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Helping Hurting People
This is a message I'm sending out to everyone in need of help with the problems, emotional and mental pains they are having. It doesn't matter who you are, what race, what kind of person you are, either you're atheist, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, straight or what you have done. Even if you killed someone, please don't be afraid, I want to help you. If we talk I'll keep it between us, so no one else knows. You are never too far away to be saved. I won't judge you. Whether you are in pain from people, have pain on the inside, you cut yourself, or even thinking of or planning on committing suicide. It's never too late to change your mind about something. Never give up on life, even when life seems impossible. I want to help. This isn't a fake, I really do wish to help. You have a purpose, you just need to find it. If you know someone who is looking for help or needs it, tell them about me. My e-mail msn hotmail account is mentioned in the description section below.
I'm not "perf
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Lost Paradise :icond-e-v-i:D-e-v-i 774 82 No regret :iconfennearts:FenneArts 207 48
Rape Awareness
You went to work, you did your job – looking after kids with troubled pasts, and it made your heart sing, and you felt that you were meant to be there.
You were making a difference, you were changing lives, you did everything you should.
And he grabbed you, and fed you his dick, and you didn't scream, didn't bite, didn't hurt him because you were worried about him, frightened for him.
You didn't tell because you thought it would never happen again.
You went to work, you did your job – helping those who were scared be less so, those who were violent to be calm, and you felt that you were helping.
And when you were alone, he tore at your clothes and put it in you, ignoring your no, ignoring your pleas for him to stop.
You didn't tell because you were frightened that you would be told it was your fault.
You went to work, you did your job – you vanished from your friends, from those who cared, because you could not speak, could not talk for crying, for believing that you wer
:iconneffectual:Neffectual 56 40
The Next Disaster
The world is changing,
It's rearranging,
Everything I know
It wants me to tell,
The past good-bye,
But I don't know if I can let it go
It's so brilliant,
So very seductive,
And at the core of it all...
So very destructive
The world and I am...
Spinning, swirling,
Moving faster,
Diving headfirst,
Into the next disaster
Running, hiding,
Feeling so shattered,
Diving headfirst,
Into the next disaster
The world wants to shape me,
It wants to force me,
To be what people want to see
But I'm not submitting,
I am committed,
To seeking the answers inside me
The always taking...
I try to act!
Like it doesn't concern me...
But the world knows I am faking!
The world and I am...
Spinning, swirling,
Moving faster,
Diving headfirst,
Into the next disaster
Running, hiding,
Feeling so shattered,
Diving headfirst,
Into the next disaster
On fire!
In pain!
Every choice seems to end the same
No truth!
All lies!
Why does this world forsake me?
And washed away on wave of ego and p
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 40 71
Don't Give Up, It Gets Better
No one ever asked about the cuts on her arms
Hidden with long sleeves, people asked her if she was warm
She thought they didn't notice, that nobody cared
But with dark clothes and long sleeves, how could people not stare?
Days passed, then months and years,
All that time she held back the tears
So many cuts and so many scars
The pain that she felt took her too far
They covered her arms and covered her thighs
She prayed and said, "God just let me die."
Why would she throw away such a beautiful life?
She felt unloved and alone as she plunged with her knife.
One last time--she collapsed to the floor,
The pain and misery seeped to her core.
People did care, she was just real shy
To express her feelings or give life a try.
You're loved as you are, never forget that
Words hurt. "You're stupid, ugly and fat."
Haters may say this, but know that you're not.
Those happy with life are glad that they fought.
:iconinsaneymaney:Insaneymaney 31 17
In My Reflection
Mesmerized by the silvery shine,
I stare into the mirror of mine.
A twisted reflection back at me,
Are all the people I'll never be.
Teasing me with their perfect faces,
Gnarled into each others embraces.
To them it must be so routine,
I reach out to touch the puzzling scene.
Mirror, Mirror,
On the wall,
Will I ever be as good as them all?
Inhuman, Inadequate, Defective, Imperfect.
Never as good, I had to disconnect.
So isolated in this dark room,
Content, yet trapped, in my self-built tomb.
As I twist into a distressing shape,
I cry and I try to find an escape.
Haunted by people who click so naturally,
I realize this world will never acknowledge me.
:iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 28 19
Commit perfect murder. Forget hiding corpses.
:iconstuntpilotin:StuntPilotin 25 6
Monotonous Lives :iconekbs:eKBS 240 28 serial killer :icontheprodiqy:theprodiqy 191 113
shattered. +trigger warning+
her eyes were as blue as mine were brown. ever since we were four years old, covered in sand from our bare toes to our messy hair, i was envious of them. to me, blue was the color of imagination, the color of adventure, the color of salvation. she could sail out into the ocean, swallowed by the waves, melt into the horizon, confuse the boundaries between sea and sky, between possibility and impossibility, between reality and illusion. she could fly high, high up into the overwhelming sky.
not only could she bend the world's rules, she could even, drifting between the lines, create new ones. she had power i, with my dark, earth-bound eyes, could only dream of, and even then, my dreams would be mediocre compared to hers. this was why i resented her, this was why i admired her, and this was why i loved her so deeply, so desperately.
we were neighbors, she and i, living in an average middle-class neighborhood. our houses were almost identical, but hers was slightly bigger. when we were lit
:icontowards-eternity:towards-eternity 66 65
The days traveling closer and closer
The suicide thoughts filled in my head
When no one cares or gives advice
Those times I wish that I was dead.
For no one cares what I have to say
As time goes on, life drifts away.
I'm alone in the world, God's left me to die,
He hates all the fags and hates that I'm bi.
My thoughts and feelings--I'm so confused
The pain I feel, they've left me bruised.
The scratch marks and bruises left on my arms,
God didn't want to protect me from harm.
The low voices whispering to me in the dark,
Her nails dig deeper and leave a mark.
They don't know, I could be retarded,
So many days feeling disregarded.
My life is filled with so many lies,
The only way out is for me to die.
*Thump, thump, thu--* There's no longer a heartbeat,
Hanging from my neck, all you see are my feet.
:iconinsaneymaney:Insaneymaney 16 6
God Help Me :iconariel87:Ariel87 116 26 A Beautiful Suicide :iconduhcoolies:duhcoolies 170 92 the Suicide forest :iconnerva1:Nerva1 49 19
Pretty Girl
Pretty girl, your lips are bleeding
Can you see what I see?
Pretty girl, your heart is needing
Come along with me.
Pretty girl, you're not quite sure
You think they may have lied
Pretty girl, this love is pure
Let it be your guide.
Pretty girl, he's not yet ready
To tear himself in two
Pretty girl, keep it steady
He feels it for you too.
Pretty girl, the world keeps spinning
Catch his smile dry
Pretty girl, it's just beginning
It's time for you to try
Pretty girl, keep it with you
All along, you think he knew?
:iconashesnight:ashesnight 13 39
Forgive Me
Eight months.
It took eight months to tell the truth.
It took eight months to tell you why I attempted suicide.
It took eight months to say what haunts me.
It took eight months to tell you what I went though.
What he put me through.
Now what?
I told you and you got mad at me.
I told you and you yelled for it.
I told you and you stabbed me through the heart with a single glare.
I told you... And I don't know if you'll forgive me...
Please, my love, forgive me....
:iconbethyluv215:BethyLuv215 13 16
Bible Refresher 33 - Let Him Handle It :iconpoppycorn99:PoppyCorn99 39 3
Photographic Memories
Suicide - we commit every day.
Granted - we take all of it away.
Spell me another word, something other than
that one that makes me feel so alone.
Kill me so I can sleep, not weeping, man
this world so full leaves me so alone.
Pictures on the table beside the bed
Smiling faces know not what is next
Pictures form from my silhouette
Crooked spine - my unlit cigarette
And all the empty bottles on the table
            - in my head -

Parents tried - to lead me where I need to be.
Granted I - failed to please anyone but me.
Creases fold around the photograph I found
of your happy faces mocking me.
Pictures on the table beside the bed
Smiling faces know not what is next
Pictures form from my silhouette
Crooked spine - my unlit cigarette
And all the empty bottles on the table
            - in my head -

I want to drive on the wrong side of the road and
just l
:iconiconic-johnny:iconic-johnny 10 29
Eternal Dream
I dozed off one night,
And had a magnificent dream.
A most breathtaking scene,
Yet colorless, in black and white.
Dazzling, twinkling stars,
Hovering just above my reach.
So marvelous, I lost my speech.
For once I could forget my scars.
Opening my eyes,
I wake up to a colored world.
My miserable life unfurled.
How I missed those monochrome skies.
Empty existence,
A woman of scars and debris.
That perfect dream world haunting me.
Must I live at such a distance?
I could no longer-
Be so trapped in this reality.
I could end it all and be free,
Knowing that I will be stronger.
A zombie-like state,
When I went searching for a knife.
About to end my lonely life,
I felt it was my only fate.
Tears blurring my vision,
I smile and think about my dream,
How it will be all I ever see.
I close my eyes and make the incision…
:iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 12 11
Batzarro :iconroccobertucci:RoccoBertucci 25 23
If I died, would anybody care?
If I died, would anybody care?
Does anyone even know I'm there?
Why is it that it's so hard to see
What's sitting there in front of me?
I'm not going to commit suicide,
But sometimes I feel dead inside.  
I'm not saying you have to like my every verse,
But sometimes saying nothing hurts even worse.  
:iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 10 23
Broken On The Bridge
Broken on the Bridge
I am broken
Broken within
There’s no one who can help me
There’s no one who can win
I’m standing on this bridge
Cause I wanna end it all
They make me feel so lonely
They want to make me fall
It feels like time has frozen
That everything has stopped
It feels like no one wants me
I see the scarf I dropped
It’s trying to survive
By swimming in the sea
Suddenly I realised
That scarf......
It feels like me.
:iconjannette92:Jannette92 9 40
Together :iconvagabondmolloy:VagabondMolloy 10 20
The lies
This world is full of lies;
they say:
   don't lose your hopes
no, I don't have any hope to lose it
they say:
   be stronger
no, I'm weak & I love my weakness
they say:
   it will get better soon
no, it's not getting better
actually it's getting worse
they say:
   suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem
no, it's not a temporary problem
actually I want a permanent solution
they say:
   you can't live with this
but I say:
   who said I want to live?
:iconsweetcidal:Sweetcidal 9 5
Eve Before and After :iconthatcraftychick:thatcraftychick 26 25 how to: commit suicide :iconas-i-cry:AS-I-CRY 25 9
5 Stages of Grief II
Stage 1: Denial
I can't count the number of times I said
"This can't be happening"
The number of times
I looked for you in the hallways
Glancing towards the back of the band room
Staring at the empty tympanis
This had to be a mistake
A cruel senior prank
I just saw you a few days ago
You were fine
Smiling, happy
This always happens to someone else
Until it happens to you
Stage 2: Anger
I knew I couldn't be angry at you
Yes, it was stupid
Yes, it was selfish
But the person who did that
The one who picked up the gun
Wasn't you
It was someone else in your body
Complicated people do complicated things
So I was instead angry at everyone else
Everyone who didn't grieve enough
Everyone who grieved too much
Everyone who talked to me
My parents, my friends, myself
Why didn't anyone see this coming?
It had to be our fault
But it wasn't
It was nobody's fault
Nobody was mean to you
How could someone with so many friends
Be so alone?
Stage 3: Bargaining
When I got that text that night
I sank to my
:iconranza123:ranza123 14 2
My Murderers
Your words left more marks
Then any battle wound
Ever could.
Your words caused
Me to question my place
In this world.
Those unforgivable words
Left imprints on your fingers
And rings around my neck.
Without a second thought,
I allowed your words wrap
Around my neck
And complete your task
Of murder.
My mind, already gone,
My body, yet to suffer.
I gasp, unable to terminate my life,
I'm sorry.
Yet, those rings,
Still locked inside the glass;
Reminding me of you.
:iconcardinal-hearts:cardinal-hearts 21 10
It is time
If I committed suicide right now
& decided to disappear
Who would know or care?
I would get lost among thousands
Who commit suicide every day
Who would shed a tear?
I could be few words in the journal
In a corner beside the feuilleton
The words could not be even clear
Someone could mention me
In the internet & say
She well did by killing herself
She already was a sear
Nobody loved her or wanted her
She was always stepped aside
Or thrown away to the rear.
It is time to say enough
It is time to tighten the noose
& get rid of this disgraceful fear.
:iconsweetcidal:Sweetcidal 8 15
Do you hear the same voice?
I wonder
Does anyone hear the same appeal
It says: It's time to reveal
It encourages me
To lock myself in the bath
Take a razor & sketch my path
It emboldens to take a rope
To block the veins till I dope
It heartens me to drown in bathtub
& stop looking through a tube
I'm just consuming others oxygen
This is not accepted by any religion
I'm just a wet blanket
So shooting my heart shall fix it
:iconsweetcidal:Sweetcidal 8 12
'Am I good enough now?' :iconsholya-art:Sholya-art 43 37
If You're the Rock, I'm the Sea
There's {translucent}
staining the skin
on my hands.
No one but me
can see.
I stroke your cheek
and leave a bloody trail
that's invisible 
to all eyes
but mine.
The knife in my hand
is a figment
but the scars
in my skin
are real.
If you're the
of rock
than I'm the 
always flowing,
Water, water everywhere
but not a drop
to drink.
I drown you in sorrows
that barely even
belong to me,
and you fall in watery depths
of hopelessly
inky existence.
I'd throw myself
off a cliff if I thought
it'd do any good.
But the ocean remains,
the song stays the same,
and we sit by the sea
and try not to cry.
If you're the rock,
then I'm the sea,
the boundless, heartless,
ever-changing sea,
and together we'll
fall forever into

And eventually
I'll wear you down
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 9 4
Motion City Robots :icontheincompetentgenius:TheIncompetentGenius 65 17 Pretend :iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 63 13
Put the blade down
For those who are thinking about cutting or committing suicide in anyway, stop and read this.
Don't end yourself. This isn't the way to go. You have a life. You have people who care. Even if they don't seem like they care, they do. If your down so much, talk to someone. Suicide is not the answer to anything. Ever. There are ways you can get through this. Death is not a way. It just brings more grief to those around you. If it's depression, talk to someone. If it's bullies, Fight back or ignore them. They hide behind a fist. They hide because they are cowards. Trying to say they're tougher than anyone. Real strength isn't pushing someone down. It's helping others up. don't end your life when there's so much more out there for you. You can fight this. Believe in yourself. Find that inner strength. Pull it out. Don't give up. No matter how many time it seems hopeless.
:iconfantasylover100:fantasylover100 8 17
LSM Comic Strip - Suicide 1 :iconkritzelkrams:Kritzelkrams 252 61 Symphony :iconreynbeau12:Reynbeau12 73 15
Keep You Forever In My Mind
To commit all of you to my memory
Would be my greatest achievement
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 7 0
Stamp - commit it to memory :iconkaitoupirate:kaitoupirate 375 32
the tale of a poor girl
                My name is Fran. Not Frank, just Fran, an ugly, boring name, for an ugly, boring person. I live in the poorest part of town with my grandfather, who`s just about the only friend I have. I haven't heard from mom since I was three. The last memory I have, she`s leaving me here and getting in her car.      
               My school life isn't that great either. Normal kids, middle class kids who have families, don't like run-down kids with no parents. Especially if that kid lives in a rundown house with most of the windows broken and the paint faded or crumbled off. Normal kids don't have that kind of sympathy.                 
:iconpirionsflame:pirionsflame 7 21
Commit Your Thoughts To Paper :iconeldelantero:elDelantero 36 39 A woman's question :iconluciaconstantin:LuciaConstantin 50 18 Request - Rage Quitting Life :iconhaters-gonna-hate-me:Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me 366 142 The Crime. :iconrevolutionunderfire:RevolutionUnderFire 47 14 keep us together... :iconlperegrinus:LPeregrinus 35 22 Wedding Scene 13024899 :iconstockproject1:StockProject1 15 1 Be or not to be.. :iconfreyaah:Freyaah 49 19