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Matatabi and Yugito :iconnarutopants:NarutoPants 1,985 97 Dead Tree BG :iconthe-night-bird:the-night-bird 697 225 Shukaku and Gaara :iconnarutopants:NarutoPants 2,729 148 Mega Cofagrigus (FAN-MADE) :iconpokeluka:pokeluka 3,881 918 MM: Mechanic girl :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,642 46 Zombie Annie :iconcainulgen:cainulgen 1,113 83 House on Haunted Hill :iconjasonedmiston:jasonedmiston 686 124 +~+ Wednesday +~+ :iconmroczniak:MroczniaK 415 19 Dominance War III - Yamiten :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,629 139 Crystal Coffin :iconvityar83:VityaR83 590 19 Zodihavoc: XaiWong, fallen puppy :iconlgliang:lgliang 552 20 Ghouls and Gals :iconeinlee:einlee 8,724 268 CURSED :iconmblock:MBLOCK 1,526 151 Vampire Heart :iconblaithiel:blaithiel 228 0 Shukaku Awakens :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 561 41 Immortal Soul - Catacomb :iconfiredudewraith:firedudewraith 417 20 O to See the Sun Again :iconfrrruuussstraation:Frrruuussstraation 435 17
Please, Don't
Please, don't
You don't realize
What will happen if you do
You speak to thousands
But you listen to no one else
Please, don't
Cut that wrist again
What pain you cause me
You scream for help
But you do not accept it
Please, don't
Don't make me
Build you your coffin
I don't want to paint you
With my misery tears
Please don't
Don't do it
Life has so much more
To offer you
Just give it time
And times a bitch
But happiness will come
And trust me, it's worth the wait
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 112 40
Halloween or Goth Background :iconjunk-stock:Junk-stock 345 0 ligeia :iconya-na:ya-na 1,514 74 The Banquet. :iconzemotion:zemotion 2,945 200 Lady Death :iconkromespawn:Kromespawn 336 14 Ritual :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 411 7 watch out for vampires... :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 246 38 Lolita Fashion Commission :iconkerinewton:kerinewton 282 7 Moby Dick :iconscumbugg:scumbugg 1,040 142 Pharao's Grave :icontomprante:TomPrante 731 52 Vamp :iconvarges:Varges 814 120 DOWNLOAD - Coffin :icondaschui:DasChui 428 42
Sepulchre Solace
It doesn't matter that I can't see your eyes, love.
I've already memorized the deep azure,
and if I stare deeply into the night sky above
I can find their hue, their shimmer in the twinkling starlight.
So it is of little matter that they remain closed
as I lie beside you on your bed of satin,
twisting my fingers through your long, dark hair.
It is longer than when I last saw you,
as you drew shallow, shaky breaths, and I drew you against me,
your frail form clutching with feeble strength
before they took you away.
They didn't want us together, love, you see.
So they hid you away from me, tried to tell me you were gone.
But I knew they lied - you would never leave me.
I heard you calling my name,
summoning me back to you, drawing me to your bed.
Your image haunting my steps until I found your face again:
so pale now - I remember how you used to blush
when I touched you like this; but not anymore.
Now I know you long for it - you're so cold.
So I exhale warm breath against your face
:iconladyofgaerdon:LadyofGaerdon 42 99
Dead Milk :iconfukari:Fukari 2,681 58 Last dream :iconbathoriya:Bathoriya 263 29 Awakening :iconenamorte:Enamorte 355 45 Sea of Blood :iconneverdying:neverdying 436 173 Poison Ivy :iconkimsol:kimsol 273 123 Nightmare Before Chrismas Coff :iconhelpmepleaseplease:helpmepleaseplease 382 68
Latex Mummy
Inside of an old museum, was a brand new exhibit which was focused on Egyptian Queen Hut Tut Sut, a queen that wasn't very popular due to the fact she loved latex. In the blazing heat of Egypt latex was the last thing anyone wanted to wear and it was her obsession with the stuff that brought down her rule in the end.
As the museum owner, a middle aged woman with strawberry blonde hair wearing a dark orange suit and dark tights walked up to the coffin that held the mummified form of Queen Hut Tut Sut, she was pleased her place was getting something new.
She was also interested to see if the Queen was wrapped up in latex bandages, usually the mummify bandage is usually cloth but seeing how the queen loved latex the thought was too great not to check out. Grinning she slowly slide the lid off the coffin under a full blue moon which something on the hieroglyphics warned not to and peered inside and became instantly ecstatic.
What she saw was proof enough, the mummy was indeed wrapped up in
:iconed3765:ED3765 148 7
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