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Spaceships Skycity Painting by MartaNael Spaceships Skycity Painting :iconmartanael:MartaNael 5,576 722 speedpaint_13 by SimonWeaner speedpaint_13 :iconsimonweaner:SimonWeaner 502 53 Infamous 2 by PatrickBrown Infamous 2 :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 4,677 306 Fantasy Matte Painting by MartaNael Fantasy Matte Painting :iconmartanael:MartaNael 3,093 455 L.A. Noire by PatrickBrown L.A. Noire :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 2,777 251 inFAMOUS by PatrickBrown inFAMOUS :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 4,244 474 Citywall Landscape by MartaNael Citywall Landscape :iconmartanael:MartaNael 3,156 201 Underground city by MartaNael Underground city :iconmartanael:MartaNael 2,999 216 25 days of Zelda: Finished by Lady-of-Link 25 days of Zelda: Finished :iconlady-of-link:Lady-of-Link 2,198 992 Hudson City by dylancole Hudson City :icondylancole:dylancole 4,232 0 Link's Final Day by nna Link's Final Day :iconnna:nna 2,925 115 Fly by SimonWeaner Fly :iconsimonweaner:SimonWeaner 2,399 145 PlayStation Icons by torsor PlayStation Icons :icontorsor:torsor 2,034 527 Rocks Paradise by MartaNael Rocks Paradise :iconmartanael:MartaNael 1,749 147 Ultimate Ninjago Poster by joshuad17 Ultimate Ninjago Poster :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 480 152 Merry Christmas? by Greendelle Merry Christmas? :icongreendelle:Greendelle 1,152 108 Chrono Days Promo Poster by Pacthesis Chrono Days Promo Poster :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 1,254 528 The Page of Swords by Mezamero The Page of Swords :iconmezamero:Mezamero 2,366 41 Roots landscape by MartaNael Roots landscape :iconmartanael:MartaNael 3,814 282 Heaven's Hellfire by Guzzardi Heaven's Hellfire :iconguzzardi:Guzzardi 1,698 163 The Inquisition by virak The Inquisition :iconvirak:virak 1,767 63 The Dragon by treijim The Dragon :icontreijim:treijim 2,560 410 HEX Coming Spring 2016 by Hootsweets HEX Coming Spring 2016 :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 2,312 291 ::clock:: by LanWu ::clock:: :iconlanwu:LanWu 6,946 278 brofist by doubleleaf brofist :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 5,169 483 Infamous 2 by PatrickBrown Infamous 2 :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 3,272 182 Infamous by Guzzardi Infamous :iconguzzardi:Guzzardi 1,456 101 Cole by doubleleaf Cole :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 3,524 492 Moonview by dylancole Moonview :icondylancole:dylancole 918 0 Ninjago Adventure by skcolb Ninjago Adventure :iconskcolb:skcolb 246 61 small pool by SimonWeaner small pool :iconsimonweaner:SimonWeaner 640 22 Cheryl Tweedy - Jedi Knight v2 by SilentArmageddon Cheryl Tweedy - Jedi Knight v2 :iconsilentarmageddon:SilentArmageddon 298 16 Matte Painting Practice 1 by jordangrimmer Matte Painting Practice 1 :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 178 13 Niobeth Cover by MartaNael Niobeth Cover :iconmartanael:MartaNael 772 172 Marked :: Chibis by sasukee23loveeer Marked :: Chibis :iconsasukee23loveeer:sasukee23loveeer 1,547 681
Hungry Zack?
"My god Cody so adorable with that smile on his face." Zack thought as he pretended to look for food. Zack had recently found out that he was gay, and in love with his twin brother. Zack would always be thinking of Cody. Zack had his face in the fridge because their mother was at work so she wasn't there to make food.
"Hungry?" Cody asked from behind him. He was wearing a blue sweater vest with a stripped dress shirt under and pretty tight black jeans.
"Well sorta." He answered.
"Want me to make you something?" he asked with a smile.
"He's always so cute,… How about your casserole?" Cody grinned
"Really? Okay…, hey wanna help me? With the casserole?" he asked with a slight tilt of his head. Zack wanted to say no but he couldn't say no to Cody, especially with that look in his face.
"Sure why not" he replied.
"Really! Great! First can you get me my apron." Cody said with a large smile on his face. Zack went to get Cody's apron when he remembered that he had spill
:iconwishshecouldraw0829:Wishshecouldraw0829 72 106
Ninjago - You are Invited by BubblesRRJ Ninjago - You are Invited :iconbubblesrrj:BubblesRRJ 687 166 Hand Painted Nintendo Kicks by Cmr8286 Hand Painted Nintendo Kicks :iconcmr8286:Cmr8286 1,196 221 Special guest by Shagan-fury Special guest :iconshagan-fury:Shagan-fury 465 35 The Spirit by TheMinttu The Spirit :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 1,266 21 Gears of War 3: Locust by echosoflife Gears of War 3: Locust :iconechosoflife:echosoflife 471 117 VESUVIUS - THE IMAGINARIUM UNDERWATER by BethMitchell VESUVIUS - THE IMAGINARIUM UNDERWATER :iconbethmitchell:BethMitchell 518 22 WANTED: Seven Deadly Sins by ember-snow WANTED: Seven Deadly Sins :iconember-snow:ember-snow 882 409 Cole by Mezamero Cole :iconmezamero:Mezamero 2,421 35 Ultimate Gears of War 3 by arsenalgearxx Ultimate Gears of War 3 :iconarsenalgearxx:arsenalgearxx 1,126 218
Massacre of the Innocence
Georgie Porgie threw an orgy
     just outside L.A.,
where Jack Be Nimble grabbed his thimble,
     outing him as gay...
Little Jack Horner bought Time Warner
     before the bubble burst,
though Jumping Jack Flash saw the crash
     and liquidated first...
Jack said Jill was taking the Pill
     to ward off impregnation;
the Three Blind Mice have lobbied twice
     for victim's compensation...
Little Miss Muffet had her tuffet
     liposuctioned out,
and Little Bo Peep married a creep;
     lamb chops gave him gout...
Jack Sprat's wife went under the knife
     for Lap-Band surgery,
then Third Little Pig struck it big
     on reality TV...
Old King Cole's gone on the dole,
     exposed as a pretender;
while Wee Wil
:iconhavetales-willtell:HaveTales-WillTell 1,096 747
DAI - Helpful Cole by aimo DAI - Helpful Cole :iconaimo:aimo 1,244 79