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Shukaku and Gaara by NarutoPants Shukaku and Gaara :iconnarutopants:NarutoPants 2,788 148 Matatabi and Yugito by NarutoPants Matatabi and Yugito :iconnarutopants:NarutoPants 2,023 97
Give the gift of life!
Become a necromancer today!
Well, who thought that this silly ad that hung on the door of a shady magic shop could be true? I mean surely, it was a magic shop and all but Necromancy? That was so old school, dammit!
Hello! This is the twenty-first century, we have better ways to revive people than dress in black robes and chant gibberish. We have Philosopher's Stones now man! You pay a shit load of money for one, but you live forever - 500 years actually, but that's beside the point.
Necromancy sounded absurd, that was until I stepped into the shop anyway. I was 19 at the time, a senior year student in the magic academy with less than an average record. I was a hydromancer, just a fancy word for someone who made it rain. I could manipulate water sure, but that was pathetic. There was an abundance of us to the point being a hydromancer was an insult more or less. Why oh why wasn't I born with cool powers? 
With 30-somethin
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Mega Cofagrigus (FAN-MADE) by pokeluka Mega Cofagrigus (FAN-MADE) :iconpokeluka:pokeluka 3,926 922 Dead Tree BG by the-night-bird Dead Tree BG :iconthe-night-bird:the-night-bird 722 232 Tombstones by AugustinasRaginskis Tombstones :iconaugustinasraginskis:AugustinasRaginskis 90 12 Zodihavoc: XaiWong, fallen puppy by lgliang Zodihavoc: XaiWong, fallen puppy :iconlgliang:lgliang 622 20 Immortal Soul - Catacomb by firedudewraith Immortal Soul - Catacomb :iconfiredudewraith:firedudewraith 421 21 MM: Mechanic girl by Kate-FoX MM: Mechanic girl :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,832 48 Awakening by Mr-Ripley Awakening :iconmr-ripley:Mr-Ripley 349 235 The Banquet. by zemotion The Banquet. :iconzemotion:zemotion 2,938 200 Zombie Annie by cainulgen Zombie Annie :iconcainulgen:cainulgen 1,118 83 Ghouls and Gals by einlee Ghouls and Gals :iconeinlee:einlee 8,711 268 DOWNLOAD - Coffin by DasChui DOWNLOAD - Coffin :icondaschui:DasChui 467 43 House on Haunted Hill by jasonedmiston House on Haunted Hill :iconjasonedmiston:jasonedmiston 695 124 MMD Accessory: Coffin + DL by The-Horrible-Mu MMD Accessory: Coffin + DL :iconthe-horrible-mu:The-Horrible-Mu 340 151 Shukaku Awakens by catandcrown Shukaku Awakens :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 572 41 Dreamspace Reloaded 36 by DenisOlivier Dreamspace Reloaded 36 :icondenisolivier:DenisOlivier 1,274 193 Lady Death by Kromespawn Lady Death :iconkromespawn:Kromespawn 400 15 Skeleton tomb by Ironshod Skeleton tomb :iconironshod:Ironshod 1,238 207 Crystal Coffin by VityaR83 Crystal Coffin :iconvityar83:VityaR83 594 19 Sea of Blood by neverdying Sea of Blood :iconneverdying:neverdying 437 173 Pharao's Grave by TomPrante Pharao's Grave :icontomprante:TomPrante 731 52 Rosarium Eyepatch 10 by Necrosarium Rosarium Eyepatch 10 :iconnecrosarium:Necrosarium 1,390 56 .showering.petals. by noah-kh .showering.petals. :iconnoah-kh:noah-kh 2,204 242 Pallbearer by AndrewDobell Pallbearer :iconandrewdobell:AndrewDobell 252 10 Vamp by Varges Vamp :iconvarges:Varges 820 120
The Most Precious Listener
    “... Listener... Listener...”
    That voice.
    The owner of the voice bent closer to you, so that his nose was nearly touching your ear... And it spoke in a way that was intended to sound like whispering... But it was not.
    “LISTENER... This is SACRILIGE-”
    “NO!” you finally snapped, sending the keeper to send his head back against the wall. “Cicero...” you said in a huff of long-held breath. “It'd be sacrilege if there was a dead body in here.”
    Currently; the only thing wrong about this situation was that it was you and Cicero were bound and crammed into a small wooden coffin, somewhere, being jostled around by a cart- going only where SITHIS knows where.
    Though, you could be more thankful. There was a board missing from Cicero's side of the coffin, making it both easy to breathe, and giving you a relatively usable source of light
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Out For Dinner by Mr-Ripley Out For Dinner :iconmr-ripley:Mr-Ripley 395 200 ligeia by ya-na ligeia :iconya-na:ya-na 1,518 74 Grab My Hellsing by Menidyen Grab My Hellsing :iconmenidyen:Menidyen 574 154 Tiny Top Hat: The Graveyard by TinyTopHats Tiny Top Hat: The Graveyard :icontinytophats:TinyTopHats 767 148 Tojikomoru-Shut oneself away. by KassandraLeigh Tojikomoru-Shut oneself away. :iconkassandraleigh:KassandraLeigh 526 106 Captive White Lily Kanon by kirawinter Captive White Lily Kanon :iconkirawinter:kirawinter 1,209 35 Dominance War III - Yamiten by Hideyoshi Dominance War III - Yamiten :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,633 139 Spooky Tree 06 PNG Stock by Roy3D Spooky Tree 06 PNG Stock :iconroy3d:Roy3D 240 74 Princess of death by Heliakin Princess of death :iconheliakin:Heliakin 315 124 Rainbow Glass Coffin Pendant by HoneyCatJewelry Rainbow Glass Coffin Pendant :iconhoneycatjewelry:HoneyCatJewelry 585 103 Asleep by Dawn by KassandraLeigh Asleep by Dawn :iconkassandraleigh:KassandraLeigh 273 158
Latex Mummy
Inside of an old museum, was a brand new exhibit which was focused on Egyptian Queen Hut Tut Sut, a queen that wasn't very popular due to the fact she loved latex. In the blazing heat of Egypt latex was the last thing anyone wanted to wear and it was her obsession with the stuff that brought down her rule in the end.
As the museum owner, a middle aged woman with strawberry blonde hair wearing a dark orange suit and dark tights walked up to the coffin that held the mummified form of Queen Hut Tut Sut, she was pleased her place was getting something new.
She was also interested to see if the Queen was wrapped up in latex bandages, usually the mummify bandage is usually cloth but seeing how the queen loved latex the thought was too great not to check out. Grinning she slowly slide the lid off the coffin under a full blue moon which something on the hieroglyphics warned not to and peered inside and became instantly ecstatic.
What she saw was proof enough, the mummy was indeed wrapped up in
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Dead Milk by Fukari Dead Milk :iconfukari:Fukari 2,676 58 Sweet Halloween Background Pack by Riftress Sweet Halloween Background Pack :iconriftress:Riftress 400 135 catafalque by spyroteknik catafalque :iconspyroteknik:spyroteknik 699 127 DW III - Yamiten - Orthos by Hideyoshi DW III - Yamiten - Orthos :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 459 60 Angels Fall First by Iribel Angels Fall First :iconiribel:Iribel 787 197 My Mermaid by Heliakin My Mermaid :iconheliakin:Heliakin 393 116 CURSED by MBLOCK CURSED :iconmblock:MBLOCK 1,521 151 Snow White and the Seven Aliens by barbarasobczynska Snow White and the Seven Aliens :iconbarbarasobczynska:barbarasobczynska 406 51 Lolita Fashion Commission by kerinewton Lolita Fashion Commission :iconkerinewton:kerinewton 282 7