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Food for thought by siddhartha19 Food for thought :iconsiddhartha19:siddhartha19 1,218 220
Every day, wake up and take a pill
So you don't go looking for lethal thrills.
Haven't you ever wanted to go to the brink
Of destruction, just to see if you'd sink
Into the clutches of death or if you'd survive
Just because God still wants you alive?
You live on time stolen not borrowed
From some intangible thing called tomorrow.
Forget that white, round pill stamped 1-4-2
And you'll realize how much you can do
If only they would let you try
To jump off, spread your wings, and fly.
But even with the meds in your system,
You still aren't without symptoms.
Your working memory abilities
Are poor enough to come to futility.
Imagine the frustration when you find
You can't recall what was in your mind
Just moments before. You find yourself lacking
And your brain seems to be slacking,
Even when you're given some cues
Not everything comes to mind for you.
And not only memory, but functioning speed
Is a hindrance and daily you find you need
More time than others do to process events
Before your
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 64 34
23.06.12. Cognition by Verschroben 23.06.12. Cognition :iconverschroben:Verschroben 611 28
we are
more than chemicals and cognition,
higher than concrete constellations,
and we hold the fire of the stars
on the tips of our tongues.
there may be hell to pay
for stealing the moon from the night
and the thoughts from our minds.
but tonight,
just stay with me
a little while.
stay and count our heartbeats
like the measures of a lullaby
between twilight and sunrise.
stay with me
just a whisper below the atmosphere,
and let us forget
how to die.
stay with me
for just a moment
of eternal life.
:icontheresambraun:theresambraun 31 16
cognition by lolitaAgogo cognition :iconlolitaagogo:lolitaAgogo 620 233 OCD by am-y OCD :iconam-y:am-y 181 97 Cosmic Cognition by cosmicbound Cosmic Cognition :iconcosmicbound:cosmicbound 73 9
A quiet place
"Quietest you've ever been was never in your head."
:iconwarm-vibe:Warm-Vibe 16 9
Hiding Place (My Escape)
It's two A.M.
And still I sit here writing
To push away the biting
Of a mind self-consumed and hiding
From all the questions trying
To open up my weaknesses
Get me to confess
That I'm a mess
Hidden behind smiling
'Cause I question what I know
And I've forgotten where to go
To see the world's wonder
All the beauty it could show
As I sit here
Forgotten in the flow
I'd say I miss my childhood
When I thought that I still understood
The broken lines
Set to divide
Who was bad
And who was good
But all I see these days
Is the blanket shade of greys
From lies like smoking towers
Hiding truth behind the haze
Cause I'm still fazed
By a world wrought in arrogance
Sweet ignorance
Collecting our inheritance
Rats trapped in our own maze
So I question what I know
'Cause I've forgotten where to go
To see the world's wonder
All the beauty it could show
As I sit here I
Watch the dying of the glow
I must confess
That I can't acquiesce
The reason for these things
That I've come to det
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 15 11
Mental Map by Einsilbig Mental Map :iconeinsilbig:Einsilbig 71 51 Labyrinth of cognition by Birni4 Labyrinth of cognition :iconbirni4:Birni4 96 15 Introspection by Simplexification Introspection :iconsimplexification:Simplexification 45 24 GABRIEL KNIGHT 20th Anniversary (OfficialCoverArt) by Chris-Darril GABRIEL KNIGHT 20th Anniversary (OfficialCoverArt) :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 39 9 Clairvoyance by r-f Clairvoyance :iconr-f:r-f 44 18 Terminal Cognition by mjHutchins Terminal Cognition :iconmjhutchins:mjHutchins 29 9 Cog by hypnothalamus Cog :iconhypnothalamus:hypnothalamus 78 8 Cognition Robot by Syklon Cognition Robot :iconsyklon:Syklon 20 33 Introversion by InstilledPhear Introversion :iconinstilledphear:InstilledPhear 50 29 Redacted by infinitum-Horizon Redacted :iconinfinitum-horizon:infinitum-Horizon 15 0 Allegory of Cognition by dinabova Allegory of Cognition :icondinabova:dinabova 34 15 The 12 Cards Of Psychosis by am-y The 12 Cards Of Psychosis :iconam-y:am-y 34 90 Cognition  by cloistering Cognition :iconcloistering:cloistering 22 2 GABRIEL KNIGHT 20th Anniversary (Official Front) by Chris-Darril GABRIEL KNIGHT 20th Anniversary (Official Front) :iconchris-darril:Chris-Darril 15 2 Cognition by PYOO-kee-pony Cognition :iconpyoo-kee-pony:PYOO-kee-pony 17 5 Delirium by Cristiano-Connect Delirium :iconcristiano-connect:Cristiano-Connect 21 6 The Magic of Sight by FairyAmethyst The Magic of Sight :iconfairyamethyst:FairyAmethyst 34 12 Lines of Space and Time by jackcomstock Lines of Space and Time :iconjackcomstock:jackcomstock 14 5 Illana Enchantix by FairyAmethyst Illana Enchantix :iconfairyamethyst:FairyAmethyst 40 15 Catharsis by JonnyPenn Catharsis :iconjonnypenn:JonnyPenn 20 0 Illana fairy of Cognition by FairyAmethyst Illana fairy of Cognition :iconfairyamethyst:FairyAmethyst 29 11 Beyond Social Norms by Eloha-Ulysses Beyond Social Norms :iconeloha-ulysses:Eloha-Ulysses 22 3 chaotic cognition by NEDxfullMOon chaotic cognition :iconnedxfullmoon:NEDxfullMOon 18 30 Trapped in a loop by Slight-Shift Trapped in a loop :iconslight-shift:Slight-Shift 21 14 Ocean of Sight by FairyAmethyst Ocean of Sight :iconfairyamethyst:FairyAmethyst 34 15 Complex Cognition by kixtg Complex Cognition :iconkixtg:kixtg 14 5 Silver Winter's Dream by FairyAmethyst Silver Winter's Dream :iconfairyamethyst:FairyAmethyst 25 10 Erica 'n' Sully by JackStryker Erica 'n' Sully :iconjackstryker:JackStryker 17 5 Reaching Out by FairyAmethyst Reaching Out :iconfairyamethyst:FairyAmethyst 26 7
The Opening Post T.O.P.
         It's not considered unusual to check the obituaries in the newspaper every day. They say you'll die young if that's the first thing you check each morning, but no one really believes that. What is considered unusual, however, is to check the obituaries from past newspapers in the local library and find your name, your birth date, your widow listed. Your own death date, printed in a newspaper that was published and accordingly dated over fifteen years ago.
         But here it was: Reuben Conway died at age 66 of pancreatic cancer. He was an Italian chef at Buca di Beppo for 41 years. Married at age 17 to his wife, Margaret, he lived with a sense of--
         This was obviously a mistake. A fabricated issue. I wasn't even close to 66--37, in fact!
        "Is this some kind of sick joke?" I demanded from
:iconheathshhh:HEATHSHHH 11 25
AfterShock Series - Upload Today by NCCreations AfterShock Series - Upload Today :iconnccreations:NCCreations 12 1 Liri by 0Bite0 Liri :icon0bite0:0Bite0 27 9 Erkenntnis by PatrickWally Erkenntnis :iconpatrickwally:PatrickWally 12 7
Pokemon Cognition and Training
Central to the idea of Pokemon training, is the concept of Pokemon intelligence, or the ability of a Pokemon to learn, think, and solve problems. Pokemon Trainers, breeders, and researchers have as much difficulty agreeing on a method for testing Pokemon intelligence as they do for human intelligence. After all, the meaning of intelligence in general is hard to define: some tests measure problem-solving abilities and others test the ability to learn in comparison to others of the same age.
One specific difficulty involved in testing is confusing a Pokemon's obedience training with intelligence. Although certain Pokemon are claimed to be "smarter" species because of their obedience, the ability and willingness to learn and obey commands is not the only possible measure of intelligence; for example, Misdreavus are fascinated with the myriad possibilities for escaping from their Trainers and frightening smaller Pokemon, often figuring out numerous and ingenious ways of doing both.
:iconwomack90:womack90 10 9
Latent Cognition  by cloistering Latent Cognition :iconcloistering:cloistering 12 10 Above the city by FairyAmethyst Above the city :iconfairyamethyst:FairyAmethyst 15 7 Window of the World by PlanetCat Window of the World :iconplanetcat:PlanetCat 10 3 Cognitive Bits by Vernics Cognitive Bits :iconvernics:Vernics 8 2 Cog-nition by ConspicuousCurios Cog-nition :iconconspicuouscurios:ConspicuousCurios 8 6