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Rivals by Cioccolatodorima Rivals :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,799 139 DOWNLOAD - Drink Set by DasChui DOWNLOAD - Drink Set :icondaschui:DasChui 1,347 120 Addiction by naked-in-the-rain Addiction :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 5,073 487 Erylia aka Cookie Fairy by MLeth Erylia aka Cookie Fairy :iconmleth:MLeth 980 112 Coca Cola Summer by IsacGoulart Coca Cola Summer :iconisacgoulart:IsacGoulart 2,367 188 Coca Korra by twinfools Coca Korra :icontwinfools:twinfools 2,604 266 Recycled Pop Can Roses by Christine-Eige Recycled Pop Can Roses :iconchristine-eige:Christine-Eige 122 56 Asiza by JarrodHasenjager Asiza :iconjarrodhasenjager:JarrodHasenjager 2,744 262 Coke Pony Beanie by ButtercupBabyPPG Coke Pony Beanie :iconbuttercupbabyppg:ButtercupBabyPPG 417 51 The Children of the Revolution by Nataliadsw The Children of the Revolution :iconnataliadsw:Nataliadsw 1,371 174
A little bitter, aren't we?
A: Over here.
B: Ah, there you are. Stunning as ever, I see. {He sits down.} You -
A: Shut up.
A WAITER appears, seemingly out of thin air.
A: Black coffee, milk and two sugars.
B: Coke, thanks.
He nods, and vanishes.
A: So what took you so long to show?
B: School. Well, you know how it is; not all of us are completely adept at playing truant whenever we feel like it, you know.
A: It's a waste of fucking time. No-one bothers.
B: No-one you know. And so says the boy sitting sulky in a dark corner with a - frankly dazzling - shiner.
A does not respond, and avoids eye contact, scowling down at the gleaming tabletop. B gives up on waiting for an answer, and continues. Faux-coaxing and unashamedly curious.
B: Who was it this time? I didn't give you that one, I'm sure of it.
A: Oh, it wasn't you. May come as a little shock to you, but I do see other people, you know.
B: Can't think why. Luckily, I've never been the jealous type.
A: Yeah, you're far too ugly
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Metropolis by sketchboook Metropolis :iconsketchboook:sketchboook 612 23 Brooke breakin' a sweat by MLeth Brooke breakin' a sweat :iconmleth:MLeth 942 89 + make it real . by maskqueraide + make it real . :iconmaskqueraide:maskqueraide 1,204 133 Coca Cola by Frances23 Coca Cola :iconfrances23:Frances23 1,488 516 CoffeeCSS - version 2.2 by Starke-Haz CoffeeCSS - version 2.2 :iconstarke-haz:Starke-Haz 1,608 428 Hedgehogs coke by XAMOEL Hedgehogs coke :iconxamoel:XAMOEL 736 150 Guilty Gear: Dizzy by Murasaki-Hoshi Guilty Gear: Dizzy :iconmurasaki-hoshi:Murasaki-Hoshi 1,549 110 Colameleon by AlexBroeckel Colameleon :iconalexbroeckel:AlexBroeckel 7,019 584 COKE IERO BILLBOARD by mogupom COKE IERO BILLBOARD :iconmogupom:mogupom 544 152 Various Messy PNGs 4 by gwendo0 Various Messy PNGs 4 :icongwendo0:gwendo0 1,041 190 Tea time by FrancescaDelfino Tea time :iconfrancescadelfino:FrancescaDelfino 2,059 77 Jesus Cola v1 by Voodookilla Jesus Cola v1 :iconvoodookilla:Voodookilla 782 215 Cold night at the mill by DragonWolfACe Cold night at the mill :icondragonwolface:DragonWolfACe 988 94 Miniature Mcdonalds meal by Aiclay Miniature Mcdonalds meal :iconaiclay:Aiclay 206 20 [ART TRADE] Mentos and Fizz Pop Experiment by Snow-chanDA [ART TRADE] Mentos and Fizz Pop Experiment :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,166 111 Challenge Accepted by DonElliottoCorleone Challenge Accepted :icondonelliottocorleone:DonElliottoCorleone 655 14 Fallout 3 Mentats and Fixer by DCRIII Fallout 3 Mentats and Fixer :icondcriii:DCRIII 240 23 Galactus vs Unicron by spidermanfan2099 Galactus vs Unicron :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 703 406 Anamorphic Coke Can Illustration by markcrilley Anamorphic Coke Can Illustration :iconmarkcrilley:markcrilley 8,963 1,121 Dr. Sgt. Clarabelle Pepper by shoomlah Dr. Sgt. Clarabelle Pepper :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,891 118 Secluded Vibrance by Mashuto Secluded Vibrance :iconmashuto:Mashuto 292 26 Seanna.9. by HannahCombs Seanna.9. :iconhannahcombs:HannahCombs 1,464 83 Addicted by DoraLovey Addicted :icondoralovey:DoraLovey 619 93 Mini Box of fast food meal by miniacquoline Mini Box of fast food meal :iconminiacquoline:miniacquoline 203 22 I love Coke by waga27 I love Coke :iconwaga27:waga27 585 312 1:12 Misc Drinks by Bon-AppetEats 1:12 Misc Drinks :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 648 64 Coke or Death? by LifeWithARedhead Coke or Death? :iconlifewitharedhead:LifeWithARedhead 2,127 499 Coke and Lemon by opengraphics Coke and Lemon :iconopengraphics:opengraphics 200 80 Capitalism Madness by oO-Rein-Oo Capitalism Madness :iconoo-rein-oo:oO-Rein-Oo 1,132 129 Coked by Zeurel Coked :iconzeurel:Zeurel 968 149 Leaking by PinkyPills Leaking :iconpinkypills:PinkyPills 623 78 Regular Show by 54Cards Regular Show :icon54cards:54Cards 1,306 376 life tastes good by emohoc life tastes good :iconemohoc:emohoc 1,190 110 1:12 Miniature McDonald's inspired food by sugarcharmshop 1:12 Miniature McDonald's inspired food :iconsugarcharmshop:sugarcharmshop 168 13 Anorexia by Naolito Anorexia :iconnaolito:Naolito 653 33