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commission: kanuka by vmbui commission: kanuka :iconvmbui:vmbui 3,337 214
Charles Xavier x Mutant!Reader ~ Mind Flirt
You were sitting right in front of Charles at the dinner, surrounded by other mutants, like Erik, Alex or Hank. You were a telepath, just like Charles. And you were quiet an attractive one. Charles cought your eye quiet a while ago and now you saw an ideal moment to have a little fun. Who knows, maybe he won't hate you after this? You did find him handsome and smart, he was your crush. But you couldn't stop your mishievous nature. So you bit your lip, smiling at the telepath.
 - Reading someone's mind? - You asked in his mind. He shook his head a little, surprised by you and he smirked a bit.
 - Says the one who just did the same. - He answered, as you took a bite of a strawberry from your desert. - You are acting different lately, love.
 - Love? Did I just got an promotion? I'm flattered, Charlie.
- You said looking at him with a mischievous smile on forming on your lips. - What does it mean, 'you're acting different'? Be specific, darling. -
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 437 17
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