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Painted Eyebrow Trends in Tang Dynasty by lilsuika Painted Eyebrow Trends in Tang Dynasty :iconlilsuika:lilsuika 757 28 Makeup Detail: It Came from the Deep Web by Khdd Makeup Detail: It Came from the Deep Web :iconkhdd:Khdd 634 69 Wirru's Cosplay Eyebrows Tutorial by AmenoKitarou Wirru's Cosplay Eyebrows Tutorial :iconamenokitarou:AmenoKitarou 400 54 Skin Brushes by env1ro Skin Brushes :iconenv1ro:env1ro 4,503 841 damn make-up. by cristina-otero damn make-up. :iconcristina-otero:cristina-otero 7,001 903 Cosmetic Surgery by Alon-O Cosmetic Surgery :iconalon-o:Alon-O 3,250 366 The Avengers: Loki by Unique-Desire The Avengers: Loki :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 1,061 153 Two-Face / Harvey Dent by FraGatsu Two-Face / Harvey Dent :iconfragatsu:FraGatsu 1,651 272 Super Mushroom Nail Art by Chelseapoops Super Mushroom Nail Art :iconchelseapoops:Chelseapoops 503 48 Hogwarts Houses by Unique-Desire Hogwarts Houses :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 2,255 246 Makeup: The Dollmaker by Khdd Makeup: The Dollmaker :iconkhdd:Khdd 282 44 Heavy Metal by Honey-Lemonade Heavy Metal :iconhoney-lemonade:Honey-Lemonade 1,089 53 The Avengers: Iron Man by Unique-Desire The Avengers: Iron Man :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 382 32 While the Man Waits Downstairs by Life-takers-crayons While the Man Waits Downstairs :iconlife-takers-crayons:Life-takers-crayons 1,417 401 Converse! by TheWorldIsLove Converse! :icontheworldislove:TheWorldIsLove 1,740 356 Sweet Strawberry Salon by Princess-Peachie Sweet Strawberry Salon :iconprincess-peachie:Princess-Peachie 398 70 Obsidian by LethalKitten Obsidian :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 199 86 The Dark Knight Rises by Unique-Desire The Dark Knight Rises :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 320 41 Cool Water by KatelynnRose Cool Water :iconkatelynnrose:KatelynnRose 850 104 Pikachu inspired by KatelynnRose Pikachu inspired :iconkatelynnrose:KatelynnRose 555 84 Criss-Cross by LethalKitten Criss-Cross :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 179 115 The Ugly Duckling (21st century version) by WirdouDesigns The Ugly Duckling (21st century version) :iconwirdoudesigns:WirdouDesigns 1,184 61 Nail Art Cherry Blossom by Lizananails Nail Art Cherry Blossom :iconlizananails:Lizananails 248 22 Zombie Makeup: Knocked My Teeth Out by Khdd Zombie Makeup: Knocked My Teeth Out :iconkhdd:Khdd 173 28 The Giant Gas Planet: Jupiter by Unique-Desire The Giant Gas Planet: Jupiter :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 388 75 For Yumes by Alma1129 For Yumes :iconalma1129:Alma1129 199 36 Multi Coloured 'Converse' by Suga-Skull Multi Coloured 'Converse' :iconsuga-skull:Suga-Skull 1,624 425 Dusty Rose by LethalKitten Dusty Rose :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 167 70 Earrings 6 by AimeeStock Earrings 6 :iconaimeestock:AimeeStock 177 14 Octopus Sharpie Tattoo by DablurArt Octopus Sharpie Tattoo :icondablurart:DablurArt 118 9 Golden Burgundy by KatelynnRose Golden Burgundy :iconkatelynnrose:KatelynnRose 274 27 BubblePop Fallout. by KassandraLeigh BubblePop Fallout. :iconkassandraleigh:KassandraLeigh 179 30 Big Mouth by Khdd Big Mouth :iconkhdd:Khdd 132 16 Mercury - The Dead Planet by Unique-Desire Mercury - The Dead Planet :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 350 40 Jinx by LethalKitten Jinx :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 150 63 Earrings 1 by AimeeStock Earrings 1 :iconaimeestock:AimeeStock 132 20 TNT - I'm Dynamite! by Unique-Desire TNT - I'm Dynamite! :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 542 29 Makeup: Cheshire Cat by Khdd Makeup: Cheshire Cat :iconkhdd:Khdd 178 12 Boiler Suit Model by Py-Bun Boiler Suit Model :iconpy-bun:Py-Bun 209 27 Don't Fall Asleep by Khdd Don't Fall Asleep :iconkhdd:Khdd 562 109 Dark Antoinette by Unique-Desire Dark Antoinette :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 179 17
She saunters with a timeless grace.
She holds perfection in her face.
Proportioned in the classic sense,
her face drew looks from passing gents.
Her lips were full.  She would not fain
refuse judicious cherry stain.
Her cheekbones painted, dusted red.
Synthetic color, bottle bred.
Her eyebrows arch in perfect lines,
but those are not innate designs.
Her eyelids tinted palest rose.
Her lashes frame the hue she chose.
Her skin is flawless, native silk.
Its tone is creamy, mild as milk.
No blemish, line, or errant spot
shall bring this beauty rare to rot.
Her glamour, rich, refined, we hail,
yet underneath this gilded veil,
there lies a dying woman, aged,
her beauty withered, broken, caged.
The tide of youth, it quickly ebbs.
Her dead flesh draped with spider webs.
She lived for beauty, every breath
was spent and thus prolonged her death.
When veil's removed, our vision warps.
Carrion, mutton, carcass, corpse.
She hides her dying face and soul
beneath a mask a world from whole.
:iconcurseudifferentones:CurseUDifferentOnes 25 164
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Nails by TheWorldIsLove Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Nails :icontheworldislove:TheWorldIsLove 156 45
God's Mortician
It wasn’t as if Thomas had known what to expect; it just that he hadn’t expected, well, this. He read the obituaries every Sunday out of a mixture of habit and morbid curiosity – or as he liked to call it; “professional interest”. At least that’s what he told his wife, anyway, when he noticed her brow furrowing, or her lips puckering into something dangerously close to resembling a pout over breakfast. She didn’t like dead people; his “clients”. She didn’t like hearing about embalming, or caskets, or hilarious anecdotes of “you’ll never believe the cosmetic work I had to do on this corpse today! The man’s accident left him without a face!” and the like. And she never visited him at work. “It’s one step above grave-digging if you ask me. It’s mortifying being married to a mortician!”
Thomas wasn’t much of a conversationalist. He didn’t much like people, and they didn
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 23 31
Vulpix Inspired by KatelynnRose Vulpix Inspired :iconkatelynnrose:KatelynnRose 309 34 Pink Passion by Diana-Neege Pink Passion :icondiana-neege:Diana-Neege 620 67 Cut Crease Look (YOUTUBE TUTORIAL) by KatelynnRose Cut Crease Look (YOUTUBE TUTORIAL) :iconkatelynnrose:KatelynnRose 373 27