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A Confucian with White peonies :icontheobsidian:theobsidian 81 2 Tong Ru :icongraystripe64:Graystripe64 383 25 Build LOVE --Digital version-- :iconmengky335:mengky335 121 126 Confucian Hippos :iconhey-poo-guy:Hey-Poo-Guy 24 22 12 :iconezade:ezade 19 5 Avatar: Sphere of Confucianism :iconfantasystockavatars:FantasyStockAvatars 15 4
loves cocoon
Mustard seed...
                      in fallow soil,
A little deed...
                        a little toil,
Here beneath...
                the cooling shade,
Rest within...
                   Confucian Jade,
Let your virtues...
                     ring out true,
Compassion, courage...
                       wisdom too,
Of feminine feel...
                and erotic lustre,
Inner peace...
         and balance structure,
The seed so small...
:iconstayingpower:Stayingpower 5 8
Coexist? :iconj-lindo:J-Lindo 5 18 My new room 5 :iconyair23:yair23 5 4 Lord Carp :iconcypher-calliste:Cypher-Calliste 4 0 Pokebros: Josh and his Ninetales :icongonchan01:GonChan01 4 4 MegaConfucian Staff House :iconelfcoach:Elfcoach 3 0 Temple of Solomon (Burn Babylon) :icongdsfgs:gdsfgs 3 0
Glass Umbrellas
Mendacious glass alien umbrellas,
In hostile lugubrious flight,
Detective with his plastic lace monocle,
With his gravity literature story in hand.
A pretentious pocket rabbit with a secret,
With a stoic watching tea cup on his nose,
Vivacious skeleton damsel wishes for an end,
To malicious distress of an overwrought duchess.
Lock up melancholy blasphemous cinema,
Disintegrate a hushed up key,
Astounding Confucian, it's time to relinquish,
Dissociate from telescopic sacred oceanic fingernails.
Succumbing to corresponding corroding anticipation,
Deranged pouty heart shaped cherry lips,
Giraffe taboo geared at astro goggles,
To a candy fantasia of a trillion years.
:iconemmaliene:Emmaliene 2 2
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Liu the Confucian Lion Bio (Updated)
Liu the Confucian Lion Bio (Updated)
Name: Liu the Confucian Lion
Real Name: Liu Yang
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Philosophy Teacher
Time Period of Birth: Qing Dynasty
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Clothing: Traditional male Chinese red robe with golden designs but doesn't wear a hat. In battle, he can be seen wearing a traditional Chinese golden armor with his Chinese war sword with him.
Superpower: He can use his textbook to summon pages of paper at his command and he can attack his enemies with them or subdue his enemies with them.
Interests: Confucius, botany, herbal medicine, math, teaching, etc.
Personality: Strict but outgoing and wants the best out of his friends.
Languages Spoken: Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, and English.
Bio Notes: Many hail him as the wisest lion that ever lived, similar to how Leonidas the Hellenic Lion is the strongest that ever lived.  
Along with the other parallels, he disappeared for a time after the Rio 2016 Olympics (as a result of Leo l
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A Confucian Moment
In amassing information
far beyond the Middle Ages,
mankind has succeeded
in knowing more than
he’ll ever remember.
The moral of the story
for my curious successors:
More knowledge leaves room
for more forgetfulness.
:iconihedge:iHedge 1 12
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