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Charm Gone Wrong [Yuuya Kizami One-Shot]
You wandered around the second wing of the accursed school you were currently in aka Heavenly Host Elementary. You were looking for your best friend that had come with you, but honestly, any living person would be a great sight to see. After walking around for about 10 minutes, you stumbled upon a crystal of some kind.
“Huh, wonder what this does.” You said aloud aimlessly walking until you reached a restroom, a woman’s restroom to be exact.
The restroom was covered in seals that were meant for purification, but when you got closer the seals disintegrated and the crystal shattered. Dumbfounded, you stood there for about thirty seconds before entering the bathroom.
“Might as well use it.” You thought entering the horrible smelling, darkened room.
Walking over to the stalls you tried to open one, but it wouldn’t budge.
“Are you kidding me right now?” You mumbled as you gave it another go; it still wouldn’t open.
Looking up, you saw ro
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My First Rabbit~! (Kizami X READER)
My First Rabbit (KIZAMI X READER)
You were left to die by whom you thought were your friends, in which they took your paper scrap, the only way home, the key thing that got you here in this nightmare of a elementary school in order for them a chance of escape since they lost their scraps. And they succeeded, they went home without you and you never felt so betrayed in your life. You were beaten down to the point where you couldn't even use your legs for how bruised they were, you even had to steal a blazer from a student's corpse to hide the teared up uniform underneath. To move around using your arm strength tired you out so easily. Eventually, you found your way inside the school's science lab, it would be your safe haven for however long you had left. Oddly enough, you weren't angry about your situation, you just wanted everything to be done and over peacefully.
To die in peace was your wish, not by the ghosts, nor by black fog known as The Darkening, you just wanted to die where yo
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Corpse Party
Rusted sinks flowing with dry blood, or even insides.
Buckets in every corner over flowing with decaying guts and maggots.
The floor boards creaking and breaking, walls dirty with mold and blood.
What is this place?
Is this Hell?
It could be.
Low moans fill the walls.
Darkness swallowing you whole.
No exit to escape.
Only you and the hallway, creeping up on you.
While your mind is swimming with thoughts.
Where are my friends?
Are they safe?
Am I safe?
What will happen?
What’s going on?
Will I die here?
Dead bodies spread the floor.
Fresh ones, blood pooling out there bodies.
Intestines opened to the air you inhale.
Bodies you’ve seen before…was it your friend?
No it couldn’t be.
Mind feeling heavy.
You scream as dead eyes you once knew lazily looking up at you.
Almost pleading for help.
Giggles, yes giggles.
Fill the area, but all is dark.
Wait a little girl in a red dress?
Why is she here?
Does she know this is dangerous?
Hold on…
Her eyes are gray and
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Morishige poem
Yes that's right...
Real ones.
Is that real?
It couldn't be.
Could it?
But they look so beautiful.
I shouldn't be thinking this.
This isn't right.
But...they're perfect.
One of them I like.
Splattered beautifully.
The insides hugged the wall...
Blood reached every corner.
This voice.
I know it.
No...It couldn't be.
I stare at the tiny screen...
This couldn't be her....
Could it?
My head feels heavy.
Is this blood?
Blood runs down my face.
I grab my head, and scream.
I ran.
That couldn't be her.
How could I think about her that way.
Her sweet smile...
My body is numb.
Glass falling around me.
I'm crying.
Her face runs through my mind.
Her warm embrace.
Her warm personality...
Oh Mayu...
My sweet little Mayu...
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My Big Brother (Kizami x Reader)
*(name)=your name*
You were in Heavenly Host School alone. That was what you thought. Until you saw your brother lying on the other side of the room. You went to him and he smiled. He was glad nothing happend. You stayed with your brother and were searching for your friends. “Onii-chan I'm scared” you said.
“You don't have to be scared I'm here with you” He smiled softly. Onii-chan will we find the others” you asked. “Of course” he smiled but you didn't really believe him. After a while you were tired and just sat down. “Onii-chan I'm tired” you said half asleep. “Just rest a little bit okay I will be here to protect you”he said and you fell asleep.
You woke up but you didn't find your brother anymore. You searched for him. Until you found him dead on the floor still bleeding. You were shocked and scared. You were all alone. You cried and cried. Until you got up you didn't smile neither did were you crying. You piked up
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Gihh it back by Elentori Gihh it back :iconelentori:Elentori 1,252 52 Bad end by top-banana Bad end :icontop-banana:top-banana 228 52
Death Battle: Yandere-Chan vs Yuuya Kizami

Vocal: Alright! The combatants are set and the results are in!
HD: So buckle up, because it's time for a Death Battle!
        Heavenly Host Elementary...
It had happened once again. The rumor of the "Sachiko Ever After Charm" had taken several more victims. While many of them were, seemingly, typical highschool students, one stood out. One was a teenage boy, with black hair and looks surpassing that of the other students around him. The other girls clung to him, or tried to, as they were scared. And, in the very same room, none of the girls could feel the death glare coming from a fellow classmate who had entered this world alongside them.
She wore a typical schoolgirl outfit, and her hair was black, reaching down to the center of her back. She glared at the other girls with hatred, but whenever her gaze secretly fell onto her Senpai? She froz
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Mayu Poem
I don’t know why we’re here,
But these little children…are hurt.
I understand them.
I want to help them.
So why are they telling me no?
I told them many of times.
It’s okay.
They won’t hurt me…right?
What is this?
I’m being lifted.
Why am I going straight at the door?
I feel the door hit my body.
My body aces.
I’m still going straight…
Is that a wall up ahead?
Wait, don’t they know were going straight for it?
I start to panic.
My screams pour out.
My tears fall down my chin.
My eyes widen as I get closer.
No please no!
My body feels numb.
I feel nothing at all.
Just coldness.
Emptiness…is all I feel.
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(Male!Ghost!Reader x Seiko) 1
  A lonesome spirit wandered through the endless and dark hallways of Heavenly Host elementary school. The spirit was a friendly spirit unlike most of the others. This spirit would actually try to help any trapped students escape the cursed school, only to get stopped by that wretched little girl, Sachiko. That sick and twisted child spirit was the reason for all of this. The suffering, the bloodshed, the memories of the students in the real world taken away. All because of her. The spirit died in a painful and brutal way when he was still alive. He remembered it all so clearly. 
*When the spirit was still alive"
"Come on. He'll get us!" A teenage boy yelled at his friend as they were running from three child spirits with gruesome features. They ran in the dark hallways as rain kept hitting the windows. The duo were close to getting away, but that was until the teenager's friend tripped on a dead body.
"Come on get up!" The teenage friend yelled as he helped his friend
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