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Letters I Will Never Send :iconoo-rein-oo:oO-Rein-Oo 1,580 64
6 Tips for Creating Paragraphs in Your Novel
6 Tips for Creating Paragraphs in Your Novel
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 7 “Editing” – Section 2 “The Paragraph”
“I will try to cram these paragraphs full of facts and give them a weight and shape no greater than that of a cloud of blue butterflies.”
-Brendan Gill
Once you have completed a first draft that is broken down by carefully constructed plot-points and chapter breaks, the next element you need to look at is the paragraph. Think of paragraphs as the glue by which you hold the sentences, which form your story, into cohesive and unified ideas. The difficulty, however, is that paragraph construction in a novel is not a hard science. Whereas some things, like plot-points, you can cleanly identify, plan, and build, paragrap
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Bloody Ballad :icondraculeariccy:DraculeaRiccy 1,111 305 Yowane Haku :iconumibe:umibe 170 17
Suppressed Brilliance
Am I insane or philosophical?
Are my theories minute or astronomical?
Irrelevant or significant?
Are the machinations of my brain
Foolish or magnificent?
Thank God that I am resilient,
Because you have been suppressing my brilliance
All this time telling me that I am crazy
But you were wrong all along
Failing to see that I fit the pieces
Of life’s puzzle together differently
To compose a unique song,
Just because you don’t understand
My thought process,
Doesn’t mean that you are smarter than me,
Watch me create a wonder,
And you shall see….
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Grand Piano :iconstarduststock:starduststock 139 26
If I Could..
if i could tear down the stars from the sky,
if i could find the perfect one for you,
if i could freeze time at the perfect sunset,
if i could give you the world,
would you love me then?
if i could write you the most beautiful sonnet,
if i could compose for you the sweetest symphony,
if i could create for you the most glorious painting,
if i could simply do something worth your time,
would you love me then?
if i could end your sadness forever,
if i could silence all of your fears,
if i could mend your broken heart,
if i could tell you just how much you mean to me,
would you love me then?
would you even care?
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times past :iconunfaithfulstars:unfaithfulstars 27 12
you can't compose yourself.
and maybe just
maybe everytime
you feel like
crying, i think i'll try to
you laugh, at
something as meaning-
less as this.
and i wish you
didn't leave,
on that one cold
winter morning, because i'm
stuck down here with
out you my
dear and i'm
never going to
grow up and
out of this
pointless little
i painted my
nightmares and yours on
to an empty
canvas that
to this day remains
blank. you're
blind you see.
and so am i.
we were blue
birds at red lights with
intentions to
find greener grass.
we promised ourselves
we would get
off this path of
:iconstuff7:stuff7 25 14
Details evolve of in-existence.
Reprised within parallel sights.
Echoing perspective’s labyrinths.
Aligning dimensional plights.
Maintaining visual eternity.
Symmetrically perceiving, equally.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 18 5
Birth of a Lullaby :iconwhitneyw:whitneyw 156 30 Hetalia Dance to For the Show :iconalligatorplaid:AlligatorPlaid 330 58 Using Crop Tool in Photos -G- :iconphotoshop-tutorials:photoshop-tutorials 128 13
Willowed waves withhold.
Watered walls whisper.
Washed waxes weave.
Weightless woods wither.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 14 5
Lavender paintings blend.
Of lunar, blanketed streams.
Crystal teas withhold.
Ashen, stoneless dreams.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 14 0
NO :icondoekitty:DoeKitty 140 101 The Ode For Music :iconmysticara:Mysticara 67 36
Seas of quartz stain.
Emerald trees envelop.
Opal mountains drain.
Harmonic silver develops.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 13 6
A Silent Symphony :iconlonglivethisnerd:longlivethisnerd 104 50
Aural hymns silence the unrested graves,
Whispering of serenity, and temporal caves.
Recollections withholding uncertainty’s grasp,
Dispel beneath eyes of my awakened gaze.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 12 2
Mellow petals converse.
Neutral peaks echo.
Admired notes dissipate.
Presumed seas slow.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 12 0
LILY PARADISE :iconnicetsukichi:nicetsukichi 90 102
Amber stars drain.
Floral winters soften.
Pervious moons rotate.
Barren streams broaden.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 11 4
Static Eyes :iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 79 13
I am no Stradivarius;
Yet you tease like fine tuning,
With a well-practiced finesse
Tracing digits along curves;
Nails scoring the lines of red strings
Along pale, over-sensitive skin,
Following a taut arch of spine
Dig in fingertips--harder.
The very first note a hiss of breath  
As you begin to play so intimately
Bringing your music alive
With teeth on flesh.
:iconrockgem:rockgem 11 8
The Sailor Pose Play Pack :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,227 309
The Doll and I
Maybe read description first to understand??
And you were always there when I needed a friend.
You didn't talk back.
You didn't hate me.
I brushed the hair on the doll back
You didn't cry nor laugh.
You were all that I needed.
You are all that I need.
I need no other,
I have you

And I grew up
In the company of my doll
Living in the present and past
When did everything go black?
Was it the night of the wreck?
No more memories of us.
No more memories of…
Was this peaceful darkness
The feeling of death?

I can't die.
I needed to stay with you.
Your lifeless eyes beckoning me back.
Your called me back to you
I reached out
Stay with me forever
We are one.
No longer containing memories of
Being separate.
This is I.
:iconoenvy:oEnvy 10 7
Love Song :iconmikezors87:mikezors87 64 14 The One Without A Name - music :iconjocarra:jocarra 134 283
Replicated beams absorb.
Fanned grasses initiate.
Translucent woods encircle.
Ambient rains resuscitate.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 10 2
Ainulindale :iconariel87:Ariel87 45 30
What searches for the introspection,
Of eternity’s underlying reflection?
A living end, or passing dawn?
Perhaps both; will they live on?
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 9 0
Riddles drip glass.
Leaves of ivory melt.
Blue rains harmonize.
Softened dreams lighten bells.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 9 0
Submerged forests rest.
Beneath greying winds; lunar.
Arctic scents fulfill.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 9 2
Good Night
As the evening turns to blue,
I look to the sea, and say farewell to you.
With nostalgia’s eyes, and melancholy’s gaze,
I drift into the snowy haze.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 9 0
compose :iconalperyesiltas:alperyesiltas 61 27 Tegaki - Infinite Dawn :icongodsavant:godsavant 42 19 Dragon Heaven :iconbendy001:bendy001 60 9
Piles of clouds resurrect,
Rivers reprising detection.
Encompassing eternal reflections,
Colossal powers divide.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 8 0
Beneath my visions.
Temporal mirrors resound.
Above, hazes gleam.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 8 2
The freshly poured slide throughout gears and sludge.
(Upon the narrow windowsill - dull eyes glance away.)
Their slippery forms medicate my waterless flowers.
(Silver pails contain each a cube of tears.)
The sun's glare ensures shriveling and poison.
(A blanket of skin is draped with caution.)
Tranquility develops without the usage of falsities.
(I shall conceal those of my secrecy.)
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 8 0
45 Vinyl Record Fascinator HeadBand pair :iconsmallrinilady:smallrinilady 25 4
Clocks of iris clouds.
Revive tints of frigidness.
Among powdered fields.
:iconplethorafantastique:PlethoraFantastique 8 0
Commission: Vinyl Versus Octavia :icondarkflame75:DarkFlame75 50 11 like old times :iconallinix:AlliNix 75 7 Blue song :iconevergreen-rew:evergreen-rew 50 2 comp.2 - song auto. starts :iconshorai-san:Shorai-san 50 63
When Demyx slept, he never experienced such a thing as a dreamless sleep. He always dreamed.
He dreamed of fists, and boots, and bludgeons, and his own precious sitar being used to break his bones until the instrument itself shattered. He dreamed of being chained in dark and silence like a dangerous animal, away from sunlight and moonlight and even firelight, battered and abused and starved, despised even by his fellow prisoners. He dreamed of feeling the noose tighten around his neck, watching the crowd gathered around the gallows in Port Royal screaming soundlessly for his blood, not caring what crimes he may or may not have committed, only caring that he lived without a heart, and so must die.
He dreamed of hatred.
He dreamed of the trapdoor opening, and falling - and the rope broke, and he landed on the bed he'd slept in for most of his childhood, a dozen years younger than he ought to be. His throat hurt, as if from the rope - but the rope was, it was more like he'd been
:iconvanshirakasores:VanshiraKasores 19 17