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Tobi's Mask -TobiDei-
~At the Akatsuki base
Tobi: SEMPAI!!!!
Dei: Augh... what now Tobi, un?
Dei: I Don't have candy, now shoo, un
Tobi: NOOOOOOO!!!! Dx
~Tobi runs to his room, and takes off his mask
Tobi: Kukukukuku... I, uchiha Madara, WILL get candy from sempai!
~Dei knocks on tobi's door
Dei: Tobi, it's me, Dei. I have candy right here, un
~tobi opens the door
~Itachi comes in
Itachi:.. You forgot to put on your mask...
Tobi: OH NOES! D':
:iconakatsukiyaoiforever:akatsukiyaoiforever 11 5
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