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Sebastian x Child! Reader: Her Butler, Proud
:bulletblack: Sebastian x Child! Reader :bulletblack: 
Her Butler, Proud 

It was nearing twilight as the last fractals of light disappeared into the nighttime clouds of a periwinkle sky. Carriages clattered noisily through the streets of London chauffeuring the elite of society to the nearest theaters and other forms of entertainment.
From the depths of the large city a single stately house sat in mild splendor, with warm light wafting through large clear-cut windows. From within the home, a couple finished dressing to the nines and made their way down to the entryway where their Butler awaited to help them into their coats.
The Master of the house- a nearly twenty-five year old Ciel Phantomhive- regally shrugged into his overcoat, before holding out his arm to his wife. With an intelligent light blue eye the man gazed at her, before once more returning his attention to the statuesque figure dressed in black.
“We’ll return after the oper
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Your Suicide by linnyxito Your Suicide :iconlinnyxito:linnyxito 5,625 2,219 Expanding the comfort-zone by FOERVRAENGD Expanding the comfort-zone :iconfoervraengd:FOERVRAENGD 7,056 334 Star Wars - Forgiveness by Renny08 Star Wars - Forgiveness :iconrenny08:Renny08 2,463 243 TMNT - In the dark of the night by Myrling TMNT - In the dark of the night :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,272 326
America x Reader - Hero
Hetalia: America x Reader fic

Thunder rumbled, shaking your entire house and causing you to stiffen. Stupid weather... you couldn't believe it. Why did it have to rain on Halloween night?!
"So much for trick-or-treaters..." you sighed sadly, looking at the large bowl of candy on the table. Your mom and dad had left earlier for a Halloween party, so you told them that you would distribute the candy. You never cared for trick-or-treating anyway. You then looked at yourself in the mirror. You had even put on a costume for the kids. It was a witch costume that you had worn for a couple years now, but you didn't mind. You could hear the rain beating down on your house.
"I guess I can call it a night..." you said to yourself. Suddenly, there was a loud rapping on your front door, making you jump. That couldn't be a trick-or-treater, right?! A person would have to be crazy to be out in this weather!
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Reassurance by AaronGriffinArt Reassurance :iconaarongriffinart:AaronGriffinArt 607 14
America x Reader - Sweet Dreams
Hetalia: America x Reader fic
Sweet Dreams

You stared longingly at the large bed in front of you. It was so big. Depressingly so when you had to sleep in it by yourself. Alfred had to attend another World Conference, leaving you alone in his large house. You thought that you would enjoy this time, but instead, you missed him more than ever. It wasn't the same here without Alfred's smiling face and excitement. And he had only been gone for two nights! You had another two nights to go before his return. And you hated how much you missed him.
"Keep the outside lights on at night... and don't forget to lock the doors!" he said anxiously, just before he left.
"Yes and yes. Don't worry, I'll keep the house safe!" you said, pasting a smile on your face. You didn't want him to leave, but you didn't want him to be worried about you either.
"Don't be silly... it's not the house I'm worried about," he said, embracing you in his arms. You hugged him back tightly, wanting him
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BATIM: Breaking the Spell, Finale by RaltheCommentator BATIM: Breaking the Spell, Finale :iconralthecommentator:RaltheCommentator 70 21 100 words by st3to 100 words :iconst3to:st3to 3,981 393 Cheer Up Balloon Boy, Not Everyone Hates You (SFM) by gold94chica Cheer Up Balloon Boy, Not Everyone Hates You (SFM) :icongold94chica:gold94chica 1,006 738 A Good Book by B1nd1 A Good Book :iconb1nd1:B1nd1 13,802 1,026 dude,everyone is sick as hell right now by CNeko-chan dude,everyone is sick as hell right now :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 205 73
The Light in the Darkness
The Light in the Darkness
She panted, heart pounding as she stood in the center of town.  She could hear the blood coursing through the veins in her ears, sounding like the roar of a distant ocean.  Her mind was numb, barely registering where she was or that she was covered with a sticky red substance, the pungent scent of copper filling the air.  Her eyes slowly fell to an object on the ground: a stained knife that glinted in the midday sun.  Next to it was a growing red pool.  Her eyes trained on the pool and slowly moved to its source.
The deed had been done.

Luna's Moon hung high above Equestria, its gentle rays bathing the countryside in an eerie glow as it slowly trekked across the cobalt-hued sky.  Near Ponyville, the light illuminated a lone figure winging somewhat less gracefully than normal above the town.  It was very late and she was exhausted, but Rainbow Dash didn't ca
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Comfort - Septiplier
Jack sat shivering in Mark's arms. It hadn't meant to end like this, Mark comforting him. It was meant to be someone else, but that one other person that Jack had trusted with everything had betrayed him. So instead, Mark sufficed. Well, more than sufficed in Jack's opinion his sky blue eyes boring into Mark's. 
Cheating was a horrible thing, especially when you walk in on it. Jack simply hadn't been prepared, especially with a ring in his pocket that had cost quite a dear amount. Jack's reaction had been to weep and leave. Mark had become well acquainted with the man due to being best friends with Jack, so when he received an anxious phone call asking about his whereabouts he knew where to find him.
Mark caught on that Jack was staring at him. He also caught on that he had been dragging his fingers through Jack's hair. He pulled away to apologise, to stop and cover up his mistakes but Jack only moved his hand back and buried his head in his chest. Mark relaxed slightly, realising
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Idk how to comfort,but I'll do it anyways by CNeko-chan Idk how to comfort,but I'll do it anyways :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 235 115 Rest by lorna-ka Rest :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 1,027 50 Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon by gold94chica Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon :icongold94chica:gold94chica 841 185
RussiaxMale!Reader- Comfort and Pain
"What are you, afraid?"
"N-No, I-"
"You're just a chicken!"
"No, I'm not scared! I swear!"
"Oh yeah? Prove it!"
You gulped, looking down off of the rooftop down to the street below. It was such a long fall… And then you looked across to the other side of the street. Eliza was sitting on her rooftop patio, reading a book and bathing in the bright sunlight.
You had to do this.
"I said I wasn't afraid…" you stepped back, sighed and started to run across the slippery surface of the roof, "And I meant it." You jumped, soaring through the air and grinning like an idiot. You were going to make it… You were going to reach Eliza's roof. Finally… Finally! You were going to be accepted. You wouldn't be that weird, outcast, antisocial nerd anymore. And then you were falling, hands flailing about for something to grasp onto but there was nothing. You shut your eyes, expecting the worst. When you hit the ground, the air rushed out of your lungs and you couldn't breathe and your leg felt like it was
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If Only For A Night... by NostalgicChills If Only For A Night... :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 2,036 260
Totoro - PHAN
Fandom: YouTube
Pairing: Phan (AmazingPhil/danisnotonfire)
Point of View: Phil

"Dan, help me! I have a problem."
"I am not sucking you off."
I pause and let out a muted breath of a chuckle, dropping the cushion I had in my hands onto the sofa.
"Oh ha-ha. And you wonder why people think we're gay." I turn to the doorway of the living room to be met with the sight of Dan; grinning like an idiot and clearly proud of himself for being so 'witty'. It's a grin that I should find annoying, which I do, but nothing could ever make me hate one of Dan's smiles. "Seriously, though. I have a problem."
Dan walks over to me; grin now replaced with a look of mild seriousness, and squeezes my shoulder. There's no real reason for the contact, it's not like this problem has me wailing like a baby meeting the shopping-centre Santa Claus for the first time, but at the same time there it is. It's a small piece of affection, yet it means the world that he's taken the time to give it; taken the time to
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It's Okay by yuumei It's Okay :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,869 1,175 S.I.L.Y Base #8 by KC-pixels S.I.L.Y Base #8 :iconkc-pixels:KC-pixels 2,150 189 Sick Finland by humon Sick Finland :iconhumon:humon 3,418 465
Friendly [Loki x Reader (pt19)]
"Alright, follow me, I told Thor to go spar with Steve or something. That should keep them busy for awhile," said Tony as he stepped behind you out of the building, zipping up his thin hoodie and donning a pair of aviators. It was uncanny, he looked like a completely different person!
People are stupid.
Because no one even suspected him the whole five blocks, so his conversation with you went uninterrupted, for which you were not so thankful.
"So how much did you hear?" Tony asked you as you two started down a sidewalk.
You feigned confusion. "Huh?"
"Oh please." He peered at you over the top of his glasses. "As if I didn't figure out you were evesdropping when I came out and saw you with the Cap."
You watched your feet. "I heard when she wanted to come back to work for you."
"Mm," he said. "Are you okay with her staying?"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"I dunno," he shrugged. "You don't seem too thrilled about it. In fact, you didn't seem all that thrilled about her being safe and okay. Did some
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What Have You Done? [Pose Ref for Drawing] by SenshiStock What Have You Done? [Pose Ref for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 732 14 Are You Okay? - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Are You Okay? - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 811 28 It's okay by lorna-ka It's okay :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 1,501 124
Text [Loki x Reader]
Please don't read this if you're already rolling your eyes at the title.
I'm going to go crawl under a rock now and deny my love for Loki.

Your eyes started stinging, but didn't threaten to leak. You were tired of that sensation, and sick of it; it made you want to throw your phone across the room.
You sniffed, focusing your attention on the movie you were watching, the TV the only source of light in the room at this hour of the night.
"You seem distraught," said a low voice behind your chair, laden with condescending certainty; which you read as pity.
"I told you to leave me alone," you growled, not bothering even to glare at the Norse god peering over your shoulder.
A slender hand grabbed your phone out of your lap. "Um, hey! That's mine!"
You turned around to see Loki pondering over the messages on your phone reflecting in his green eyes. He didn't have a trace of a smirk on his face, though he still held a sense of arrogance in the way he stood, the flourish with wh
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100 Theme Challenge
100 Theme Challenge
1.  Introduction
2.  Freedom
3.  Corruption
4.  Guardian
5.  Magic
6.  Courage
7.  Strength
8.  Rescue
9.  Rest
10. Pain
11. Recovery
12. Caged
13. Fire
14. Sacrifice
15. Ice
16. Blood
17. Night
18. Moonlight
19. Escape
20. Injured
21. Love
22. Hate
23. Disease
24. Frozen
25. Comfort
26. Execution
27. Hospital
28. Tears
29. Nightmare
30. Dream
31. Mystery
32. Time
33. Horror
34. Fantasy
35. Experiment
36. Waterfall
37. Forest
38. Swimming
39. Sunset
40. Cute
41. Book
42. Falling
43. Hero
44. Monster
45. Don't let go
46. Scars
47. Angel
48. Demon
49. Fangs
50. Lost
51. Waves
52. Afraid
53. On the Run
54. Lightning
55. Storm
56. Skeleton
57. Rose
58. Mist
59. Memory
60. Air
61. Crystal
62. Heal
63. Drowning
64. Innocence
65. Hide
66. Imprisonment
67. Speed
68. Reptile
69. Hunt
70. Eyes
71. Stars
72. Spirit
73. Cards
74  Trap
75. Bond
76. Servant
77. Knight
78. Leaves
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Husband [Loki x Reader (pt34)]
"Okay stop," you demanded, breaking your wrist away from him. Loki turned around, looking at you curiously. "I don't want to learn any more stupid magic. I want you to stop avoiding my question. Who is Lynda married to?"
"Please don't," he begged. "You really wouldn't like the answer..."
You crossed your arms, stomping a foot firmly on the ground. "Tell me, Loki! At this point, I think I get it, I just want you to tell me."
His expression went from pleading to almost offended. "If you think you have any idea what Lynda and I have been through together, you can think again. Now if you really don't want to fight alongside me, that is perfectly okay, I can just leave you in that room and steal Lynda's vortex manipulator to make certain you won't get out and do something stupid to hurt yourself--"
"Don't you try anything," you warned. "You're trying to distract me by getting me angry but it's not going to work. You tell me right now what's going on with that ring and why it d
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America x Reader - Don't Take The Girl
Hetalia: America x Reader fic
Don't Take The Girl

You watched eagerly from the edge of the fence as Arthur stepped out of his home, his brother Alfred by his side.
"Come on! Tell me where were going!" Alfred begged.
"Like I said, we're going out," he replied softly.
"You never tell me anything..."
"Hi Al, Arthur!" you chirped, waving your hand at the pair.
"Oh, hello ________," Arthur said, smiling at you.
"Don't mind us... we're just about to go somewhere totally awesome!" Al boasted.
"Really? Where?!" you asked excitedly.
"I'd love to tell you, but it's a secr—"
"We're just going down by the pond. Would you like to join us?" Arthur asked, cutting Alfred off.
"I can come?!" you smiled excitedly.
"Of course—"
"You can't!" Alfred finished, glaring at you and then glaring at his older brother. Arthur sighed, kneeling down to Alfred's level.
"Don't be rude, Alfred... we can't leave her behind."
"Bring Mattie instead! Or even your weird
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brother by Fukari brother :iconfukari:Fukari 2,844 22 WHO'S A CUTE WIDDLE PIRATE FOX? (Chat Icon) by gold94chica WHO'S A CUTE WIDDLE PIRATE FOX? (Chat Icon) :icongold94chica:gold94chica 741 133
Lightning - Septiplier Short
In front of Mark, stood an adorable, yet petrified young man. In fact, Mark recalled that it was his new neighbour from...Ireland?
"Mark. I'm terrified of lightning. Please help me," the Irishman said. Mark couldn't think of anything to do apart from invite the young man in. The few glimpses and small talk had made Mark extremely curious of the man and he wouldn't admit it yet, but there was a high school crush forming.
Jack had both of his arms wrapped around his sides as if he was cold but Mark could clearly see that he was sweating. 
"What do you normally do to calm yourself?" Mark asked, ushering him in.
"Usually, I um cuddle with my boyfriend but I don't really have one at the moment. Last one was a shithead anyway," Jack said, muttering the last part to himself.
"I suppose some getting to know each other would distract me, I don't really know much about you Mark,"
Mark headed towards the kitchen to fetch some beers and tried to start the conv
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Comfort, new print released by Carnegriff Comfort, new print released :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 4,078 240
Jack [Loki x Reader (pt40)]
"She already has a man. Back off," said Loki.
"I was just saying hello--"
"Loki?" said Lynda, suddenly emerging from her room a few yards down the hall.
Loki looked from her to Jack, eyes wide. "What are you doing? Go hide before she sees you!"
"Don't need to," said Jack, staying put and perfectly calm, though not looking at Lynda. "Just pretend like you're not talking to me."
What? "But what's going...what do we talk about?" You panicked a little, trying to think up some sort of casual conversation, when suddenly Loki caught you by the lips, pinning you to the wall and kissing you passionately.
"Mmfh!" After a moment of shock, you eagerly kissed back, holding his head in your hands and wrapping a leg around his waist, drawing him closer. It didn't take long for your lips and tongues to battle back and forth, the both of you moaning and quickly getting caught up in your actions. You almost forgot about the handsome man and Lynda and why you were so confused.
"Best casual conversation I
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 214 204
SW - So What? by Renny08 SW - So What? :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,664 206
Morning [Loki x Reader (pt18)]
It took you awhile to get up that morning, because it took awhile to get to sleep the night before. Loki's voice and face haunted you. Visions of who you knew him as blurred disturbingly with the dark, threatening image of his face in his cell. His cage. He was an animal. He was a wolf. At least, that was the form he took when you finally drifted off, haunting you around every corner.
Your eyes felt dry and sore and tired and every time you tried to move, you fell back to the bed. After the monotony of this continuing for nearly a half hour, the taste in your mouth of dry nothing forced you out of the room.
The first thing you sought out was water, which you found and chugged in a daze, almost choking on it. You rubbed your sore and tired eyes, looking around the kitchen. Were those Steve's famous AWESOME pancakes on the stove?
Tony's voice snuck up behind you. "Look who's up."
You turned tiredly, crossing your arms over your chest. "Mmnh...what, no Disney princess jokes?"
"I was gonna
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 215 164
Captain [Loki x Reader (pt39)]
"No, seriously, what is it?" you asked as he slipped the ring onto your finger. "Asgardian engagement ring?"
He looked up at you, panicked. "En-engage--!" He shook his head, coming back to his senses. "Uh, n-no.'s...It heightens your magic abilities. In layman's terms."
You raised an eyebrow, examining the round pink gem. "How about we try not-layman's-terms? I'm not exactly a beginner at this whole magic thing."
He chuckled, patting your shoulder. "Of course you're not...ah, it basically helps to condense your magic energies, as you tried to do on your own. It has a special kind of...well, it's like a magnet, but for energy. It's's like...iron filings in a little clear box of sand. I've seen Midgardian children play with them, run a magnet over the box and all the little filings follow the magnet."
"I'm a little insulted, you're using toddler logic to tell this to me?"
He pressed his lips together and growled. "Are you just out to make me feel like I can't say anyth
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Ring [Loki x Reader (pt33)]
When your eyes fluttered open, you immediately smiled, chest filled with golden joy. It only took you a second to remember the reason; Loki's arms wrapped snugly around you, his cheek pressed against your back.
And that gave you even more of a thrill because you remembered how close to naked you were. It made your stomach twist, and made you giggle stupidly and smile even bigger. You snuggled against him and snuggled your face into the pillow you shared, trying to keep your breathing at a steady rate.
"You're awake?" he asked, giving your back a light kiss. Shivers ran through your whole body and you smiled so hard your cheeks hurt.
"Yeah...good morning, Loki." That felt so good to say! You turned around in his arms, wrapping your own around his bare torso and nuzzled your forehead under his chin, kissing him just under the collar bone. He let out an audible exhale.
"Oh my, that was unexpected..." He kissed you on top of the head, tightening his arms around you. His cool fingers slid o
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Serious business by lorna-ka Serious business :iconlorna-ka:lorna-ka 1,621 88
Trust [Loki x Reader (pt2)]
If you're not a fan, move along. Please. For my own self-esteem.
You found yourselves in close company by the time the credits rolled.
"May I sleep with you?"
"Excuse me?" you thundered, glaring dangerously at the smirking man.
"Oh, no, I meant--" he chuckled under his breath, feigning innocence with a hand resting daintily on his lips. "I meant, may I stay the night here?"
You gave him a flat look. "You're joking, right? I never wanted you in my house in the first pl--I never wanted to be affiliated with you in any manner! The hell would I let you spend the night for?"
He sighed, pinching his lower lip absently as his eyes tried to reason with you. "Well, I'm sort of being pursued--"
"Oh hell no--"
"Please, listen" he mock-begged, chuckling as you let out a passive sigh. "The last place anyone would think to look for a power-mad, egotistical, half-god fugitive would be the humble suburban home of a young lady."
That last comment stalled your rebuttal, and you blinked. Young
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S.I.L.Y Base #6 by KC-pixels S.I.L.Y Base #6 :iconkc-pixels:KC-pixels 1,732 146 Yes by Ziegelzeig Yes :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 371 58
Eclipse [Loki x Reader (pt23)]
The jingling of the shackles echoed through the mournful room as his palm rested against your injured hip. You sucked air through your teeth.
"You…you came to see me." His velvety voice caressed your heart, and his bright eyes pierced the darkness of your soul. "Thor told me you were injured…"
His hand cooled your sore hip, bringing much-needed relief from the pain. You nodded, a tear rolling down your cheek as you placed a hand over his. "They all lied to me, Loki."
His eyes dropped. "You're getting tired of that, aren't you?"
"Why did you lie to me?" you asked, throat tightening. "I thought you actually cared about me. I thought I meant more to you than just a…just a side-kick."
He didn't say anything, still looking away. The cold hand on your hip caused you to shiver.
"I did not mean to hurt you," he said sadly.
"That's what Thor said. But you…still did hurt me."
"I did not mean to," he repeated. The cold spread down into your thigh and Loki still would not look
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 224 148
Armor [Loki x Reader (pt32)]
He had left you in a very small, round room that looked like it could be the inside of a giant tree, and left down a very narrow hall with Thor and Lynda.
So now you were lying on the floor because the room was very empty and it wasn't like there was much else you could do. You had already tried to eavesdrop but you couldn't hear through Loki's door, and as you progressed further down the hallway to explore you conveniently forgot your motivation. You assumed it was a side-effect of the Labyrinth. Actually, now that your mind was clear and un-muddled, you might just try your hand at cheating the mind trick...
"Hello," Loki's voice said softly as he knocked on the wooden wall. He smiled softly and looked around for a moment. "Just going to tell you so you don't feel so alienated, the Underground weirds me out too. Why a tree?"
You smiled up at him from the floor. He looked down at you and then crouched, face a foot above yours. "So what were you talking to them about?"
His smile faltere
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 205 192