the country! We can paint, eat pasta, sing, eat pasta, dance, ea-" He was interrupted by the almighty Germany. "Italy, jou can't take care of jourself. Never mind a new country." Italy was about to protest until Greece woke up and said, "Why don't we wait until we meet the country? Maybe that way we ca-" With that Greece fell back asleep,
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England x Reader (You Can't!)
England was acting rather strange, and by 'strange', I mean even weirder than him talking to his supposed magical friends. It was as though he was suddenly trying to avoid you, which was unusual since you had been dating for six years. Whenever you tried to talk to him, he would ramble on about some excuse to leave or simply just head off at a different direction. Sometimes you could even feel his presence lurking shyly behind walls, as if he wanted but could not for whatever reason talk to you. This behaviour annoyed you; where was his gentlemanly side?
So one day as you were sulking around on the couch, you received a call from your British boyfriend.
"Hello, love," you heard his voice on the other side, making you realize how much you missed talking to him. However, it wasn't enough to soothe the anger that was boiling up within you.
"What do you want?" you asked bluntly, absentmindedly twirling a few strands of your (insert colour) hair.
"No need to be so rude, young lady. I
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Sweden x Reader - Not Your Wife
Sweden x Reader – Not Your Wife
______'s eyes scanned the lunch hall carefully, grinning. Now, where was her favourite bunch of misfits…? Ah, there they are! Sitting in the corner of the large room, they were mostly hidden by other people.
She took a step towards them and, immediately, her ears were assaulted by a loud voice from behind her. '______!!' A body collided with her back and if she hadn't been already used to this behaviour, she would've fallen over. As it was, she pin wheeled spectacularly but managed to regain balance.
'Allison!' Her best friend laughed at the exclamation and got down, settling for just hugging her from behind. Now ______ joined in, chuckling at her friends antics.
'Are you going to sit with us today?' She asked, big blue eyes glittering with hope.
"Us" referred to only one other person, excluding Allison, her name was Julchen. Ever since one fatal History class, Julchen had been claiming she was from Prussia and not Germany like her sister, Luis
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Hetalia x Reader Seven Minutes in Heaven
You were sleeping peacefully until you were rudely awakened by your phone ringing. You rubbed your eyes, yawned, then answered the phone.
"Mmm, hello?" You said.
"____!" America yelled into the phone.
"Al? What are you doing up at this time?!" You said, looking at the clock. It was 4:00 AM.
"Oh, I don't know! Getting ready for my party tonight and I expect you too be there!" He replied.
You knew you didn't have a choice. Last time when you didn't come, Alfred dragged you to his house.
"I don't have a choice. Fine." You agreed.
"Ok! See you at 7:00 PM!" Al said, hanging up.
You were already awake, so might as well do your morning routine. You slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. You looked in the mirror, seeing how messy your hair was. 'Why is hair so complicated!' You thought, while brushing it. After you finally finished brushing it, you brushed your teeth and washed your face. You walked out of your bathroom, almost tripping over your dog in the process. "Sorry, Dusty!" You said
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Request : Norway x Reader - Monotone
Lukas watched jealously as Mathias flirted with [Name], if you could believe it. He was always so emotionless, or so people believed. He could get violent at times, which was very scary ... especially when it involved Mathias. Lukas wondered over to him and began to strangle him with his own tie as [Name] watched in surprise and horror
"GACK! N-Norge ..." He wheezed
Lukas move his head closer
"Go near her again ... and I will kill you. With my hands if I have to" He whispered in Mathias' ear
"Tighter" Mathias said
Lukas happily obliged, wanting to inflict more pain and Mathias grinned
"Perhaps a hard spanking is in order" He said, sticking his butt out
Lukas went dark red and punched him in the lower back as hard as he could
"Too hard!" Mathias wheezed as Lukas let go of his tie. Mathias fell on the floor
[Name] couldn't help but smile as he got up, dusting himself off
"Ow ... I think you broke my butt" He said, rubbing his lower back
"It serves you right for pissing him off" [Name] sa
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Taylor Swift 2 :iconr-becca:R-becca 2,937 566
Russia x Reader - Greenhouse
Ivan stared out of the window and looked at the sky. It was a dull grey, as usual ... and he knew that any moment now it would snow ... again. He wanted nothing more than to live in a warm place and grow sunflowers, which were his favourite plant. He sighed
I wonder what's going to happen today ... most likely the same old thing ... He thought
He watched the Baltic States running around doing their chores as if their butts were on fire. He found it quite amusing ... because that meant sooner or later, one of them would slip up and try to beg him not to hit them, which made him laugh (inside his head, obviously as he didn't like to laugh out loud too much). He noticed that Natalia, his little sister, was staring at Toris with a little smile on her face, which was a little weird ... and she was blushing too, which was even weirder ...
As I thought, same old thing ... I need entertainment ... He thought
As if on cue, there was a smashing sound in the kitchen where Ravis was
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Bruce Stereotypes Everybody :iconharseik:Harseik 2,460 195
Romano X Reader - How To Babysit An Italian
You tossed your school bag on the floor and collapsed on your bed. “Thank God it’s Friday!”  You cheered as you reached under your bed and pulled out a chocolate bar from your ‘secret stash’.
As you chomped down on your delicious treat, your cell phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out and smirked, it was your long-time friend Antonio.
“Hey Toni," you answered, mouth full of chocolate.
“Hello _________! What is my good friend doing today?”
“Lying on her bed getting fat on chocolate. You?”
“Well, I have a little teeny tiny favour to ask of you _________!” Antonio chirped loudly.
“Mmmhmm? What is it?” you asked, licking your sticky fingers clean.
“Well, I’m going out tonight! You know, for a party!”
You giggled at his cute Spanish accent. “A party, eh? Why am I not invited?” you pretended to sound sad. To be honest you didn’t even feel like going out tonight.
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Norway x Reader (Secret Santa)
Blank baby blue eyes lingered on you, watching you with great interest. Feeling the intense pressure that person was giving you, you tentatively raised your head and glanced at his direction, swiftly turning away with flaming cheeks the second your (insert colour) eyes met his.
Norway chuckled softly, resting his head on his hand as he continued to glue his blue orbs on you.
It was obvious to everyone that you had a serious attraction towards the reclusive nation, so clear that Norway himself knew. Whenever you were around him, you were forever blushing and stuttering about. Even after talking to him, you always had a triumphant grin plastered on your face, as if saying to yourself, 'Good job ___! You didn't humiliate yourself in front of him!'
Who could blame you though? His magical aura was both mystical and fascinating, and although he may appear serious and quiet, he had an odd playful side to him, making the Nordic country more intriguing and unique to you. The fact that he would
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Germany x Reader - |Armageddon|
“What’s a girl like you doing in an apocalypse like this?” 
The silence was deafening.
You had to remind yourself that the stillness was a good thing. No scrapes of limping, fleshless feet against the sidewalk; no groans of the undead; no snarls of a cannibalistic freak of nature within radius of your earshot. The streets were nearly empty, you were alone, and you heard nothing but the wind. This was all good.
Except, it didn’t feel that way.
Even with your back against the wall of an alley, a handgun in your palm, and a sword strapped to your hip, you still didn’t feel safe. You never did.
You were in the middle of an abandoned city with no one but yourself, with no exact place to go, and no shelter at all. How could anyone feel safe in a time like this? Every minute that passed, you felt lucky to be alive. Shocked, even, that you had made it this far.
…I don’t deserve this, you thought to
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Old Fords And Farms :iconkkart:kkart 4,065 327
Latvia x Reader - Truth or Dare
You arrived at what you believed to be your friend Ravis's house. You had a bag packed because he had invited you to sleep over at his house. You knocked on the door and a tall man with white-ish grey hair answered the door. He was really scary
"H-hello. Is this where Latvia lives?" You asked
Of course, not everyone knew Ravis by his human name. The tall man just smiled
"Da, he does" He said
"I ... I'm (Name)" You said, smiling shyly
"Oh! You're here for sleep-over, da?" He asked
"Yes ... a-are you sure you don't mind, mister?" You said
He smiled and laughed a little
"No one's ever called me "mister" before. It sounds funny ..." He said, smiling
You smiled nervously. His Russian accent was a little ... unnerving
"Come in, little girl" He said, smiling
You obeyed and he closed the door behind you, which made you jump
"I'm Ivan Braginsky, Russia" He said, smiling
You looked at him and smiled
"O-okay, Mr Russia" You said
Just then, you heard a smashing sound coming from the kitchen and a
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Frozen Silence :iconmarcoheisler:MarcoHeisler 3,982 374 amber champagne tobiano 1 :iconvenomxbaby:venomxbaby 339 78
Kirkland Brothers x Reader Chapter 1
Kirkland Brothers x Reader: Magical Babysitting Adventure!?
Request: Reader is babysitting England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. They think reader is awesome and they all go on a magical adventure.
Hehe this should be interesting F3
~.~.~ Normal/ Kirkland Brother's POV~.~.~
The young boys couldn't wait for (name), their babysitter, to get there. England had prepared and learned some new spells to show (name), Ireland had found a four-leaf clover that he wanted to give her, Wales had dyed and threaded some wool for sewing, and Scotland had a bottle of whiskey to share if (name) wanted any.
Scotland looked to be around 18. He had bright red-orange hair that stopped passed his ears, dark emerald green eyes, and he almost always seemed to have a cigarette, but you had been breaking him off that nasty habit. He was also able to keep a great hold of his liquor, as well as the fact that he was a huge flirt.
England looked to be about 5, with his messy blond hair and his bright gre
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Countries: France :iconsinto-risky:Sinto-risky 2,217 130 Free Meadow at Night Background :iconbackgroundstore:BackgroundStore 353 47 Photoshop Shapes: World Map :iconlukeroberts:lukeroberts 1,111 250 European Stereotype :iconhillfighter:Hillfighter 330 145
Prussia x LongHair!Reader - Sick Day
Original title is original. Not. Sorry Reader-tan, you need to have long hair for this one! Human names used. Gilbert might seem a little OOC, but I do believe he has a sweet side :) I didn't bother writing the accents, 'cause I suck at that. :P Enjoy!
You had no idea how you were such close friends with Gilbert Bielschmidt, easily the most popular, eligible bachelor at your large high school. Most of the time he would hang with a group of the guys from his (whatever sport you want) team, but sometimes he would go out of his way to sit with you and your friends. You had no idea why he did this, but you didn't mind so you just went with it.
Today, Gilbert was ranting about the new girl that had just moved to your high school from (wherever you want). These were the days you hated. You hated when he talked about other girls. You knew somewhere deep in your heart that you had a crush on Gilbert, but you decided that unlike most high school girls who would confess to the most popula
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Country Love + Speedpaint :iconyamio:Yamio 2,669 229
Russia x Reader : How to Get a Girl to Like You
"U-uh ... Become one, da?" Ivan said nervously
The girl he was talking to walked away, looking agitated. He went back to his friends, who were leaning against the wall and had seen what had happened
"You botched it again?!" Arthur said, folding his arms
"At this rate, you'll become the guy in the school with the most rejections" America said
"Oui, even more than that loser from Canada" Francis laughed
"Francis, that's our friend Matthew, aru" Yao sighed
"He's still a loser" Francis muttered
"Alright, let's get back to the job in hand ... getting Ivan a girl so his crazy sister will leave him be" Arthur said
"Sh-she's not crazy. She's just ... eccentric" Ivan said, a little embarrassed
He was always a little defensive when it came to his family, but he couldn't deny that his younger sister Natalia was a little messed up in the head. He had gone to his friends for help, hoping they could teach him how to get a girl to like him ... one that wasn't his crazy sister. But he always ended up
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Lolita Summer 2011 Collection :iconneko-vi:Neko-Vi 7,079 435 Village of Wall: Stardust :iconarwensgrace:ArwensGrace 2,307 220
Insane!Iceland x Therapist!Reader : Unstable P3
You led Lukas inside your apartment and you both took a seat on the sofa/couch. Lukas looked at the floor. Something was bugging him … and you had a pretty good idea why. After all, his little brother was in an insane asylum and no one had informed him of his little brother's progress, which was a little bizarre
"So … how is he?" Lukas asked
"He's doing really well. He's talking a lot more than he did when he first came, so that's a good sign. He keeps asking when he can go home, though" You replied
He looked at you, with a hint of surprise in his eyes, but his face remained the same – completely void of emotion
"Does … he talk about us?" He asked
You thought about it for a moment and realised that Emil talked about wanting to go home, but never mentioned his sibling or the other Nordics at all. And then there were those weird, yet familiar comments he kept making …
"No … I'm sorry. But he does keep saying he wants to come home … and there's something
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