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Psychology Class by Pacthesis Psychology Class :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 2,546 482
Snapshot|Sebastian x Reader
"You son of a--"
Staring at the broken teacup at your feet, your gaze slowly moves upward, shooting a rather menacing glare at the troublemaker himself, none other than the trembling Earl Charles Grey.
"I... I just wanted to play a joke on--"
Stabbing into the Earl's very core with your stare, you grab him by the collar.
"I know you're an earl, I know you're one of the queen's butlers, but I'm her assistant, so if you want to get flirty with me, do it sometime away from work and pray that I don't stab you."
"Y-You can't threaten me! I'll get you fired--"
"Does it look like I fucking care?" You smile gleefully at the stuttering earl.
"N-No, but--"
"I'm still not going on a date with you, Earl Grey. End of discussion," you add quickly.
With a whimper, the interrupted, heartbroken young man walks out of the room, drowning in self-pity and rejection.
You continue to clean the bedroom in peace, until- again- you're interrupted.
At least, this
:icongudetama:gudetama 893 82
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Japan x Reader- BAKA!
Japan x Reader
"I rove you."
You stare at the Japanese man who just professed his love for you. The one who hadn't visited you in years. The one who'd kept you waiting. You blushed as the cold air brushed against your pink nose. "B-b-b.. B-BAKA*!!" You shout, slapping him in the face and walked away from him, leaving his white face stained with a pink shade. "______!!" He yelled, his ink black hair blowing in the wind, chocolate eyes were filled with passion. 'At least he didn't break his promise..' You turned back at him, wondering whether or not you should keep walking away. Tears started sliding down your eyes as you remember the pain you felt when he was gone.
"I-I love you.."
You grumble as you kiss Kiku on the nose. He blushed, but smiled at you. "Wh-what are you smiling at?!" You whisper-shout at him, reminding him about your tsundere-ness. He chuckled. "No, nothing, ______-san."
The crowd noises filled your ears, and the loud rolling sound of luggage bag
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Levi x Mute!Reader: College
A/N: Another story that is somewhat of an installment of a past fic of mine; Levi x Mute!Reader: Vibrations
You had thought tooth and nail to get where you are today, all the hours that you had put into your studies had paid off tremendously - Today was your first day of College. 
To say that you were nervous was an understatement, a new College meant knew people, teachers and a new ways of learning. Since waking up your neves had plagued you but luckily for you, Levi was stood by your side. He gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before entering the doors. Even after only a few seconds you could feel the differences between high school and college, here you felt different - more grown up if that was the way to put it.
You majored in Science and Psychology, Levi in Business and Math. He wasn't going to be sat in your lessons to help you out if you needed him
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