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The Timeline of DeviantArt
The Timeline of deviantART
In 2014, DeviantArt turned 14 years old. Fourteen years is a long time, some of you reading this may be younger than that. I've gathered some historical information with the help of Moonbeam13 and some members of the Community Relations team to help enlighten those of you who have joined in recent years and missed out on a chunk of DeviantArt's life.
I hope you enjoy taking a step back in time!
Please note: it is extremely difficult to track down some events in DeviantArt's history (in particular, the first few years) and that some dates are only approximate. founded
August: tech13 becomes the first recipient of the prestigious Deviousness Award.
August 4: The first member-submitted deviation is uploaded - A Dangerusss QNX by :de
:iconbradleysays:bradleysays 649 472
So you want to be a CV...
Sometimes I like to wander through the communityrelations group, and I always come across comments from people so willing to become volunteers, I constantly come across people who say "Applied for ___ gallery!", "I can't wait to be 18 to apply!", "I so want to be on the team!", there are some who list the complete CR roster in their personal profiles, who openly say in their tagline, signatures or devIDs "Hoping to be a CV one day", etc. This is specially evident in the The Community Relations Team journal, where the opening positions are listed.
To those people: take this journal just as a personal opinion and a friendly advice from a fellow community member, someone who loves the community and is willing to contribute and give back the way one can. This comes from my personal experience, shouldn't be taken as the whole Community Relations nor deviantArt's official stance.
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Furya by SaTaNiA Furya :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 435 104 Fus Roh Dah! by SaTaNiA Fus Roh Dah! :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 264 64 Bloody Flow by SaTaNiA Bloody Flow :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 304 40
deviantART's 13th Birthday Contest!
deviantART's 13th Birthday is August 7th, 2013. It's time to celebrate - in the form of art! :hooray:
The Contest
It's simple - create a deviation for the 13th Birthday category.
Browse the popular section of the gallery to get an idea of what can be submitted for the contest. You can create some deviantART fan art, bake a birthday cake, or anything else relating to deviantART's 13th Birthday.
Your submission should be relating to deviantART and/or deviantART's 13th Birthday.
Your entry must be for this contest. You can't enter a deviation that you have made for another communityrelations sponsored birthday contest.
All mediums are accepted.
You're welcome to submit to a different category if your entry won't submit into the 13th Birthday gallery (ie. jo
:iconbradleysays:bradleysays 150 211
Frost by SaTaNiA Frost :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 223 42
Contest: Fan Art Nouveau
Hello, everyone! It's time for another Fan Art contest. This time, we're asking participants to create Fan Art in Art Nouveau style.
What is Art Nouveau?
"Art Nouveau (French pronunciation: ​[aʁ nuvo], Anglicised to /ˈɑːrt nuːˈvoʊ/) or Jugendstil is an international philosophy[1] and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that was most popular during 1890–1910.[2] English uses the French name Art nouveau ("new art"), but the style has many different names in other countries. A reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it was inspired by natural forms and structures, not only in flowers and plants, but also in curved lines. Architects tried to harmonize with the natural environment.[3]
Art Nouveau is considered a "total" art style, embracing architecture, graphic art, interior design, and most of the decorative arts including jewellery, furniture, textiles, household sil
:iconalexandrasalas:alexandrasalas 121 134
Community Relations Free Skin by Ikue Community Relations Free Skin :iconikue:Ikue 373 179
Fellas World - Contest
:note: Contest ended -see the winners here
We all know Fella and dA wouldn't be the same without him anymore.
But did you ever wonder who he really is? Where does he come from? Why is he alone?
He is always at our side, lurking here and there, making your dA experience a little brighter and introducing you to new things all the time.
Your mission is to show us the world of Fella.
How does he live? Does he have pets? Is he the only one or are there other 'creatures' like him? Does he come from a distant planet? Is he the  result of an experiment?
What does he eat? Or maybe he doesn't need to eat at all?
What is he doing in his freetime? Does he like to cook or read a good book? Or is he more of an adventurer, exploring the world outside?
Below you can see a few artworks, that already show Fella working for dA or in random situations. Maybe these inspire you to come up with other details of his life.
:iconginkgografix:ginkgografix 125 238
WP - Lilith by SaTaNiA WP - Lilith :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 239 35
Anime and Manga DD round up, July 2014
Features by cinyu

The Golden Yard by Naschi:Dear Old Memories - You ~ Youko: by Nacura-G
Karasutengu by ASingleGiraffeSV - hoshino-arashi by pepapenmemory f i s h by Gasara
Lia by OXMirukuBP: HBD JOHN by tooaya
Comm: sugarella by ikr:: y o u t h f u l. d a y s :: by hitogataDreamScape by muhoho-seijin
10.07.14 by Asa-tan[PFFK]Chapter III:Bloody Sun by laziesheavenA vampire never dies by Pemiin
:iconcinyu:cinyu 113 19
devID Spooky Make-up Contest!
It's time for the deviantID Spooky Make-up Contest! :eager:
Halloween is always a fun time of year, especially when you dress up for halloween. Take a portrait of yourself with spooky make-up on! No, not like Snooki. Like these:

Contest Guidelines
Your entry must be a photograph showing you as the main subject (or one of the main subjects).You are more than welcome to wear a costume in the photo!Please keep photo-editing to a minimal. i.e Cropping, slight colour changes, etc are permitted.Your entry must comply with deviantART's Submission PolicyYou must credit any stock or resources you use in your entry.Multiple entries are encouraged, but you may only win once.You must be wearing make-up or face paint. Your entry must be submitted into the contest category:
:iconbradleysays:bradleysays 128 118
Poetry Basics: Emotions
Emotions in poetry
Writing, at its very base, is communication. We write to communicate with someone else, with ourselves when we write, we arrange words in a manner that is intended to be read. This is very important because, no matter what or how you write, this one basic fact never changes. If you get stuck at any point, you can come back to this sturdy foundation. I am writing to communicate; what do I want to communicate?
Often, the answer is emotions: how you feel, or how you want your reader to feel. As Gregory Corso wrote, "You must feel! It's beautiful to feel!"
We all feel, but how we express our feels is a matter of perspective. If we are too flippant with our choice of words, our readers will think we are shallow. If we are too brooding and deliberate, our readers may find us incomprehensible. Finding a balance takes work and dedication.
But that work and dedication is what distinguishes
:iconthebrassglass:TheBrassGlass 95 12
Through Your Eyes Contest
:iconphoenixleo:phoenixleo 118 161
Literature DD Roundup February 2016
:iconthemaideninblack: Features by TheMaidenInBlack

:iconliliwrites: Features by LiliWrites
Who will perform the autopsy? by HugQueenCultist by SycstaAvenger by KreepingSpawnHow long does it take to get to the stars by xeroksWinter by WizardHowl10001tilling by ArwynRieTorn Photograph by The-Story-SpinnerArticle for the MAGIC Foundation newsletter by InsomniaDoodlesMuted by dreamsinstatic
:iconbrennenxr: Features by brennenxr
Midnight Inspiration by fllnthblnkMelancholia Under The Cherry Blossom Mountains by NemoX77. heaven by wei-enwhy nobody brags about being a poet by Streamwhispers
Diary of a Hypersomniac by Nullibicitywe are reckless just for fun by Aerodegrowing out of you. by similar-singularity
:thumb555844767:(r)evolutions by nawkaman
As always, an extra special thank you to our wonderful suggester this month: TheKerwinator, Naktarra, Leonca, copper9lives, pulbern, MagicalJoey, PennedinWhite, BATTLEFAIRIES, JustACapharnaum, and KalineReine!
Want to suggest a Daily Deviation?
Send a link or thumbcode of the deviation you want to suggest via note to the appropriate CV. There is a "6-month rule
:iconliliwrites:LiliWrites 22 14
StREet PHoTOgrApHy V.I

So Alone by Vermontster
... by slownumbers
The Couple by PEN-at-Work
Mother/Daughter by PatrickMonnier
Feeding Pigeons, Feet Up by EarthHart
Untitled by paubuscato
Lewis Cubitt Square, London by richardjohnford
Hand! by wilkopicture
gestural contingency by SimonSawSunlight
Like father like son by SteavieLea

Minimalistic kiss by nicubunu
Untitled by mpouzianis
3808 by seppukuu
Succubus (JG242) by jesseboy000
Sunday Stroll by makepictures
Moment in time by MrFahreinheit
192 by tolgatacmahal
Leopoldstrasse by batmantoo
Pose by AcemHoca
Paris Street CXXXXI by leingad
Trainee by ezkilzon
Instant 3881 by SUDOR
:iconhosagu:hosagu 39 71
The LOL Corner #137: The Best of dAmnIt
The LOL Corner
This regular news article promises to make you giggle, chortle, and laugh your ass off.
Every edition will feature a collection of the funniest chat network quotes.
dAmnIt! was a database of funny quotes submitted by deviants like you. As of November 30, dAmnIt has been removed from the site.
Feel free to note TheLOLCorner with a quote from the chat or forum. More details about this can be found here.
The Last 5 Editions:
Edition #136: The Best of dAmnIt
Edition #135
Edition #134
:iconbradleysays:bradleysays 90 78
Literature DD Roundup- April 2012
April Literature Daily Deviations
Hello Everyone!
Another month of 2012 has swiftly passed by, but another month full of literature just for you! Here is a roundup of this month’s Daily Deviations:
Featured by BeccaJS
A Forest at Morning by williamszmYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away by Meggie272everyone is a sociopath with a vitamin deficiency by poeticThe Little Sparrow by sense-and-stupidityChoose by joe-wrightFlowers on the Razorwire by HexospectrumWhere are regrets kept? by sillycanadianwriterThe Intention by VelvetRainThe Dalzell Knockout by CrumpetsHarveyLouquinho's Quarrel by berlinBuenosAyresAlive Like Dirt by Carmalain7
Featured by ikazon
2.28.12 by artistic-foolishnessThe Beckett Colcannon by ShedSimas:thumb291928226:Verdigris by MemnalarCadaver Hotel by nonamepsalmist Romancing Cotton by sliverofcielHweol by kalamarizooHow To Say Goodbye by pullingcandysaudade by SocraticSynapsesMornings by AlizabithA Meeting by rober2The Gap - Pages 20 + 21 by Peris-Productions:thumb245672991:She Wasn't Born This Way by ShadowedAcolytelet the dead rise by Phu-Phu-Hugs-Mehaving been a baby by lasagnabombIt's not Rocket Science by Botkinchoke by Piscesandthediamonds:thumb29847682
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 20 13
Digitally Delicious: February 12th
Dream Deer by sherrae78

little girl 2 by SanMandara

Elemental Lord by Changinghand

In the walls... by AndyKluthe

Sleep... by DigitalCutti

~ Oasis City ~ by ChristianGerth

The Fish by Noldofinve
Risen from burning ashes by cat-meff
Zeros Blaze by EnferDeHell
The Shaman sketch... by Phobs
Snake dragon by antilous
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 94 23
A Brief History of Typography
A Brief History of Typography
A little insight into the history of not only Typography, but also of written language. This article will be far from covering it all, but focuses on highlighting some of the major events and periods in the history of Typography.
From the Greek roots τύπος typos = "impression" and -γραφία -graphia = "writing".
~ 30th Century BC – 200 AD
Or "Script of Nails / Cuneiform Script" is probably the oldest form of written text. This calligraphic form of writing was carved into clay tablets.

The Latin Alphabet
~ 800 BC – present
This is the basic alphabet used in all Western languages. The Romans based it among others
:iconpica-ae:pica-ae 60 34
Celebrating Diversity Hub
Welcome to the Celebrating Diversity Hub :) This is a collection of all the articles that have been posted under this theme.
We live in a world full of diversity, every day in real life and every day on dA. And it happens so often that a work of art is "slashed" simply because it is different than others. Because someone sees it and doesn't understand it and doesn't take the time to think about it.
People who react like that to art, follow the same thought process, that so many many people follow when it comes to Racism, Sexism, Homophobia: "This is different to me, therefore it must be wrong." You may wonder if that comparison may not be too harsh, but when we open they way for people to condemn what is different in the small things, like in this case Art, we open the path to that thought process taking shape in many more places.
Instead of hating on differences, we need to embrace them! Because differences make life so great! We don't want to live in a dull world where everyone think
:iconpica-ae:pica-ae 51 43
Digitally Delicious: January 24th
Apprehension by BJPentecost

Hymn To Pan by Valyavande

The Avalanche Callers by Starhorse

The Virgin Queen by MARYMARU

La Collectionneuse by theartofTenia
Temple in the sky by Ecystudio
The Fire and Water Sprites by IngridTan
 Rainy day by SinteArkras
 Hummingfox by Maquenda
 Earth by JonHrubesch
Hello beauty by Claire-Lacaes
Vindictus 2 by ddal84
Hollow World Cover by HughEbdy
Interior c
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 68 15
Community Relations Logo by TheRyanFord Community Relations Logo :icontheryanford:TheRyanFord 161 95
NaNoEdMo: A Month for Editing
It's finally the halfway point in the NaNoWriMo challenge! For some, they've already graced the 50,000 word limit, others are close enough to reach, some are still hanging around the daily word count limit, and for others... you're struggling to catch up! But, no matter where in your challenge you are, there's one thing that everyone shares: a novel. More correctly, an unedited novel.
While yes, NaNo is meant to prove that you can, indeed, get a novel written (and by novel, I mean first draft), many of us writers would love to see a more polished piece. Whether it's for your personal use, showing to family and friends, using your self-publishing option for it, or seeking traditional publishing down the road, editing is important to having a nice, solid piece of work. You may be proud now that you've got 50,000 words written (or close to it), but you'll be even prouder to have a grammatically correct, plot-hole filled in, novel.
But, for many, the editing process seems to be a bi
:icondorianharper:DorianHarper 18 81
PE Abstract and Surreal: Introduction
Introduction: Defining abstract and surreal
The term abstract comes from the Latin word abstrahere (to draw away) and refers to the concept of abstraction. In abstract art it means that the artists uses a visual language of form, color and line to create an image which is almost free from any references in the visual world. Related terms are nonfigurative art, nonobjective art and nonrepresentational art.

In abstract photography the actual subject doesn’t matter much – it’s not important what you see but how you see and feel a picture. This is why abstract artists often refuse to reveal the subject of their photographs or even the used technique. They prefer not to distract the viewer from the deeper concept of their artwork. However, a lot of abstract photographers c
:icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 62 99
Literature News - June 2013
Monthly update from your Literature Community Volunteers!
Good grief, where did May go? Oh, here it went....
Blogs from CRLiterature
Literature DD Roundup - MayLet's Talk about the Lit Community
Who Cares About the Literature Community?Story Planning Week is coming up!
Writing Exercises and Contests
Dialectical Dessertism: The Contest
Be A Critic Volume 15
FotoFriday: coming at you~
Mondo Grove Monday
Exquisite Corpse Round 2 (signups open until June 7)<a href="">
:iconneurotype:neurotype 17 10
Art vs. Artist / LindArtz by LindArtz Art vs. Artist / LindArtz :iconlindartz:LindArtz 90 0
stREet pHOtoGrApHy #III.III

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains by ZiaulKareem
RED by xACook
into the light by m-lucia
7897 by seppukuu
two_nine_nine by OskarAlfons
Can I, dad? by DaniRDA
Bicycle Races by sogni-di-margherita
Pillow by IdaBarracuda
A path through the past by xbastex
Lisbon120 by JACAC
Watching the Parade III by patrick-brian




:iconhosagu:hosagu 51 61
CSS Did You Know? - November 20, 2012
:iconbradleysays:bradleysays 102 33
Community Relations Roundtable: Being a CV
Community Week
Ever think about joining the communityrelations team? For this Community Week, I chased down most of the CVs and made them answer some questions about what our role is really like, what type of a commitment it requires and what type of a person it takes to fill the spot well. We apologize in advance for being so wordy, but it's a subject we're passionate about! Now sit back and enjoy the dialogue. :pringles:
Who are you? What do you do outside of DeviantArt, and what kind of art do you make?
Off DeviantArt, I'm just your average girl trying to balance everything I've got on my plate (I seem to thrive on creating work for myself). For a living, I work M-F in my family's construction business answering phones, doing secretarial work, and providing tech support throughout the day. Photography is my hobby/obsession and I mainly concentrate on portrait and fashion photography. Since my job ta
:iconoverdebated:overdebated 85 85
Digitally Delicious: April 10th
Ride it! by Brosa
Her by Apostolon-IAM
Alchemist Guy by RobotDelEspacio
egipska noc by bubug
Dancer by ArtofOkan
Vibrant River by Andybaileyart
Beautiful In White 21 by artistamroashry
Declan O'Dwyer by CBedford
Black is the Ace by Altalamatox
Thelxiepeia by Hollllow
sketch(Rocket for a poet) by Sylar113
Pumchan and company by PitiYindee
Sky Valkyrie by naturaljuice Sky Valkyrie by naturaljuice
Nolavon - commission by Pearlpencil Nolavon - commission by Pearlpencil
false gods protector by kir-tat false gods protector by kir-tat
psychoactive by uprising93 psychoactive by uprising93
Sunlight by IACG Sunlight by IACG
Red Dragon by gonzalokenny Red Dragon by gonzalokenny
Helios by yuchenghong
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 75 19
Photomanip Stamp Collection by Destin8x Photomanip Stamp Collection :icondestin8x:Destin8x 164 46
Artists Toolbox: Digital Tutorials and Fur Brushes
Artists Toolbox
Work With The Best
As a Digital Artist our world of creativity comes with a wide variety of tools at our disposal. Here you will find a list of tutorials that will help you with your Digital Art. Whether it's with backgrounds, details, or just brushes.
Why Should I use Tutorials For My Digital Art?
Digital Art is becoming increasingly popular for artists transitioning from traditional art to another medium. It's a medium that has a wide variety of options available to every artist out there and that's why it's so appealing ( among other long listed reasons )! Tutorials are essential but how do you know which one to choose?
Who's The Artist? This might seem like a silly question but it's important to look at the artist in which the tutorial is created from. Does their tutorials exhibit an array of skill that will be helpful to you? Is it clear and concise? Does examples of their own art display
:iconkovowolf:KovoWolf 67 8
Redesign a character contest!
If there's something we love about fan art is how artists take artistic liberties and portray characters in their own style and different scenarios we wouldn't see otherwise. Some people will say that fan art is unoriginal, but from experience there's a lot of creativity involved when it comes to depicting your favourite characters in a different light, deviating from the way they were designed by their creators.
This is why, inspired by the Pokedesign Challenge by *CrazyRatty on Tumblr, your friendly neighborhood Fan Art CVs decided to host a fun little contest for you!
How it works:
Pick a character from any fandom you like.
Come up with at least 3 different re-designs for them and put them in a single image.
Upload to deviantART's Fan Art Gallery
:iconalexandrasalas:alexandrasalas 92 117
Digitally Delicious: January 8th
Nomad by fluxen
Madeleine by Vorace-Art
yellow.wings by betteo
Enji Videl by agnidevi
Convulse by Volture
Prism by Flind
Dungeon Delve by DennisDarmody
The Silk of My Old Cocoon by meluseena
Metamorphosis by MrDream
Illusionary by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Ruins by SnowSkadi Ruins by SnowSkadi
:thumb387393174: Repost by Nyanimu
Grabrielle by JdelNido Grabrielle by JdelNido
Multicolored by Junica-Hots Multicolored by Junica-Hots
Android by JdelNido Android by JdelNido
Cat ladies party by MadLittleClown Cat ladies party by MadLittleClown
:thumb373008370: Dignity by zabrinesca
Awaken Destruction - Dragon crystal Guardian by PhanouArt Awaken Destruction... by PhanouArt
Old Witch by YannickBouchard Old Witch by YannickBouchard
Dream Land by Vilenchik Dream Land by Vilenchik
Eyrie. Game of Thrones by Lensar Eyrie. Game of Thrones by Lensar
forest of lashes by gepardsim fo
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 45 18
Chat Tutorial #1 - How to create a chatroom?
Ez a tutorial magyar nyelven is olvasható!
So let's get started - Step 1

The FAQs are quite easy to understand and follow, but sometimes we need a little extra to understand them.
This is the first step to take. Go to the chat page. On the right, you should see the following buttons:
Chat Now! with the fella what drives you to :#devart:, the official channel of deviantART.
Create a Chatroom :la: and this is what we need!I'd recommend you to install the plugins what is needed for being on the chatz! :eager:
You can find a link to the plugin, below the Create Chatroom button on the chat page!
Step 2
If you click on it, a new page should appear what looks like this:
You can add a name here, what will be the name of your chatroom. But please remember:
In order to prevent any misundersta
:icondekoradum:dekorAdum 45 69
Digitally Delicious: February 26th
strange forest by velespainter
Cloaked in Cold by Herck
Silence Sonata by 6kart
Goddess of Love Stage 4 by mictones
DDatTL Promo 003 by TangoCharlieESQ
Windqueen by XiaoBotong
: Bro' , Sis' and Mrs Peanut : by lehuss
The Play by Lady-Werewolf
Storm approaching by mad-jojo
forest spirits by leere42
Emerging unharmed by LordDoomhammer
 Charlize Theron in Snow White by AaronGriffinArt
Inside my Heart by Linzu  Inside my Heart by Linzu
Water Goddess reg by Toru-meow Water Goddess reg by Toru-meow
HER, HIM, OURSELVES by marcocasalvieri HER, HIM, OURSELVES by marcocasalvieri
things understanding by ellrano  things understanding by ellrano
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 81 23
Delta by SaTaNiA Delta :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 79 32 TradSavvy Stamp by snowmask TradSavvy Stamp :iconsnowmask:snowmask 85 68
CSS Did You Know? - December 4th, 2012
:iconbradleysays:bradleysays 88 51
Show Me #4 - Cats
I decided to start a feature series in the Deviation ThumbShare Forum based on themes and featuring the collected deviations on Sundays.
The fourth theme was Cats! :meow:
Here comes the amazing deviations

a feel-good-day by lichtmalerin
do-nothing by Anark8
The Face of Evil by tanikel
:icondekoradum:dekorAdum 51 82
Abstract and Surreal DDs for October
I hardly need to abstract things, 
for each object is unreal enough already.
(Max Beckmann)

Enjoy this summary of last month's DDs for Abstract & Surreal Photography:

-Stalker- by Janek-Sedlar
Infrared - Am I Dreaming? by La-Vita-a-Bella
decision by geissa
Virus by Canankk
instagram.0055 by insolitus85
Enjoy the s i l e n c e by GiuliaDepoliART
Intimate by DominikKucera
Let Me Be Your Fantasy by IngoSchobert
Baron by leenik
morn VI by Mar-jus
rebuilding our cities II by Izaaaaa
Trespass by anaPhenix
Worldwide Photoday - Poznan by LesEssences
The promise of... by immugraah
light leaked. by theskyisempty
.light II. by MichalGiedrojc
Over-soul by Dennis-Calvert
Thoughts, obsessive by iizmu
Thank you very much for sharing your fantastic artwork!
:iconcommunityrelations: :iconabstract-and-surreal:
:icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 51 68
Group Highlight #5: The 3-Contest Events
Welcome everyone to this new issue of our Group Highlights series! I know it has taken a while and I apologize as we've had to sort some logistical issues to get this out for you guys. :)
Today we present a tireless contest group that keeps pushing our imagination and skills every now and again with their challenging ideas, THE3-ContestEvents. Since many of you might already know the group and these are long time respected deviants, I wanted to take the opportunity to bring them closer to the community and you closer to them by doing the feature in an interview style.
Our three interviewees today are Eve, Lena and Yvonne: :iconevelivesey: :iconcd-stock: :iconybsilon-stock:
1. Let's talk about you as Deviants. Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how did you come together to create the group?

EveLivesey :
I have been on DA for 7 years now, started off looking for stock to do photo-manipulations and then decided I would gi
:iconrowye:Rowye 27 70
Digitally Delicious: April 25th
Harbor by vitellan

Season 4 is coming! by su-ke

The whaler girls by Zephyri

Reborn by DubMutt

Homecoming by Sprias

Medieval Fabric Dyers by RhysGriffiths

Between wishes and stars by Veelocity
The Capital of Roddon by outstarwalker
bamboo forest spirits by sheer-madness
 An Empire Rises by AlectorFencer
The travelers by Sunima
 Don't cry my little Joan
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 47 12
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 033
An Interview with-

scheinbar's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
I started with painting and drawing quite early in life; I always had a pencil or brush in my hands. Later on, I began to work with photography and although I had a huge SLR I didn't have enough time to use it because of family and work commitments and so on. This delayed my progress into photography for about a decade. With the advent of digital cameras, taking pictures has become far easier for me. So, recently, with more time and easier-to-use technology I started again with photography, and this time succeeded. I also spend my ti
:iconarctoa:arctoa 40 46
PE Abstract and Surreal: The Colour and the Shape
The Colour and the Shape

ripple by katpiSquare flower by PansaSunavee
Break out by pluschRed is red by MissUmlaut
MIKO The Cat by anjushaupside downdog slowly sliding by morgondotter
:icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 40 63
Abstract and Surreal DDs for March
I think we're much smarter than we were.
Everybody knows that abstract art can be art, 
and most people know that they may not like it, 
even if they understand there's another purpose to it.
(Roy Lichtenstein)
Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only 
what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.
(Salvador Dalí)
Enjoy this summary of last month's DDs for Abstract & Surreal Photography:

..grey.days.. by life-number-9
Polk Street by Stykkisholmur
empty space by VesnaSvesna
soft spine by bymano
I feel the darkness... by Reunaa
Que empiece el viaje ya by xparalyzed
the tree that was me by nombril7
The mist by taykut
out of body experience by ClaraMaeStudios
dust and echoes by esmahanozkan
Spring by iizmu
Closer by DasGhul
shrouded in mist by eric-taylor
Liquidus - Infernum by AP3RTUR3
Art Student IV by Vive-Le-Rock
Lo-Fi by Stewdog
:icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 41 60
Digitally Delicious: September 11th
Digitally Delicious: September 11th
Cursed by johnsonting

The High Chancellor of T'hara
by Morgainelefee

by ~velsen

Friendly Commission
by NaionMikato

Cannot Last
by Eksafael

by RichardDorran

by zeldacw
:iconthiefoworld:Thiefoworld 56 20