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HOW TO Make Your Computer Sound Like GLaDOS
First, you need GLaDOS's sound files. These can be found here: (naturally, spoilers abound).
This site contains the audio files for every voice line in-game for every character in the Portal series, so if you'd rather someone other than GLaDOS (though why in Aperture would you?!), or want to supplement your new GLaDOS computer system with some other characters too, you can get their voice lines as well.
Next up, you're going to need an idea of what quotes you want to use, and get ready to set them. You'll need to open up your system sounds editor. On my Windows 7, I just right-click while in my desktop, click "Personalize", then when that menu opens up, I just click "Sounds" on the bar beneath all my themes. Alternately, I can just use the search or Control Panel to get to the "Sound" option window, and click the button "Sounds" on the bar on the top. Depending on your operating system and version, finding how to change your syste
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Master Sim: Going Native
      As Clay walks up the stairs, I look back at my body utterly shocked.  Did he just say that he had some sort of computer program that could change me into some sort of sex goddess in the blink of an eye?  Besides, if this is true, what makes him think that he had the right to tamper with MY body?  
      This question goes off in my mind, but then I take another look at my body.  Should I really be judging Clay this harshly?  I mean, after all, he DID give me the body of my dreams.
      Another question enters my head: how would other people, especially my parents, react?  I frown.  Yeah, explaining THIS will be real fun.  Imagine me having to say to my parents “Hey Mom, hey Dad, I can’t tell if you’ve noticed, but an hour ago, some miracle happened that gave me the body of a Kardashian.  No big deal, right?”
      I bite my lip.  We
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Foreign Exchange
      “Koko ni anata no sutoppudesu!” the bus driver yells at me.
      “Umm, thanks?” I squeak as I walk out of the bus.  The door closes quickly behind me as I exit, and with that, the bus shoots off to its next destination.
      I sigh as I begin to walk down the dirt road in which I was dropped off.  I am almost at my destination.  It is relieving to know that after two days of constant traveling, relaxation isn’t far off.  All around me, the trees are moving gracefully with the wind, as if they are welcoming me.  I smile as I remember that my life hasn’t always been this lovely.
      Ever since my brother, Kaleb, died in a car accident two years ago, my parents have shut me out.  You see, my brother was teaching me how to drive when we were blindsided by another car at an intersection.  All that I had was a broken arm, but my brother died on i
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My World
I hate people
I hate society
I hate talking to people
I hate sociability
I want to stay here
In my world
I hate to hurt
I hate being hurt
I will not go out
I want to stay here
Here, in my little world
Where nobody will be there
Nobody will talk to me
Nobody will hurt me…
Here... in the thick darkness of my little and lonely world.
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Sick Of Men (Various TGs)
James laid in bed and moped about. He caught some sort of flu after his adventure as a mermaid with his friend Kimba. James assumed he caught some kind of bug after all of those underwater adventures, little did he know that he contracted a very odd virus that would turn his world around. After moping in bed for a bit, James walked over to his computer. He was very annoyed that after such a crazy adventure he would get sick! James almost never got sick, even in winter his sinuses stayed clear. It was odd that he'd catch something right away.
As he typed away, he found something interesting online. He was surprised to find a study that showed that men get sick more often than woman! "Man, what I wouldn't give for some of that womanly immunity right now." James said to himself as he sulked about the fact that his male chromosomes made him more susceptible to catching cold. Was it a superstition? Possibly, but to James it didn't matter. At that point, he blamed his own masculinity for the
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